The Challenge: DAY 32 – Get Ready to Go! #2


Welcome to DAY 32 of the 40-Day Mission-Minded FAMILY CHALLENGE!

If you could travel anywhere in the entire world, where would you want to go? As a family, dream together about international travel and exciting places you would like to experience. Imagine the awesome adventures across the globe!

C’mon . . . Take the Challenge!


3 Responses to “The Challenge: DAY 32 – Get Ready to Go! #2”
  1. Thank you, Ann! Just what I needed to hear. I feel like you have become a mentor of sorts, and I really appreciate it. You’re right… God does give us wonderful things to enjoy here at home, why not around His great world. Over and over through this challenge I keep finding that my vision is too narrow, I’ve set my sights too low.
    .-= Christy Nordstrom´s last blog ..Grandma: These Are For You! =-.

  2. Today, a minister named Reinhart Bonnke shared a great quote. He said, “When you work with man, you need money. When you work with God, you need faith. The currency for the kingdom of God is FAITH.” And yes, God will provide.

    But it’s also important to remember that God created the flowers and the mountains and the oceans. Just like it’s okay to take walks and enjoy our local area, It’s okay to enjoy the beauty and majesty of different areas around the world. Even the military understands that you can “recruit” young people by appealing to the longing for adventure and purpose; and how much more so when we are wanting to be a part of God’s purpose.

    There’s so much to see. There are so many places to explore. And yes, there are so many people who need Jesus. Ron Luce, founder of TeenMania says, “The Great Commission is the Great Adventure of Christianity.” And David Livingstone said he’d go “Anywhere, provided it be forward.”

    And yes, “Where God guides, He provides.”
    .-= Jon & Ann Dunagan´s last blog ..Lwakhakha HARVEST! – mission video =-.

  3. What a fun challenge this one is! I forget that it’s ok to enjoy the fun part of missions and appreciate the adventure that it is. I do have to admit that today I am discouraged by the cost of going. When I look at purely the mission side of things I think, “God will provide.” When I glimpse at the fun part I think, “We can’t afford that.”
    .-= Christy Nordstrom´s last blog ..Grandma: These Are For You! =-.