Pillows for Kiddos!

Goal Progress for Pillows & Power: 100%

Exciting News:

PHASE 1 of this GOAL is COMPLETE!!!
PHASE 2 of this GOAL is COMPLETE!!!
We now have POWER at Guma-Na-Yesu!

WooHoo!!! Glory to God!

Thank you to everyone who gave and prayed!

PHASE 1: We are excited to report that Harvest Ministry has received enough special mission support to completely pay for the POWER (electricity hook-up to benefit all the younger children at Guma Na Yesu Children’s Center) plus pillows for all of the older kids who are living at the secondary school.

PHASE 2: Praise God! The PILLOW-PROVISION for all of the younger children has now come in. The provision has been wired to Guma Na Yesu Children’s Center . . . and as soon as this support is processed, the blessings of pillows will be distributed to all the children.

What’s next . . . BEDS!!!

PHASE 3: Once all this POWER & PILLOW goal is met . . . will be believing God for hundreds of BUNK BEDS. This next project will be a HUGE need (at $40/child and over 500 children) . . . but we’re excited about the blessing it will be and the difference this will make!

Please keep praying!!! (And we’re not just saying that. We know that PRAYER SUPPORT makes a powerful difference. If you can PRAY for us, specifically, we would be so grateful.)

Can you Pray with us for Pillows & Power?

There are needs at Guma Na Yesu . . . that are on our hearts.

The kids at Guma Na Yesu “Keep with Jesus” Children’s Center, such as brother and sister, David and Mackline (those cute little kiddos who are singing in the video above), are in a good, safe place. They have their basic needs met, unlike the sad and desperate situations where many of these kids (nearly all who are orphans) were before.

God is really doing so many GOOD things . . .

Good reports . . .

The children at Guma Na Yesu now have food to eat, blankets to keep them warm, and mattresses to sleep on (on the ground). They have clothing (uniforms, play clothes, pajamas, and church clothes), loving care, Christian education, and excellent spiritual training with real-life kingdom-advancing discipleship — including daily prayer, worship, Bible training, and even opportunities to participate in local (African) mission outreaches.

But our heart longs to do more . . .

Goal: A Pillow for Every Kiddo . . . & Power!

Specifically, the children at Guma Na Yesu do not have any pillows or beds, and there is no power. We have a goal to make some improvements, beginning with bringing in electricity, and then providing a personal PILLOW for every child. We want these kids to to know that Jesus loves them, cares for them, and wants them to have a sweet sleep.

With so many children, even simple improvements can be a huge need, but we know it’s not a big deal for God. Could you please pray with us, specifically, for God to help us to provide a pillow for every child and youth living at at the Guma Na Yesu Children’s Center — including all the primary school children and youth — which is a total of 700 children (and pillows!!!)
TOTAL PILLOW GOAL — 700 pillows –remaining need: $0

Praise Report of God’s Provision!

An additional GOAL is to bring in electricity to Guma Na Yesu Children’s Center. Recently, electricity was brought-in to a nearby property, so the cost of “hooking-in” is now only $2,000. This will greatly improve life at Guma Na Yesu.
(PRAISE GOD! — This need has just been sponsored!!!)


Goal Progress . . .

TOTAL for our current Guma Na Yesu ORPHAN GOALS

(for 700 pillows and electricity) = $7/pillow
Remaining need: $0


Please pray with us!
This is an exciting and worthwhile goal!


WooHoo!!! Our PILLOW & POWER goal has been met!
(To help with future improvements for LOVING ORPHANS just click on the ADD TO CART button and/or PRAY!!! Our next exciting goal is for strong BEDS — at $40/child.)

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(Or if you would prefer to send a mission gift in the mail, you can send a mission gift — designated for PILLOWS FOR KIDDOS — to Harvest Ministry.)

Jon & Ann Dunagan
P.O. Box 727
Hood River, OR 97040

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Thanks for being a friend . . .

“You have been the helper of the orphan.”
(Psalm 10:14b, NASB)

Future goals . . .

Other orphan needs we will work on, Lord willing, in the near future:

  • bringing in electricity ($2000) — NEED SPONSORED!!! PRAISE JESUS!!!
  • purchasing triple metal bunk beds ($40 per child)
  • plus continued daily provision for our ongoing orphan needs

Learn more about how we’re LOVING ORPHANS
Learn more about our ORPHAN SPONSORSHIP

Learn more about GUMA NA YESU Children’s Center
Learn about our new SECONDARY (high) SCHOOL
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6 Responses to “Pillows for Kiddos!”
  1. Today, Harvest Ministry received some beautiful mission gifts in the mail. We wanted to share some of these comments:

    “We would like this to go to the “Pillows for Kiddos” campaign. 🙂 We know we don’t support on a monthly basis, but we do what we can when we can. love you guys.
    P.S. May God double this for this campaign!”

    “It is a privilege to share with you all a portion of God’s blessings to us . . . The orphans will be able to have but a small piece of what we all take for granted so easily. My job to share an offering with so many kids is a thrill… God’s love to many all around the world through you all. Thank you.”

  2. Wow, Kathy!

    Thank you for your kind words and your willingness to share these mission needs.

    May God bless you for your love!!!


  3. Kathy Stonecypher says:

    Sharing your ministry and your family through the internet is awesome. Thank you to each of you for your dedication.
    Funny, the thought comes to me how the media tells of parents living their own desires through there kids, like in sports. I giggle at God’s humor. We are all family in the Lord. Well, I can’t go and do all the work for the Lord as you all do, so I get the privilege of seeing you all grow and minister via the web and participating as I can by prayer and offering.
    One day when I retire in early 2014, I will get to go with a young lady and her church to a Spanish speaking country. I’ll see how many more trips I can make after that. I am excited.
    You all are such blessings. Kids are my love and yours and the orphans touch my heart.
    Please use the gift I am mailing for the PILLOWS FOR KIDDOS project.
    God’s annointing continue to lead, strengthen, inspire, and fill each of you through every step all your lives.


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