Praising God for Pillows!

We are excited about how God is answering our prayers and bringing greatly-needed improvement at Harvest Ministry’s Guma Na Yesu “Keep With Jesus” Children’s Center.

Thank you so much for LOVING ORPHANS with us. We are so grateful for every prayer and every gift that has been helping with this mission goal. Here are a few pictures showing a bit of the blessings from this month’s project: –PILLOWS FOR KIDDOS!

The pillow blessings begin . . .

Going to pick up the first batch of pillows . . .

a truck-full of love . . .

What a blessing!

Presenting pillows at Guma Na Yesu’s Kingdom Vocational Secondary School

Look at all the smiles. . .

Even the teachers got a pillow. May God bless them all for their ministry!

These kids are special and chosen!

HARVEST MINISTRY: Hallelujaaaaaaaah!!!! How exciting and wonderful. As each of these precious and awesome young people (and teachers) lay down their heads at night, may they each know that GOD cares for them so much, that they are LOVED, and that they are each CHOSEN one-by-one to be a blessing in the kingdom of God. Step-by-Step we’re moving forward. WE LOVE YOU ALL!!! — Harvest Ministry, Jon & Ann

GUMA NA YESU CHILDREN’S CENTER: Amen! Thanks Jon and Ann [and to everyone who gave to Harvest Ministry for these pillows]. All the children [the youth at GumaNaYesu’s Secondary School] were very happy to receive these, knowing they are loved and cared for. God is great. Blessings to you all. We love you so much !!! –Naboth & Alice

Thank you so much!

Thank you for your continued love and prayers for these children. This is just the first step. We’re continuing to work on PILLOWS for all the younger children.

Please keep praying!

More about the PILLOWS for KIDDOS project < < ---click here


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