Equipping Nationals: N.E.T.S. News from Naboth!!!

“N.E.T.S” – National Evangelism Team Support: EAST AFRICA

N.E.T.S. Minister Naboth Tumuhairwe had some exciting pictures to share from his evangelistic mission outreaches during the month of April, 2011.

Naboth and his wife Alice have been working together with Harvest Ministry’s N.E.T.S. Outreach since 1991. By God’s grace, they have planted hundreds of self-supporting village churches throughout East Africa (currently overseeing 190 congregations and many national ministers), and are directors of Guma Na Yesu Children’s Center in Mbarara, Uganda.

Here’s a glimpse of this month’s mission outreaches from Naboth & Alice:

Please PRAY for Naboth & Alice and their ministry outreaches and village churches!

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For more about N.E.T.S. Ministers, Naboth & Alice – click here.

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