7 FREE Mission-Minded Family Resources!

At Harvest Ministry, we want to motivate your family for world missions – and help get you prepared, with your bags “packed-and-ready” for whatever God has planned! Here are 7 FREE Mission-Minded Family resources. MAY YOU BE BLESSED!!!


(Also, be sure to see our Mission-Minded Books and Family Resources!!!)

Freebie #1


Take the 40-Day Mission-Minded FAMILY CHALLENGE!

FREE online mission class with Ann Dunagan – Click here!

In just 4-5 minutes per day you and your family will be encouraged to focus on God’s Great Commandment (to love God and love others) and God’s Great Commission. Progress a lesson a day – Monday through Friday – for eight weeks, or your own pace. Or gather a few families, and encourage others in the challenge!

“It’s eight weeks to becoming more effective . . . for eternity!”

Freebie #2


MAPS for KIDS! – Missions Adventure Preparation School 

FREE Vacation Bible School Curriculum – Click here!

Take a week of the summer to train your church kids for missions! Your missionaries-in-training will “travel” on M.A.P.S. for KIDS International Airlines (with their own “passports”) and through customs officials to learn about the world and famous missionary heroes. They’ll taste international foods, experience daring adventures, make fun crafts, learn how to share the Gospel and pray for the lost, and get ministry training in perhaps puppetry, worship, drama, or how to use the EvangeCube!

“Missions is not just for missionaries! God’s call is for all!” 

Freebee #3


Teaching With God’s Heart for the World

FREE One-year, day-by-day, homeschool unit study curriculum – Click here!

While your kids are young (during a year when most of your children are older elementary age), devote a year of your homeschooling commitment to establishing a life-long foundational family commitment to God’s Great Commission. This one- (or two-) year study presents a whirlwind tour all-throughout-history and all-around-the-world. You will learn the importance of developing a personal devotional life with the Lord and how to develop more of God’s heart for the world and the lost.

“Impart God’s Heart . . . for the World!”

Freebie #4


Homeschool Folder-Charts!

FREE tool to help kids be self-motivated in homeschool – Click here!

This helpful organizational tool is designed for use with the Teaching With God’s Heart for the World Curriculum (although it can also be used with your own curriculum). The feature article includes insight, based on 19 years of first-hand experience, about how to continue in your homeschooling commitment for the “long-haul” (if that’s what God wants for your family) by encouraging your children to become self-motivated and self-disciplined.

“Get your kids organized and self-motivated!”

Freebie #5


Mission-Minded “Passports”!

FREE craft project – to make “Mission-Minded” Passports – Click here!

A great learning tool for children. FREE PDF files and how-to instructions to make fun passport crafts to encourage children in missions, with a link to FREE coordinating international flag stickers.

“Mission-Minded Passports — Just for fun & just in case!”

Freebie #6


Sample excerpt from The Mission-Minded Child!

FREE sample of The Mission-Minded Child. Download a few chapters — Click here.

Learn more about “Raising a New Generation to Fulfill God’s Purpose.” Your children are God’s arrows, designed for an eternal impact; aim each one for God’s destiny.

“Raise your kids for God’s purposes!”

Freebie #7


Sample excerpt from The Mission-Minded Family!

FREE sample of The Mission-Minded Family. Download a few chapters — Click here!

Whether of not your family is called to “fulltime” international misssionary work, you’re called — as followers of Jesus – to live a fulltime mission-minded life. Learn more about “Releasing Your Family to God’s Destiny.”

“Get your family excited about expanding God’s Kingdom!”


5 Responses to “7 FREE Mission-Minded Family Resources!”
  1. lucky yoila lawan says:

    when You came to Yola Adamawa state this today sunday 06-01-2013 for the first time i had a strong felling for Mission work i felt like crying. i will start by praying for You, for The Ministry, Your loved ones, Sudan and everywhere You will go to. i Promise i will support You. I really love you all God bless You. lucky

  2. Henok Estifanos says:

    Hello dear. Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. My
    name is Henok Estifanos,and I am living in Ethiopia(East Africa).I
    need Gospel printed materials that prepared by Amharic
    language(official language in Ethiopia).for my new ministry “christian
    bible study and prayer center” that provide Library,free
    bible,tract,and other Gospel material distribution,marriage
    counseling,and bible training services in Adamitulu(170km from capital
    city of Ethiopia),and where there is big Islamic movements.I am
    hoping and praying for you that helping me.blessings

  3. pastor ronaldo s. ballonado says:

    May prayer for the Lord could continue our work and propagating the gospel of Christ. we share our burden . please pray fort he work in bocaue mission. we share are burden in the ministry. we need a request bible kjv1611 ot/nt bible usse fort he Lord work in bocaue mission and pray for our family need.

    Pray for the l-300 for the vehicles for our church work in bocaue mision. may god provide us our request pray for me.and my family for the mission

    We have burden for the mission. we pray for the Lord provide us our request.

    saved by his grace,
    pastor ronaldo s ballonado
    calvary baptist mission
    185t. sandico st.poblacion bocaue bulacan philipines 3018

  4. Timothy Y. Fwans says:

    Dearly beloved,
    i am very happy at what you do and very optimistic that the good lord will see you through equipping the missionary family with incentives that will help better their mission zeal and aspiration. my wife and i are missionary pioneers for 20 year and are currently working to pioneer the Desert Streams Partners work in south sudan. we currently directing the affairs of this ministry in such a difficult terrain.

    we desires to have some incentives that will help better my 3 MKs in their education and Mission drive with us. we will need your encouragement and support of any kind to foster the work in the Sudan,
    we are into training of young believers and Church planting and Discipleship program. we desire to start a school of Missions here in the Sudan in order to promote grass root missions among the so called weak churches. the 22 years of war have limited the potential of so many believers here and thereby making the church to be weak. we need your prayers and partnership. we will need more missions and discipleship materials and Biblical materials for our training program.
    thank you for been there for us.
    thanks Fwans
    Director DeSPI-Sudan


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