40-Day Mission-Minded FAMILY CHALLENGE!

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Introducing the 40-DAY Mission-Minded FAMILY CHALLENGE!!!
It’s eight-weeks to becoming more effective . . . for eternity! (Just 5 minutes a day!)

For several months, this idea for a “40-Day Mission-Minded Family CHALLENGE” has been stirring in my heart. The vision is to provide eight weeks (Monday through Friday) of FREE on-line encouragement to motivate you and your family to become more effective for eternity.

I warn you. These online videos won’t be slick, glossy, or high-tech; but they will be biblical, focused, and heart-felt. In just 5 minutes a day, you and your family will be motivated to love God, and to love others. You’ll be challenged to guard the gates of your home, to raise the bar for your kids (for God’s glory), and to move beyond the typical self-centered focus our “Me-First” culture to focus more on the huge needs of our world and to seek God for your part in His Great Commission.

Throughout these 40 days, we’ll be referencing our mission-minded set:

  1. The Mission-Minded Child – Raising  a New Generation to Fulfill God’s Purpose
  2. The Mission-Minded Family – Releasing Your Family to God’s Destiny

This 40-Day CHALLENGE will give you the opportunity to get a FREE “sneak-peak” of these resources . . . or if you can follow along with your own copies, you’ll be encouraged to apply the vision of these mission-minded books into your daily family life.

Every day will include a hard-hitting missionary quote, a quick-look at a particular geographical area of the world, a look at a recommended missionary biography book or resource tool, a targeted mission-minded Bible verse, and a practical (and very specific) challenge for you and your family.

In just eight weeks, you’ll move forward toward becoming a more effective family for eternity. Spread the word . . . invite a friend to join you in the challenge, or a young person with a heart for missions, or another family, or maybe even your Sunday school class or a home group.

Take the Challenge!

A Personal Note:

This 40-Day Mission-Minded FAMILY CHALLENGE is designed to be utilized over 8-weeks, although some families have been going through several videos (or even a week’s worth) at one time. To begin the challenge, you don’t need to “sign-up” for anything; instead, just click on a day’s title, watch the 4-5-minute video, take the suggested geography quiz-for-the-day, ponder or memorize the daily Bible verses and quotes, and then take ACTION on that day’s CHALLENGE. Suggested links and mission resources are added each day to assist you and your family in further learning. Please feel free to add your own feedback and comments . . . as you allow the Lord to draw you closer to Himself, and to stir-up more of His passion for the lost. We trust it will be a blessing (and a challenge) to you and your family!

As Hudson Taylor, the famous missionary to China said, “The Great Commission is not an option to consider, but a command to obey.”And as I say, “Missions is not just for missionaries; God’s call is for all.”

In His Love & For His Harvest,
Ann Dunagan


MONDAY: God’s Vision – Start your “40-Day Challenge” by clicking here…
TUESDAY: God’s Compassion
THURSDAY: God’s Passion
FRIDAY: God’s Mission

Week 2 – GOD’S COMMANDS! (The Ten Commandments)

MONDAY: Hand Commands #1
TUESDAY: Hand Commands #2
WEDNESDAY: Hand Commands #3
THURSDAY: Hand Commands #4
FRIDAY: Hand Commands #5

Week 3 – PRAY TO GOD!

MONDAY: A Time to Pray
TUESDAY: A Place to Pray
WEDNESDAY: Parents who Pray
THURSDAY: Kids who Pray
FRIDAY: Families who Pray

Week 4 – GOD’S ATTITUDES! (The Beatitudes)



MONDAY: Stop it at the DOOR!
TUESDAY: Guard the EYE Gate
WEDNESDAY: Guard the EAR Gate
THURSDAY: Guard against EVIL influences

Week 6 – GIVE TO GOD!

