M.A.P.S. for Kids – FREE VBS Curriculum

Looking for a mission-minded summer outreach idea . . . for your family, teenagers, home group, or children’s church? How about planning a backyard or neighborhood Vacation Bible School to share the Gospel and God’s heart for the world?

M.A.P.S. for KIDS!!!

As a special gift from Harvest Ministry, we would like to provide you with this FREE Vacation Bible School Curriculum: Missions Adventure Preparation School!

Click here to download - in a pdf file - the complete M.A.P.S. for KIDS Program . . . for FREE!!!

This Bible-based kid-tested curriculum includes complete day-by-day instruction outlines. Throughout the week-long adventure, your kids will “travel” around the world (to Africa, Asia, Europe, India, and Latin America) on their own “M.A.P.S. for KIDS International Airlines” — through “Customs” with their own personal “Missionary Passports” (the program even has printable passport and visas!).

Best of all, your kids will learn to draw closer to God, to obey His awesome Word, and to follow Jesus all throughout their lives . . . to do whatever God says to do, to give whatever God says to give, and to go wherever God says to GO!

Missions Adventure Preparation School

pdf fileClick here to download the FREE 106-page curriculum

M.A.P.S. for KIDS!!!

A 5-Day Mission-Minded V.B.S. Curriculum

Each day includes . . .

  • A different international theme
  • A Bible memory verse and a mission-minded focus
  • An easy object lesson
  • A missionary monologue skit
  • An easy craft idea
  • An international mission-minded snack idea
  • A fun outdoor missionary adventure
  • Day-by-day instructions for six ministry training workshops to equip children in mission skills (such as puppetry, drama, music, or the EvangeCube).
  • A concluding M.A.P.S. for KIDS Program
  • Plus much more!
Be blessed! Have fun! (And if possible, let us know how it went!!!)

If you use this M.A.P.S. for KIDS curriculum, or any part of it, we would sure enjoy hearing how your program went. Let us know how you used the curriculum, where you live, and how many children were involved. Feel free to add positive feedback from anyone who was involved . . .  or any helpful ideas. Our heart is to encourage and challenge children’s ministers, teachers, and parents to equip the next generation for world missions.

It’s easy to do, very effective, and best of all, it’s FREE!!!
Come take a look!

Here are a few highlight photos:

Making international crafts

For ASIA-DAY: Painted Oriental Lanterns and Fans

Learning to use chopsticks

The International Food Cafe

Outdoor Adventures: Setting up a “MISSIONS CAMP”

(Completed “CAMP” – (Notice the Bibles on the chairs!!!)


43 Responses to “M.A.P.S. for Kids – FREE VBS Curriculum”
  1. Dear Ramesh,
    We are not able to support the snacks and meals for your upcoming VBS, but we hope that you enjoy using the curriculum as much as you can. Thank you for letting us know that you are using this material. We hope this is a blessing to you.

  2. Ramesh says:

    Dear friends in Christ
    Warm greetings to you all in the matchless name of our lord Jesus Christ
    and hope you are all safe by the grace of our god
    we are starting VBS classes in most back word villages and the period is ten days during those days we have to issue snacks,juice, biscuits and some time an meal and final day an gift to make them happy in the lord and during the month of may 50 to 60 children will participate in the vbs program so please kindly pray for that and if god spoke in your heart you may kindly sponsor this program according to your wish and we will forward their photos and kindly send your good opinion
    Thank you all

  3. vincent says:

    Greetings to you in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ, We have been remembering you in our daily prayers and please pray for us and for our Tribal ministry and we are so thankful for your kind prayers. I hope that you all are blessed in the Lord and we are much praying for you all.
    Prayer Points:
    1. Old people are neglected by their children and living in old-age homes. Many are suffering with loneliness & depression. Pray for them that they believe in Jesus Christ and know the hope & peace.
    2. Pray for all cadar people working in navy, afore & military who are guarding our country India.
    3. Pray for Terrorists like maoists, L.T.T & others terrorist groups that they change their mind and to stop teriorism. Pray that they know Jesus Christ as saviour.
    4. Pray for people in jails, children in jails, that their punishment to be minimised and release from jails to live happy with their families.
    5. Pray for all public Exams 10th, inter, Degree and PG, all entrance lests EAMCET, etc in the months of March, April & May.
    6. Pray for Elections of parliament – 543 MP.s. states Election Andhra & Telangana M.L.As & Municipal Corporation election of Towns & cities. Pray for good people to come to rule.
    7. Pray for East Godavari District, this is the biggest Dist of Andhra State. Pray for the people to know true God.
    8. Pray for Hyderabad District that people should know the real God &good life of the people.

