Startling Orphan Statistics

These startling orphan statistics are more than mere facts; remember that each number is a precious child . . . a real little kid. Every one is precious in the eyes of God, and He has an extra-special place in His heart for those children who are orphans (see verses here). But whatever you do, don’t let these overwhelming statistics discourage you. Instead, allow God to take these needs . . . and move your heart . . . to do something.


Even something small.

Maybe you could help . . . even one.

143,000,000 ORPHANS:

It is estimated that between 143,000,000 and 210,000,000 children are orphans. That’s at least 143 MILLION children in the world today. (Recent UNICEF report.)

To give you an idea of the enormity of this need, keep in mind that the approximate population of the US is 300,000,000; and the population of Russia is 141,800,000.)

ORPHANS in Africa:

Every 15 seconds, another child in AFRICA becomes an AIDS orphan. (At the end of every year, 2,102,400 more children will become orphans, in Africa alone.)

Think: “D-I-N-C-S”: There are more orphans in Sub-Sahara Africa than ALL of the children
in Denmark, Ireland, Norway, Canada, and Sweden – combined!

Every day . . .

EVERY DAY, 5,760 more children in the world become orphans.

EVERY 2.2 SECONDS another orphan ages out, with no family and no home.

Older orphans . . .

Older orphans are vulnerable . . . to abuse, suicide, prostitution, slavery, becoming child soldiers, immorality (and as a result, vulnerable to AIDS and disease).

Yet, as orphans are rescued and saved by God, and brought into His Kingdom, the enemy’s plans are thwarted; instead, these older orphans can live happy, productive lives and help to advance God’s cause and mission purposes!

“Defend the cause of the weak and the fatherless; Maintain the rights of the poor and
oppressed. Deliver the weak and needy from the hand of the wicked.”
Ps 82:3-4

More ORPHAN verses:

Ex.22:22-23 NIV, Is.1:17 NASB, Ps.10:17-18 NASB, Hos. 14:3c NASB, Pr. 31:8-9 NKJV

There are so many wonderful ministries helping and loving orphans. At Harvest Ministry, our passion is to not only feed, educate, and provide for the physical needs of these children, but to raise them to LOVE GOD and to glorify Him through their lives!!!

  • For ideas about how to pray and to help orphans, click here.
  • Listen to a short motivation audio with Ann Dunagan: COMPASSION for ORPHANS


    18 Responses to “Startling Orphan Statistics”

      I am Pastor CHARLES CHINGWALO FROM MALAWI and saving the LORD JESUS CHRIST in remote areas of MALAWI AND MOZAMBIQUE and we are looking over 1000 Orphans and Constructing new centers for them and Chuches we feed them with our limited resources and the area is very big with so much poverty and war in other Districts especially in MOZAMBIQUE while in Malawi this year and last year we have heavy droughts our aim is to hold hands with you in providing the needs of these areas and Developing Church as also Bibles is the very big problem in theses areas .

      We humbly ask you if you partner with us .
      We pray for the job well done you are doing in Nations and we are very intrested to work with you in every level you are eager to work with us here .

      We pray for you and encouraging to partner with us and come and visit us and see the work we are doing here.

      We wish you all the blessings .


    2. Hide says:

      i am not here to adopt a child cause am a kid myself but am here to give spruopt and to tell u that ur doing a great job tryin to help orphan kids and someday i pray i’ll do the same thing,,and yes i am ethiopian and i am 15 years old but still i really appreciate what you are doing to our country,,,,,thanks for ur time

    3. Dear brother and sister i greet in the name of Jesus.I am a pastor from Kenya, i like to work with you for your good works you are done,my ministries God opened the way we having 24 orphans so brother and sister i like my ministries to works under yours.

    4. Rev.Zung Kym says:

      Dear Brothers in Christ,

      Greeting from Myanmar in our Lord Jesus Christ. For the glory of God, we are
      interest in you and your Organization. I hope that you are doing ministry
      well. As God has given me a new vision to start Children Ministry, we started with
      our limited resources since 2011. Now, we are running for3 years. Children are increasing. We hardly provide, food, education. There are vast numbers of Children who are orphaned or neglected, street Children and in need of love, care and affection including those who are so poor because of bad situation in my country in different places. I hear that they are crying for help, real love, and care. I understand that they need help from someone.
      As the same time, we are doing ministry among Buddhists farmers. By the
      grace of God, Local community and some are from Chin- hill, now, we are 4
      families. We work hard together for the Lord.
      Therefore, we decided to establish communications links with Christian
      Organization abroad to raise necessary fund for running our ministry.
      Still we are praying to God for our needs. If you have a vision for Myanmar,
      we warmly welcome you. Here we are looking forward for your favorable reply
      and support.

      In Christ’s name,

      Rev.Zung Kym

    5. Jennifer says:

      Just feeling God calling me to start some sort of orphan relief/awareness/adoption/fostering/support and no idea where to begin. In NE Kansas. If you can give any direction it is greatly appreciated. God bless.

    6. Lisa, I wish I could be encouraged by your comment to think that the need isn’t as big as we think. But the need for orphaned children is so huge and often so very very desperate. Often one parent dies, but the situation is more desperate than we can imagine. Perhaps the mother dies, and then the father abandons the child, or the child is left to be raised by elderly grandparents or neglected aunties and uncles. Perhaps the father dies, and then the widowed mother is left with no means of support. Sometimes (and this is a situation we have often found), one parent dies of AIDS, and the other parent is alive, but extremely sick and dying. Other times, children are totally abandoned with no knowledge of where the parents are located. Often because so these children have no support system or accountability, these neglected and non-parented children are often abused, or treated horribly, sometimes captured as child slaves and used as street robbers or beggars, or prostitutes, or child soldiers. I am glad to hear that you are “absolutely on board” with God’s mandate to care for the widows and orphans. The fact is, the need is great . . . and bigger than we even can comprehend. Every child is a beautiful and precious human being . . . loved by God . . . and we need to do what we can to help.

    7. lisa says:

      Hi, I am absolutely on board with the mandate to care for the widows & orphans; however, I think that sometimes statistics like these can be misleading. UNICEF classifies anyone who has lost *one* parent as an orphan. This greatly inflates the numbers and is misleading just because most people consider orphan in the traditional sense: a child who has lost both parents.

    8. Dear Pastor Gredo Wekesa,

      May God help you in the work that you are doing with orphans and street children. We appreciate what you are doing, but are unable to help with additional needs. May God give you wisdom and direction and practical ideas. Keep praying and put your trust and hope in GOD.

    9. Gredo Wekesa says:

      Im pastor Gredo wekesa of siisa rehabilitation center.We care,support orphans and street children.We need your support.God bless you.

    10. isyaku says:

      i am organising an orphans foundation in my own locality, any helpful advice?


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