MONDAY: Stewardship
TUESDAY: Sacrifice
WEDNESDAY: Creativity
THURSDAY: Hospitality
FRIDAY: Generosity


MONDAY: Get Passports
TUESDAY: International Adventure
WEDNESDAY: The 4 Spiritual Laws
THURSDAY: The Gospel Colors
FRIDAY: The EvangeCube

Week 8 – God’s MISSION!


Complete Set — 40-Day Challenge


(Note: We added this YouTube playlist for your convenience. There are many additional links — online geography resources, recommended mission resources, Bible verses, links to learn about the missionary from the day’s mission motto or quote, etc. — are available on each day’s video page. Please see the Harvest Ministry website links above.)


Mission-Minded books

These videos accompany the vision of our 3-book mission-minded set: The Mission-Minded Child, The Mission-Minded Family, and The Scarlet Cord: Nothing but the Blood of Jesus. For our current 3-book special, please see this link.


45 Responses to “40-Day Mission-Minded FAMILY CHALLENGE!”
  1. Jen says:

    Thank you so much for this 40 day challenge!!! We have just finished our first year homeschooling our kids and have started the 40 day challenge to focus on during the summer 🙂 We love the 5 minute videos, bible verses, book references…all of it!! It’s really inspiring us to have a more mission focused mind and to actually start doing something about it! THANK YOU so much taking the time to put these together. We will be praying for you and your family!

  2. SUDHEER KUMAR says:

    We Would like to know moor about this,
    and we would like to do work with you,
    will you plz accept us…
    and we are from Andhrapradesh (“INDIA”).

  3. We attended a Christian Family camp which encouraged us to be more generous with our resources for God’s purpose. We would love to take the free challenge with you and see what God would like us to do to serve. Please enroll us.
    Jennifer Zyzo

  4. Rondi —

    Here is a link to a set of KIDS mission prayer cards by CALEB PROJECT. The cards use the letters T-H-U-M-B to encourage children to pray for the various people of the world: Tribal, Hindu, Unreligious, Muslim, and Buddhists. The photos may be of adults, but the cards are geared to help children pray.

    Hope this helps! Blessing to you!!

  5. rondi kirby says:

    I am having a hard time finding the Kids Prayer Cards for different people groups – I can only seem to find the ones with adults on them. Any help would be appreciated.

  6. Welcome Jen!!!

    I’m glad that you joined us. Were you able to get the links (on a comment I made on the Passionate Homemaking site) for some recommended mission resources for little children? It’s never too early to instill in your children a heart for Jesus, and a heart for the world.

    I love your last comment!!!

    Yes, may God help us to raise up a fearless generation . . . who only FEAR GOD!!!

    Blessings to you!

  7. Jen S. says:

    THANK YOU!! I saw you on Passionate Homemaking and I am so thankful that you are providing these resources. I hope they are around for a while as my kids are only 1 and 3, but my husband and I plan on going through the challenge with them anyway…they love to watch videos on the computer and Hand Commands sounds like something my 3-yr-old can learn already!

    Can’t wait to refer to your resources over the years! What a blessing this is! I will be in prayer for your ministry and that God would raise up a generation to serve him fearlessly.

  8. Welcome Mary!

    Let us know you’re thinking as you’re going through the challenge, feel free to add any comments or feedback! And thank you for the note. May the LORD direct your family for His world-wide purposes, whatever those specific purposes might be.

    Appreciate your enthusiasm. And please share with other families. We’re trying to motivate as many families as we can!

    In His Harvest,
    Ann & all

  9. Mary Pat Cox says:

    Wow, how awesome! I haven’t started yet, but plan to tomorrow. Thank you so much for providing this free resource. I am so excited to get my family ready to serve God better!

  10. Bobby, We’re happy to have you join us. Just come to this page, and begin going through the daily challenges. There is no enrollment required (although you are welcome to purchase the three books, The Mission-Minded Child, Hand Commands, and The Mission-Minded Family). Each day throughout the 40-Day challenge there are specific memory verses and mission quotes to learn, geography quizes to work on, recommended resources, links to learn more about each missionary hero, along with specific daily challenges for you and your family. The more you invest into this 40 Day Challenge, the more you will get out of it. (And by the way, you are not limited to one video per day. Some people have been watching several at a time. Just go at the speed or pace that works best for you and your family.)

