The Challenge: DAY 2 – Get the Vision! #2


Welcome to DAY 2 of the 40-Day Mission-Minded FAMILY CHALLENGE!

Today’s focus is about being “moved” with God’s compassion and learning how to actively respond to the needs that God places on your heart. If God compells you to help assist with a specific need, He will also enable you by His grace (and through His provision, wisdom, and connections), to take action.

C’mon . . . Take the Challenge!

A few questions for feedback: Has there ever been a specific need that God has stirred in your heart? Has there ever been a mission need or burden that you just couldn’t get out of your heart or perhaps a need that makes you cry? What spiritual needs stir in the hearts of others around you, perhaps missionaries you know, or some mission-minded friend, or your pastor; ask them how God brought this need to their heart. And consider sponsoring a child . . . or if you already do, take a few minutes to pray for him or her.


5 Responses to “The Challenge: DAY 2 – Get the Vision! #2”
  1. WOW!!! May God bless and direct you Jenn, and your family in the calling that God has for you in India. God is not looking for the qualified, but the willing. Praise God for His grace and anointing. His word has the power to change lives!!! Thanks for sharing your feedback.

  2. Jenn Burnett says:

    Thank you so much for this precious resource! My husband is going to India for 4 months to work and our 2 children and myself are coming along with hopes of volunteering with local churches and movements. We are so excited and feel totally under qualified!! You are so encouraging, thanks again!

  3. Jo-el says:

    My family did the above tonight over dinner. We then watched Mama Heidi with our kids 10, 8, 6.

  4. Jo-el says:

    Great. Our family with kids 10, 8, 6 did today’s challenge over dinner then watched Mama Heidi

  5. Ann Dunagan says:

    Hey everybody! Keep those comments and feedback coming! What is God stirring in your heart? What is God saying to you about missions and getting more of His heart? God can use ALL of us to be a part of stirring up a passion and a FIRE for God’s Great Commission. It’s like fanning a little flame; as we all join in, the corporate impact will be much greater. Invite your spouse, and your kids, and your kids’ friends, and your friends to join us. Share a link on your online facebook or myspace or shoutlife account. Let’s PRAY for God to stir something new in all of us, for more of His love and His life.

    Ann Dunagan’s last blog post..40-Day Mission-Minded FAMILY CHALLENGE!