National Evangelism Team Support

“Launch out into the deep, and let down your NETS for a catch…” and Jesus said . . .  “From now on you will be fishers of men.”  (Luke 5:4,11)


“N.E.T.S.” — “National Evangelism Team Support” — is a mission outreach of Harvest Ministry. This partnership is an effective way for qualified national evangelists in developing countries to be sponsored by individuals in the United States to help reach the lost in unreached areas with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This support includes:
  • Providing financial support and sponsorship;
  • Supplying ministry equipment and vehicles;
  • Encouragement through prayer, training & correspondence.


Throughout the world, literally hundreds of millions of people have never heard the message of Jesus Christ. The task of world evangelism is so great, it can never be accomplished by foreign missionaries alone. Today, there is a tremendous need for nationals to rise up with boldness and power to reach their own people and surrounding areas with the Gospel.


Because of the cultural and language barriers, a national minister can often reach cities and villages that an outsider could never touch. Many times, however, the national evangelist or pastor does not have the support (in prayer, spiritual encouragement, ministry equipment, and finances) to make this outreach possible.

pastorsAt the same time, there are Christians who are searching for the best way to use their finances for the kingdom of God. Many of these people have a heart for the unreached people of the world, yet they themselves may never be able to go to remote villages and preach in a way that would be culturally effective. The “N.E.T.S.” Ministry is an outreach that brings these two groups of people together to help fulfill the Great Commission.


Each month, N.E.T.S. ministers complete an OUTREACH REPORT, which shares exciting ministry results, praise reports and specific requests for prayer. Throughout the year, these are then sent to their individual sponsors. In addition, the N.E.T.S. sponsors are able to personally correspond with the national minister they support.


Since the founding of this N.E.T.S. Outreach in 1991, Harvest Ministry has supported national ministers in Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, the Ukraine, India, Central African Republic, and Congo. Over the years, these men of God — along with their wives and ministry teams — have seen many thousands of people saved, water baptized, and filled with the Holy Spirit.  They have pioneered over 450 self-supporting indigenous churches in unreached areas, and have organized many minister’s conferences and evangelistic outreaches.


NOTE: For current news and mission updates from Harvest Ministry’s N.E.T.S. Outreach, see Equipping Nationals (N.E.T.S. news posts)
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Since 1991, Harvest Ministry has purchased many important tools for evangelism, For N.E.T.S. ministers, this has included many motorcycles, bicycles, speakers, complete sound systems, musical instruments, ministry trucks and vans, plus teaching materials.


A vital link in the N.E.T.S. ministry are the N.E.T.S. sponsors who faithfully support, encourage and pray for their specific N.E.T.S. minister. For those of you who are sponsors, “THANK YOU!!”  We appreciate your part in this ministry! (And if you are interested in supporting a national minister, for any monthly amount, please contact Harvest Ministry and we will let you know more about it.)