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Mission-Minded Families: Articles & Links

Family Articles & Links

In response to several online requests, we’ve compiled some links to Ann’s online articles for Mission-Minded Families. Feel free to twitter, facebook, or to share with friends.

FEATURE ARTICLE on Christianity.com:

Striking Balance as a Mission-Minded Family, by Ann Dunagan

How can we balance our passion for missions with our hearts for our homes? Do we have to choose between “raising our kids” and “reaching the lost”—or is it possible to do both? Read more > > >

FEATURE ARTICLE on HomeGrownMom.com:

Teach Your Daughters Wailing, by Ann Dunagan

Our family doesn’t care for crying around the house — unless we have something to really cry about — like when someone is dying, or a kid is starving, or when we need to repent. Read more > > >


Mission-Minded Family 3-part series, by Ann Dunagan

#1 — Living a Life of Surrender. #2 — Leading Your Family in God’s Great Commission. #3 — Preparing for Missions.
Listen to this 3-part series on Family Life Today. Read more > > >

More articles . . .

Revive Our Hearts:
Unleashing Your Children’s Talents
I Was Naked, And You Clothed Me
Releasing Arrows Into the World

Visionary Womanhood
Book Review: Mission-Minded Families . . . Raising Mission-Minded Children
An Important Christmas Focus about God’s Home

God Has a Mission for Your Family
Praying as a Family
Striking Balance as a Mission-Minded Family
Training Teens On-Target – Part 1
Training Teens On-Target – Part 2

Becoming a Mission-Minded Family
Is Your Family Mission Minded?

Praying as a Family
Striking Balance as a Mission-Minded Family

Family Life Today:
(Family Life USA) Three Powerful Dynamics of a Mission-Minded Family
(Family Life Australia) Three Powerful Dynamics of a Mission-Minded Family
(PDF Family Life Transcript 1) Living a Life of Surrender
(PDF Family Life Transcript 2) Leading Your Family in the Great Commission
(PDF Family Life Transcript 3) Preparing for Missions

Passionate Homemaking:
Daring Mothers & Daughters . . . & Dirty Feet
Finding PEACE in God’s PRESENCE (A Christmas article about prayer)
Hospitality Ideas for Holy Week
Living in SUB-Mission, as a Mom
Local Outreach as Mission-Minded Families
Mission-Minded Hospitality
Picture-Perfect Families?
Teaching Our Girls to Cry
Q & A’s for Mission-Minded Families: HOMESCHOOLING
Q & A’s for Mission-Minded Families: IDENTITY
Q & A’s for Mission-Minded Families: MARRIAGE
Q & A’s for Mission-Minded Families: MOTHERHOOD
Q & A’s for Mission-Minded Families: SIMPLICITY
Passports for Missions: Just for Fun & Just in Case!
Serving Thanksgiving – With Breakfast

Home Grown Mom:
Harvest Ministry Introduction
Kids 4 Orphans
Teach Your Daughters Wailing

Heart of the Matter Online (for homeschooling families):
A Homeschooler’s Heart for Orphans
Have Yourself a Mission-Minded Christmas
Passports for Missions
Plan for a Mission-Minded New Year
Praying and Learning About Haiti
Thanksgiving, Missions, and “Saints”
You Can GO: Taking a Family Mission Trip

The Christian Post: “Better Parents, Better Families”

Holiday Themes: Enjoying Missions Throughout the Year
JAN. Seek God for a Mission-Minded New Year
JAN. Talk With Your Teen about New Year’s Goals
JAN. Enjoying Missions . . . in January
FEB. Mission-Minded Families . . . in February
FEB. Sharing God’s Love on Valentine’s Day
MAR. St. Patrick was a Missionary!
MAR. St. Patrick’s Day GREEN means GO!
APR. Family Mission Ideas for Easter
MAY Memorial Day: Our Family & Freedom’s Obligation
JUN. Father’s Day: Grandpa’s Big Heart for Missions
NOV. A Mission Thought for Thanksgiving
NOV. Training Our Kids to be Thankful
NOV. Give Ye, Them to Eat: Thanksgiving, Missions, and Saints
NOV. Black Friday, Money, and Missions
DEC. A Mission-Minded Christmas Story: “I Gave Myself”
DEC. Christmas Giving, or Surrender?
DEC. Christmas: It’s all about His PRESENCE!

How Can I Find Time to Pray?
Parents, Can You Find Time to Pray? – Part 1
Parents, Can You Find Time to Pray? – Part 2
Praying Together as a Mission-Minded Family
Parents, Be an Example to Your Kids in Prayer
Can Your Family Fast and Pray for Haiti?

Giving & Stewardship
Family Giving: “Can’t You Do Just a Little Bit More?”
Families: Called to Go? Or to Give?
As Families, We’re Blessed to be a Blessing!

Other Missions & Family Articles
Mission-Minded Families and SUB-Mission
Parenting From God’s Perspective
FAMILIES: Let’s Seek God’s Kingdom, Not Selfishness
Balancing a Heart for Missions and Family
Are You a Mission-Minded Family?
Releasing Your Kids to God – #1
Releasing Your Kids to God – #2
Aiming Our Teen Arrows
Raising Up Missionaries
Training Kids and Teens On-Target
What is God’s Purpose for Parenting?


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