    Please continue to pray for this ministry. May God Bless You!

  4. Sue,

    Two good music CDs that work well with this curriculum are

    Psalty’s Heart to Change the World CD
    Wee Sing Around the World

  5. Sue, There is not a particular music DVD for this VBS. We encourage churches to utilize DVD’s from the missionaries you know and support. There are a few CDs we recommend. They are listed in the curriculum. Bless you!

  6. sgwatson@embarqmail.com says:

    Please let me know if there is a music DVD that goes with this VBS, Sue

  7. Rev Norbert says:

    Dear friends..
    First of all,let me ask a minister of God who wrote in this blog by saying that he need materials because his church is poor!!how comes the church becomes poor? Yes the church may become small and no enough income but we can not under mine the church that it is poor..Dont use such bad language.
    Send me text for more clarification and advice..
    Rev Norbert
    Pentecost Church Arusha Tanzania.
    +255 755 29 66 74

  8. Shannon says:

    I am the children’s director at our little mountian church in Colorado and I am excited for VBS this June! Love the curriculum! Thank you for the awesome content you have provided! God bless your ministry!

  9. micah says:

    thank God there have a free vbs materials like this
    im micah a Christian educator

    …may God continue prosper your ministry
    …many soul will be able to reach for Christ

  10. Blessings! says:

    We have a week in which I hoped to do this program with our two growing blessings as a fun break from our homeschooling desk work. I am wondering, will it be okay for two children? I have printed out the book and would love to do a hands on focus of the different countries in this Adventure. Would it be boring to do quite different from a large group setting? Thank you, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!

  11. Timothy Y. Fwans says:

    Timothy Y. Fwans
    from Desert Streams Partners Int’l

    This is my Macedonia call for you as great team in the Harvest field. i love you and love every thing about you .Please extent your love to south Sudan the land that have the largest unreached peoples’ group in Africa.
    we will need your Camp making and other training for about 60-100 disciples and local evangelist we are training in our effort to reach the unreached. your Missionary camp are wonderful houses and comfortable palaces here in south Sudan as thousand of people living under trees and managing racks as shelters.

    with this platform skills and training it will aid our gospel… when you see them without shelter and you sheltered them. what a wonderful sermon for the poorest of the poor in Africa.
    please help me…. i cry again and again until you hear me. come over to south sedan and see for your self.
    love from Timothy
    Director DeSPI- South Sudan.

  12. Timothy Y. Fwans says:

    Wow! incredible; this is what i have been longing for my kids, you have the answere to my aspirations. i have been a missionary alone side my wife for 20 years in west Africa and are bless with 3 kids. this kids were all born on the remote mission field in Africa. we have just received a call to pioneer a missionary work in Sudan 3 years ago. we discover Sudan Both North and South have not been conducive to train and raise these 3 kids. when my last son fortune was with us in Sudan, the native children will point knife at him every day and threaten they will killed him, because he was exposed and was communicating with them in English.

    Due to the hostility of the place we decided they should stay back in Nairobi while we visit them from time to time during their vacation. imagine kids of 8,12 and 13years have learn to stay apart from their missionary parents. please we need some missionary kids materials to help them develop their understanding of missions and to be creative. please i would want you to adopt the kids for sponsorship or any further training for Missionary kids. i love you and really love what you’re doing.

    thanks and May God bless and enrich you bountifully.
    Pastor Timothy and Juliet Fwans
    Pioneer Missionary Director
    Desert Streams Partners int’l
    Juba-South Sudan

  13. Pastor Lysa says:

    What a great springboard for next year’s VBS! I’ve been looking for Christ-centered improvements to ‘pop’ cultural references, and this will certainly stir interest in an “Amazing Race” type event. May God continue to bless your ministry as it blesses others.

    Keep dancing in His joy!
    Pastor Lysa

    PS. In response to another post looking for music – have you considered using praise music or hymns that comes from each area of the world? While I really like alot of music that’s been composed for specific curricula, the problem that we run into is that there’s no opportunities for the kids to continue to sing the songs from VBS week!