    In His Love & Harvest,
    Jon & Ann

  11. Bobby santos says:

    I would like to go through this course is there any enrollment required. pls help.

  12. Ann Dunagan says:

    Blessings to you, Ms. “V” – and thanks for coming by to look at the 40-Day Mission-Minded FAMILY CHALLENGE. That’s exciting about your mission projects, and your heart to give toward God’s work.

    Ann Dunagan’s last blog post..Upcoming MISSION to LWAKHAKHA!

  13. Great looking site Ann. Thank you for your kind words on shoutlife 😉

    My church built a ‘water tower’ in Africa and we’re about to send more for a building project. When we are asked to contribute to “God’s Kingdom”, we comply. God Bless you in your mission to do more to help others to help themselves.

    Ms. “V”

  14. Ann Dunagan says:

    Welcome Leslie!!!

    What an absolute TREAT and an honor to have you stop Harvest Ministry’s site for a visit! Thanks for your comment, and for your longtime friendship!

    Blessings to you and your family!

    Ann Dunagan’s last blog post..The Challenge: DAY 23 – Guard the Gates! #3

  15. Leslie Yenni says:

    Guard the Gates! is a powerful message for families in today’s culture! Compramise at the gate can be costly! Thank you for sharing.
    This is my first day to check out your website. I’ll be checking in more often.
    Leslie Yenni

  16. Ann Dunagan says:

    Welcome Marilyn!

    Jon and I really enjoyed sharing at Covenant yesterday, and it was wonderful to pray with people after the service. God is so good!!!

    Thanks for joining the CHALLENGE, and for wanting to get the books. You can look here online for links to various sources (such as YWAM books, Christianbook.com, Amazon, or others links to get them online). If you look at the post above, I share a special we’re offering throughout this 40-Day challenge. Just send us an email and (since you’re here in the local area) we’ll see how we can connect.

    Blessings to you!

    Ann Dunagan’s last blog post..The Challenge: DAY 1

  17. Marilyn Miller says:

    Hi Ann, It was great to hear you and Jon this morning at Covenant. Wanted to get your books but they were gone in no time.Please let me know via email how I can purchase my own copies. I am starting the challenge right now!

  18. Jenny, if you don’t have the books, just follow along by watching the videos and clicking on the online links provided each day, take the geography quiz each day, and begin to incorporate the ideas into your daily life.

    Also, feel free to look at, or to download the FREE mission curriculum, Teaching with God’s Heart for the World, that’s available here on this website

    Find out if anyone at your church may have some mission resources you could borrow (or any good missionary biography books, or mission-minded books, or even some good deep classics about growing in your relationship with the Lord). The vision for this 40-Day Challenge is to just blow on some embers, and get some sparks rising, for a greater heart for the LOST and for the needs in the world. Just do what you can. (And if you have a shelf of mission-minded books, maybe you could make a lending library in your home or in your church to spread that heart for world missions to others!)

    By the way, if anyone is interested, here at Harvest Ministry we have some copies of both The Mission-Minded Child and The Mission-Minded Family available for just $10/each (regularly $12.99 and $14.99) and $5 for Hand Commands (regularly $5.99). As a special for this 40-Day Challenge, we can offer them for $25.00 for all three books – including shipping). As long as our supplies last . . .

    If anyone is interested, just send us an email.

  19. Jenny says:

    How do we participate if we don’t have your books?

  20. Ann Dunagan says:

    Hello Amber!

    I’m so glad that you and our family found us. WELCOME!!!

