The Challenge: DAY 12 – Prayer #2

A Place to PRAY!

Welcome to DAY 12 of the 40-Day Mission-Minded FAMILY CHALLENGE! Today’s challenge focuses on establishing a specific PLACE for your personal devotion time and quoting a prayer by missionary martyr, Betty Scott Stam, the importance of surrendering everything to the Lord.

Feel free to leave comments and feedback. Let’s encourage one another to become more mission-minded.

C’mon . . . Take the Challenge!

(By the way, rather saying Jesus was “so busy” during His time on earth, I prefer to say that He had such a vast eternal purpose to fulfill in such a short 3-year period. One remarkable aspect about the life of Jesus is that He was never “stressed” or overly “busy-busy” like we often are.)


2 Responses to “The Challenge: DAY 12 – Prayer #2”
  1. Protected time, in this household, is hard to imagine. I myself feel like I grab it where I can rather than plan on it. I had never thought to set a time for my kids! Except for the baby, that would give me at least 10 minutes. LOL!! Perhaps including this as part of their rest time routine… Anyway, it’s important and I appreciate the challenge to put this practice into motion for our family and to help the kids find their personal place as well.
    .-= Christy Nordstrom´s last blog ..A Yes Day! part 2 =-.

  2. Brenda says:

    There is something about surrendering your life to Christ that gives you so much freedom. My husband lost his job and we had a family emergency that really set us back financially, but I surrendered everything I had to the Lord and though daily life was tough it took a lot of the stress out of my life.


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