  14. Stephanie says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful VBS curriculum! I’m so thankful to the Lord that your ministry was generous enough to sacrifice your time and energy in putting this together. We are using it for our VBS in two weeks in collaboration with an Indian Christian church so your cultural theme will tie in very well. Thank you again, may God continue to richly bless your ministry as you serve Him and reach the lost for Christ worldwide.


  15. Yes!!!!

    These two monologues were done by a talented friend of our family, named Craig Rodenmayer. He used to be a professional actor with Wycliffe’s dinner theater, and he and his wife, Debi, have a huge heart for world missions. When Craig lived in our area, he accompanied our homeschool group as we did mission-minded chapels for nearby Christian schools. Craig plans to record several more of these, and I plan to include them on a series for a homeschool website, teaching families about different missionary heroes.

    Please feel free to use these videos for M.A.P.S. for kids, or for encouraging your family of church about world missions and famous missionaries.

    Jon & Ann


  16. cmateo says:

    If you type in The Mission Minded Child (Ann Dunagan) into the youtube website, this man has acted out the Livingstone and Townsand monologues.

  17. Just got another request, from a VBS leader named Tisha, for mission ideas for preschoolers. Here is my reply:


    So good to hear from you!!
    It’s exciting to hear that quite a few churches are using this MAPS for KIDS curriculum this summer. Any reports or photos would be appreciated, to encourage future involvement. Also, I had a request for info about FREE mission ideas to teach preschool children:

    I would recommend looking at Wycliffe’s free materials and lessons for little ones. Here is a link:


    Blessings to you!

    Ann Dunagan

    Harvest Ministry

  18. Melissa Harp says:

    Our church is using MAPS for kids for our VBS this August. We’d like to print a sign to put up in front of our church. Do you have any ideas for an eye catching sign?

  19. If you have trouble downloading the curriculum file, try this condensed PDF file: http://harvestministry.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/maps-web.pdf

  20. Hello Claudette!

    We are delighted to hear that your church had a successful VBS ministry time using the M.A.P.S. for KIDS curriculum. Thanks for sharing!!! Did you happen to get a few photos? I would love to share an update about how it went, with a few specifics.

  21. Claudette Kilby says:

    Our adults had as much fun as our kids! It was a great program to do with limited adults and a mixed age group of children. Thank you!

  22. Note to everyone:

    It’s exciting to hear that quite a few churches are using this MAPS for KIDS curriculum this summer. Any reports or photos would be appreciated, to encourage future involvement. Also, I had a request for info about FREE mission ideas to teach preschool children:

    I would recommend looking at Wycliffe’s free materials and lessons for little ones. Here is a link:


  23. Hello Debi!

    God bless you in your ministry to encourage children for missions. Here is a document with the original “Fishless Fisherman” satire piece, along with my own children’s adaption of the story, called “The Foolish Fisherman.” It’s in a PDF file here.

    Hope all goes well with your VBS.

    In His Love and Service,

  24. Debi Proctor says:

    I purchased “The Mission Minded Child” in order to get “The Fishless Fisherman” for MAPS Vacation Bible School Day 2 Object Lesson. I could not find it. Can you help?

  25. Dear Brother George,

    May God bless you in your children’s ministry and the work He has called you to do. We don’t send out our VBS material in the mail. It is only available as a FREE download which would need to be printed out for use. Maybe you could find someone in your area who would print it out for you, or you could just review the ideas and use whatever you would want.

    Blessings to you!


  26. I am George M.Div Director VBS as we are poor church if you can able to helped us in
    sending material VBS for church i woulds so much happy to you. May God bless you.

    George M.Div

  27. Blessings to you there in Kenya. Thanks for letting us know that these FREE materials are being a help to your ministry to children. We are honored to have a part in helping you to impart a JOY and a PASSION for Jesus and His Great Commission.

    Appreciate you sharing. Let us know how your first V.B.S. goes!

  28. Mbuthia says:

    Praise God,
    I’m in the process of starting a children’s ministry at Deliverance church Rumuruti-Kenya. We hope to hold our first V.B.S in April 2011. I thank God for the information on your website, it will go a long way to help us plan. It is quite hard to get these resources out here. God bless you as you continue to serve Him. You have indeed blessed us.



