Preparation for KAGADI, UGANDA!

Kagadi, Uganda

Right now, Harvest Ministry is getting ready for our next evangelistic outreach (in early October, 2010) to KAGADI, a remote and spiritually needy city/village in Western Uganda, near the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


This area has a reputation throughout Uganda for being involved in deep witchcraft and for continuing to practice human cannibalism. Kagadi has a few small and isolated churches and some local believers who are praying hard for their community, but as far as we know, it has never had an evangelistic outreach to openly proclaim the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. It is a region desperately in need of God’s salvation and the power of His Holy Spirit to penetrate the darkness.

Advance preparations, advertising, and government permissions have been underway for some time, and we are believing for a mighty harvest of SOULS.

Our greatest need for this upcoming mission outreach is POWER, spiritually and physically: we need fervent PRAYER support for God’s anointing and for spiritual freedom for theses people…and we also need a new GENERATOR (as our faithful and hard-working old generator finally “bit the dust” after years of rugged missionary service).

Photo: Harvest Ministry altar call in Southern Africa (with Jon Dunagan)

What an exciting time!

Please keep our family and the city of KAGADI in your prayers, as we ALL joyfully live to expand God’s Kingdom!

In His Harvest,

Jon & Ann Dunagan (& all)


“Sympathy is no substitute for action.” — David Livingstone

“Expect great things of God. Attempt great things for God.” — William Carey

“You have one mission on earth — to save souls.” — John Wesley

“Go into all the world and preach the Gospel…” — Jesus Christ

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