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GUMA NA YESU Children “Keep with Jesus!”

The need and the vision . . .

In Southern Uganda – our dear longtime friends, Naboth and Alice, have been helping over 700 needy orphan children. This African couple haven’t had much to work with, but they’ve been doing everything possible to extend the love of Jesus. Because of this need, and our long-time ministry relationship with Naboth and Alice, Harvest Ministry has decided to focus orphan efforts towards these precious kids at GUMA NA YESU Children’s Center.


A few Guma Na Yesu children:


1 Startling Orphan Statistic:
Every 2.2 seconds, another orphan ages out of an international orphan facility, with no family and no home. Older orphans are vulnerable . . . to abuse, suicide, prostitution, slavery, becoming child soldiers, and immorality (and as a result, they become most vulnerable to AIDS and disease). Yet, as orphans are rescued, saved by Jesus Christ, and brought into God’s Kingdom, the enemy’s plans are thwarted: instead, these older orphans can live happy, productive, lives and help to advance God’s cause and mission purposes.

1 Special Highlight @ GUMA NA YESU Children’s Center:
At Guma, each of the children and teenagers are connected with a caring Christian family and a local church (who they live with during holidays). The children are educated in academics, and they are trained in the Word of God, with daily worship, fervent prayer, and opportunities for ministry (including dance performance, special music, preaching, and prayer for others). Over the years, we have had opportunities to spend time with Jennifer, and she growing into a beautiful young woman with such a heart of service to the Lord. Please do keep her and all the children at Guma in your prayers.

gumTo remember this African word (from the Runyankole language), just think of the word “GUM” . . . and imagine chewing a sweet, delicious, sticky wad of GUM . . . and to keep chewing it for a long, long time. The name of this new orphanage project is Guma Na Yesu (pronounced “Goom-uh nuh Yay-soo”) – which means “Keep with Jesus!”

The long-term vision is to care for hundreds of orphan children through the support network of a strong Christian church and caring Ugandan families.

The vision is to build a Guma Na Yesu Children’s Center – with a free orphan school, basic provisions (of food, clothing, and educational supplies), and a family support base – to enable hundreds of orphans to be adopted into Christian families. Our prayer is for each of these orphan children to “keep” with Jesus for their entire lives! The heart of this orphan project is to train children to be mighty in God’s Word and to experience a life of knowing God personally – so they can fulfill God’s purpose. These children experience the presence of God daily – through prayer, child-led preaching, and through fervent worship and dancing. These children love Jesus, and their heavenly Father loves them.

Who we are . . .

naboth1N.E.T.S. Ministers, Naboth & Alice
Directors of Guma Na Yesu Children’s Center

The Lord is just begining to give a new vision for Guma Na Yesu and through His wisdom and direction, He’s showing us how the needs of these children can be met. This orphan ministry is founded and directed by African ministers, Naboth and Alice of Southern Uganda, and now supported and overseen by Jon & Ann Dunagan of Harvest Ministry. The vision for Guma Na Yesu is for it to be nationally-led by Ugandan ministers, teachers, and church families — under the blessing and direction of JESUS and the authority of God’s Word.

Where we’re located . . .

600ugandamapThis African orphan ministry is being built in Mbarara, Uganda. It’s a needy area, with many orphans. Guma Na Yesu Children’s Center is currently under construction – on a hilltop property near one of Naboth’s new church facilities – directly above a Ugandan military base.

Prayer Focus: Please pray with us for God’s abundant provision for the orphan children of Guma Na Yesu Children’s Center. And if you want to help, do let us know. Also, we would really appreciate your prayers for God’s wisdom concerning the future of this orphan project, and what Harvest Ministry’s long-term involvement should be.


4 Responses to “GUMA NA YESU Children “Keep with Jesus!””
  1. Naboth & Alice,

    It is a JOY and an honor to work with you to help care for the children at Guma Na Yesu Childen’s Centre, and to help see these precious kids raised up to “keep with Jesus” all of their lives. Thank you!!!

    With you in His Harvest,
    Jon & Ann



  3. we are thankful to the efforts of JON & ANN plus the entire harvest ministry towards helping these precious children of GOD at GUMA .we thank GOD that every other day these children , grow up to LOVE GOD with all their hearts and ”keep with JESUS” as their caretaker ,their father,mum and everything to them. GOD has used various people some of which have never been at this miracle hill GUMA NA YESU , to help these children with the guidance of the hollyspirit to provide for their needs through these great servants of JON AND ANN ,blessings to you .


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