The Challenge: DAY 5 – Get the Vision! #5


Welcome to DAY 5 of the 40-Day Mission-Minded FAMILY CHALLENGE!

Today’s 5-minute focus is to look at the word “MISSION” and to think about having a MISSION STATEMENT, or purpose statement for your life. What is your mission in life (for you personally and for your family), and how does this purpose relate to God’s Great Commission?

C’mon . . . Take the Challenge!

A few questions for feedback:
Have your ever written a MISSION STATEMENT or a PURPOSE STATEMENT for your life and/or for your family? Take some time to write this, and be sure to keep this statement brief, focused, and very specific. What is your purpose in life? What is God’s calling for you as a family? Can you articulate this in one simple sentence? Write it down.


3 Responses to “The Challenge: DAY 5 – Get the Vision! #5”
  1. Reverend Robinson-Worley says:

    FANTASTIC!!! If you’d like an opportunity to reach many Tribal’s, & City Dwellers in Phil. Islands, our Dr. Friend & International Missions Rep. REv. Vicente Vertudazo, Suregao Holistic Ministries. Send Anna & me an E-mail @ our Ministry Org. address; Peace & victory

  2. Ann Dunagan says:

    Christi, I’m so glad you’re staying with us! We appreciate your friendship and hope to encourage to not only WRITE down that specific mission statement, but to take some strategic steps to move forward toward seeing God’s purposes in your life FULFILLED!

    Blessings to you!
    Ann & all
    .-= Ann Dunagan´s last blog ..New Osanidde School Buildings!!! =-.

  3. I love the idea of having a specific mission statement for our family. It makes tons of sense. I also appreciate your testimony of finding your personal mission statement in amongst so many tugging priorities: wife, mother, evangelist. I too see so many coorelations between serving and sharing the gospel with my kids and serving and sharing the gospel with the world. We enjoyed week one! For sure Satan has tried to interupt us on our journey, which only makes sense as well. But we are staying the course and enjoying the ride!!
    .-= Christy Nordstrom´s last blog ..Cousin Visit =-.