    Hallelujah Village Church Trust (HVCT) invites cross-cultural missionaries and resource persons to share and participate in the ministry by visiting the mission spots, staying for a period of time with HVCT and taking part in the various ministries like medical, educational, crusades, theological teaching and preaching or in other social service programs.


  30. Dear Sharon,

    We’ll load it here on the website soon. Stay tuned!!!

    Bless you and all you’re doing!

    it’s now here . . . click here: THE WHOLE ESTATE

  31. Sharon Dautermann says:

    I am looking forward to using this curriculum at a family church camp to teach the children about the world of missions!! Listed on Day 4 “Object Lesson” you mention “read “The Whole Estate” in the Classic Mission Parable file on this CD”
    I was unable to locate that parable. Where can I find it?

  32. Dear Anna,

    What a wonderful report! We hope these ideas will be a blessing to what God has directed you to do. (You’re very welcome!!! We’re honored to help.)

    Unfortunantly, we only have this curriculum available in English; but feel free to translate it for whatever needs you have. We would love to hear how your VBS goes, and perhaps a few testimonies of what God does in the lives of the children and leaders!!!

    Blessings to you!

  33. Anna says:

    Thank you so much for the material. I was working on a VBS program on mission’s from scratch because we had prayed about the theme this year and felt that we needed to teach on missions to the kids. While surfing the net for ideas on crafts and games I came across you site. What a blessing! We will definitely use a lot in the material plus what I had already gotten together. Do you happen to have this in Spanish? We have felt for many years the Lord raising up Mexicans to go the nations. There are some who have been sent but we know there are many more that will go in the future. It is exciting to teach the children about God’s heart for the nations! God bless you and the labor of your hands!

  34. Blessings to you Moira! I hope this VBS M.A.P.S. for KIDS! Curriculum is a blessing to you and your church, and that God will give you creative ideas to instill a heart for MISSIONS in your church kids. Here are two recommended music CD’s to use:

    Psalty’s Heart to Change the World
    We Sing Around the World

    Let me know (via a comment here) if you have any other questions along the way.

    In His Love,

  35. Moira Michaels says:


    We are a new plant church of 16 months young. I am the children’s ministry director. We are planning on using this curriculum for our 1st VBS. Thank you and God Bless You for the opportunity be able to use a curriculum that is Christ center and free. I was wondering if you could recommend music to go with this curriculum.

  36. Jonathan Bernales says:

    God Bless you more! i am jonathan from the Philippines and this curriculum is one of what were praying for. Thanks!

  37. Dear Pastor, You can download the VBS curriculum right here for free. It’s in a pdf file that you will have to print out, or you could simply read it online. Perhaps you could bring your computer to someone with a printer who could help you.

  38. iam pastor Dpaulkirubakaran doing village church ministry and cheldran ministry send free vbs book

  39. Ann Dunagan says:

    Also, just to let everyone know, this curriculum includes a FREE missionary passport. Today, I just found some great printable country flag stickers, passport city stamps, and international country stamps. These would be excellent for use with MAPS for KIDS or with Teaching with God’s Heart for the World. Be sure to check these out!

    .-= Ann Dunagan´s last blog ..Lwakhakha HARVEST! – mission video =-.

  40. God bless you, Ramesh Timothy, and your work in India. Please let us know how these materials for teaching children about missions helped you. And let us know if you have any questions.

  41. ramesh says:

    Dear Brother in christ

    Praise and Glory to God

    my name is Rev Timothy doing church ministry. And also I do ministries like children, orphanage, widows, adult literarcy, village ministries and bible school. , a village in , Tamil Nadu, India. Thank you

    Your Brother In Christ

    Rev.Ramesh Timothy

    Apostolic Glory Mission Trust of India

  42. Ann Dunagan says:

    God bless you, Amanda! We’re absolutely delighted and honored to assist you in your ministry there in the Czech Republic! Let us know how your outreach goes, and please share any feedback you have for other parents and/or youth ministers.

    Ann Dunagan’s last blog post..Audio #1 – VISION

  43. Wow! This curriculum looks AWESOME! I hope to use it for a week-long youth week this coming school year. I’m a missionary in the Czech Republic, and I know that Christian youth need to learn how to reach out to their peers to share Christ. Thanks for this outstanding resource!