The Challenge: DAY 4 – Get the Vision! #4


Welcome to DAY 4 of the 40-Day Mission-Minded FAMILY CHALLENGE!

Today’s 5-minute focus will encourage you to love God and to love others, and specifically to love others who don’t yet know the Lord. Jesus Christ is the ONLY WAY to heaven, and we need to share this news with others. And we need to realize that the Gospel is not BAD NEWS, it is GOOD NEWS!

C’mon . . . Take the Challenge!

A few questions for feedback: Do you have a list of 5 people in your sphere of influence who don’t yet know Jesus? Did you pray for them? Have you ever shared the Gospel with these people? Ask God for more of His love for these 5 people, and for wisdom to share the Lord.


5 Responses to “The Challenge: DAY 4 – Get the Vision! #4”
  1. Jo-el says:

    Thank you for sharing ways to be more purposeful. Our family really enjoys doing this during dinner time. It sparks great conversations and action.

  2. Dear Barbara,

    We’re so grateful to know you are taking the 40-Day Mission-Minded FAMILY CHALLENGE, and that the Mission-Minded books have been a blessing in your life. Thank you for sharing, and may the Lord continue to give you His wisdom and BOLDNESS as you share the LOVE of Jesus with your children’s teachers and their friends. As the Bible tells us in Acts 4:29, “…Grant unto thy servants, // YOU and your family!!! // that with all boldness they // YOU!!! /// may speak thy word.”

    Blessings to you!
    Jon & Ann

  3. Barbara Cripe says:

    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to take this 40 day challenge. I have both of your Mission Minded books and they are great resources. May the Lord continue to encourage you and your family as you serve Him!

    My sphere of influence has grown now that my boys are in school. We have been praying for their classmates and teachers. Pray for me to be a bold witness for our Great and Holy Lord!


  4. Thanks John (& Angelique & kids),

    We appreciate your friendship, your ministry to our youth and church kids (and to the lost of this area).

    In His Harvest,
    Jon & Ann

  5. John Garrett says:

    These are great quick videos Ann! Well done!…thank you for taking the time and doing this. Along with my morning devotionals these quick clips jump start my day. Thank you again.

    We love you guys.