    To “Take the 40-Day Challenge,” simply log onto this page at harvestministry.org, each weekday over the next eight weeks. Watch the daily 5-minute videos and follow along (by learning where to find the nations-of-the-day, memorizing the Bible verse(s), pondering the day’s missionary quote, and taking action by doing the Mission-Minded FAMILY CHALLENGE . . . and you’re encouraged to leave comments and feedback, if you want to).

    Over the 40-Days, we’re going to be referring to The Mission-Minded Child, The Mission-Minded Family, and Hand Commands. You’re encouraged to get these resources, but you can follow along without them . . . just be sure to have your BIBLE!!!

    Ann Dunagan’s last blog post..The Challenge: DAY 1

  21. Amber says:

    Hi! I was searching for a mission curriculum to start teaching at a local church and I came across your site. I would love for my family to take the 40 Day Challange, but I am not sure how to get involved. We would love to hear from you! Amber

  22. Welcome Allan, to you and your family!!!

    We are delighted to hear that you are going to join us for this 40-Day Mission-Minded Challenge. And yes, we are very ORDINARY people . . . who, like you, are honored and excited to serve our very EXTRAORDINARY GOD!!!!

    Thanks for your words of blessing.

  23. Allan says:

    I just stumbled on this today and amazed at what God is doing through ordinary people around the world who are willing to take Him at His Word. My family will definitely take the challenge and I will pass on the word to a few of our friends.
    May God protect you, bless you, and inspire you more!

  24. Ann Dunagan says:

    Carol, how awesome to have you and your family being a part of this new adventure, and THANKS for your prayers (both for us, and for Hood River). You’re a blessing!!!

    Donna, thanks for joining in. WELCOME!!!

    Ann Dunagan’s last blog post..Combating today’s “Me-First” Culture

  25. Donna Heaney says:

    We’ll definitely be joining in!

  26. Carol Wagar says:

    Hey Ann,

    We’re in! I’ll be praying for you too. I enjoyed the invitation video clip. We are praying for the west side of Hood River today 🙂


  27. Ann Dunagan says:

    Beginning June 8th, we will be posting a new 5-minute video each morning (Monday through Friday). For now, you can sign up for our RSS feed (at the top-right of the home page) and you will receive these daily posts in your email. Most likely these video challenges will be the only posts during this eight-week time period. Then, once the 40-Day challenge is over, feel free to cancel your subscription. I’ve seen that idea (to have people sign up for a specific project to come into their email) on other sites . . . but I haven’t yet learned how to to that. Maybe when all 40 videos are done and posted online, I’ll have to add that option. Thanks for the idea!!!

    Ann Dunagan’s last blog post..Praying Together as a Mission-Minded Family

  28. Julie says:

    I’m in!

    Do I need to log on at a certain time, or will you just post a new video each day?

    (And outside of the RSS feed, is there a way to subscribe to posts in my email? I can’t seem to find that option on your site yet – I’m still new here.)

  29. Ann Dunagan says:

    Tara, Kelly, and Jen, I’m so excited that you’re going to join us!

    Ann Dunagan’s last blog post..Combating today’s “Me-First” Culture

  30. We are up for the challenge!

    Jen (Beautiful Mess)’s last blog post..Extreme Makeover: Jesus Style

  31. Kelly Rackley says:

    My family is definitely taking the challenge!!


  32. Tara Martin says:

    Count us in! I already have 2 of your 3 books. They are absolutely AWESOME!! I am excited about this!
    Blessings to your family~

  33. Ann Dunagan says:

    Thanks Amanda! You’re such an encourager, and it’s so awesome to have a kindred-spirit sister from all the way across the world . . . in the Czech Republic! International friends are definitely one of the perks of being mission-minded.
    (And please keep us in your prayers as we put this together . . . It’s going to be simple, but I’m really excited about it. And besides, if it’s simple enough others can think, “That wouldn’t be too difficult for me to be mission-minded; even I could do that!)

    Ann Dunagan’s last blog post..Motivating for Missions at Family Life

  34. Wow! What a neat idea! Thanks!


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