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At Harvest Ministry, we want to equip you for God’s purposes. As followers of Jesus, we’re ALL called to expand God’s kingdom. As our gift, here are 7 FREE family mission resources. We also invite you to visit our Family Resources, and our other websites: Mission-Minded Families and Daring Daughters.

Blessings to you!
Jon & Ann


#1 – FREE 40-Days of Family Mentoring 

Take the 40-Day Mission-Minded Family Challenge!
FREE online mission class with Ann Dunagan

In just 4-5 minutes per day you and your family will be encouraged to focus on God’s Great Commandment (to love God and love others) and to obey God’s Great Commission. Progress a lesson a day – Monday through Friday – for eight weeks, or at your own pace. Or gather a few families, and encourage others in the challenge!

“It’s eight weeks to becoming more effective . . . for eternity!”

#2 – FREE Mission-Minded VBS Curriculum


MAPS for KIDS! – Missions Adventure Preparation School
FREE Vacation Bible School Curriculum

Take a week of the summer to train kids for world missions! Your missionaries-in-training will “travel through customs” with “passports” on M.A.P.S. for KIDS International Airlines to learn about the world and missionary heroes. They’ll taste international food, experience adventures, make crafts, learn to share the Gospel, pray for the lost, and get ministry training in perhaps puppetry, the EvangeCube, worship, or drama!

“Missions is not just for missionaries! God’s call is for all!”


#3 – FREE – Teaching With God’s Heart for the World I & II


Teaching With God’s Heart for the World
with BONUS File Folder Plan – to train children to be self-motivated & self-disciplined

It’s a FREE one-year, day-by-day unit-studies for homeschool, Christian education, or family discipleship. While your kids are young (older elementary age), devote a year of your homeschool commitment to establishing a life-long family foundation in God’s Great Commission. This one-year (or two-year) study presents a whirlwind tour all-through-history and all-around-the-world. You will learn the importance of your personal relationship with the Lord and how to develop a love for the world and the lost. In 2 big volumes, this curriculum has 400+ pages (with 52 weekly units, also available individually).


“A one-year whirlwind missions expedition, all-through-history and across-the-globe!”


#4 – FREE Mission-Minded Passport Craft



Mission-Minded Passports!
FREE craft project – to make “Mission-Minded” Passports

A great learning tool for children. FREE PDF files and how-to instructions to make fun passport crafts to encourage children in missions, with a link to FREE coordinating international flag stickers.
“Mission-Minded Passports — Just for fun & just in case!”


#5 – FREE Mission-Minded Prayer Guide


Several times throughout the year, it’s effective to spend some time seeking God — for a personal retreat or even a special quiet time — to evaluate your short-term priorities along with your life-long dreams. How can you keep in balance? What does God have for your life? How can you be more effective for His kingdom? This study includes 5 FREE videos and a 2016 Planning/Prayer Guide.

FREE Focus Videos
FREE Mission-Minded Guide

“Seek God — through diligent planning and prayer — for a Mission-Minded Life!”


#6 – FREE 4-Week Study Guide – for Small Groups

Mentor families or a friend to get more of God’s heart for world missions with this 4-week study guide (utilizing our mission-minded books). Especially designed for small groups.

FREE Mission-Minded Families Study Guide – For Mentoring & Small Groups
FREE sample download of The Mission-Minded Child
FREE sample download of The Mission-Minded Family

“Mentor families for global impact . . . right from your living room!”


#7 – FREE Online Audios & Articles

Jon & Ann Dunagan have been reaching the lost and raising their kids, while encouraging churches, individuals, and families for world missions. Featured on Family Life Today, Revive Our Hearts, Prime Time America, Rick Warren’s Pastor’s Toolbox,, and The Christian Post, Jon & Ann and their family want to motivate you and your family to fulfill God’s purpose!

FREE online mission-minded audios
FREE online missions & family articles

“God’s mission is for your family . . . to expand His family!”