What Do Others Say?

“I have known Jon & Ann Dunagan since 1987, and have had the privilege of being their friend, pastor, and fellow worker in the kingdom. They are first of all people who readily manifest their love for the Lord in their daily life. They are people of prayer who listen and hear the Lord, and are faithful workers with a fervent zeal to see the kingdom of God expanded all over the world. Jon & Ann are people of integrity, and I have confidence that God will continue to use them greatly in this generation.”

— PASTOR NELS CHURCH, Missionary to the Philippines – REAP International

“Ann Dunagan is an amazing woman of character and capability. In character, she serves her family of seven children with all the kindnesses that a mother should have and her husband with loving, willing obedience. In capability, she homeschools her children, teaches children, writes curriculum, worships like an angel, and makes herself available where needed. She lives her life with an enthusiasm for the Lord, and for others, without exception.”

— PASTOR FRITZ STRANZ, Senior Pastor of Covenant Christian Hood River (the Dunagan’s pastor)

Dear Rev. Jon & Ann Dunagan,

Greetings in Jesus’ name from Nepal. I had privilege to visit your web site of Harvest Ministry and I was moved by your passion for the lost people so I appeal you to pray for Nepal, the home country of Mt. Everest and the Great Himalayas.

— A national pastor from KATHMANDU, NEPAL – ASIA

“The Dunagans have an apostolic anointing with a focused, global vision for the harvest.”

— PASTOR NORMAN CLEAR, former pastor of Covenant Christian Community Church, The Dalles, OREGON (who went home to be with the Lord).

“Jon Dunagan, I am so pleased to have this opportunity to write you this short letter… Through your reconciliation teachings and washing of feet, RWANDA developed a wonderful love and forgiveness between Hutu and Tutsi tribes. Even among church Christians we see no more hatred. People repent every week in the services, even in prisons where you visited…We therefore thank you…”

– Bishop Paul Kamuzinzi, Pastor & Church Leader, KIBUNGO RWANDA, EAST AFRICA

I [am] highly grateful to you for the good work you have been doing over the years, you are [a] GOD SENT MINISTRY. God will continue to grant you more insight on the word and more and more strength to run this race to a glorious end. Really your web site is our mighty God’s gift to us, your site is like MANNA from Heaven, and we thank Almighty God for your site…”

— A national pastor, Vijayawada, AP INDIA

“In 1991, I was praying about sending a gift to Harvest Ministry, when I opened my Bible to the words, ‘that the nets break not.’ the Holy Spirit was so strong as I prayed . . .  Within a short period of time, I heard from Jon & Ann that the ministry was beginning a new outreach, which they were calling “NETS.” This meant so much to me, to know that I had heard from the Lord, and that He had called me to be a part.”

– DOROTHY SULLIVAN –Intercessor & NETS Sponsor, Bend, Oregon

“Ann Dunagan is the most effective and gifted children’s teacher and motivator that I have come across in my lifetime . . . Let her teacher you — listen to her — she knows how and is now sharing it with others.”

— DORIS GENE STEWART, forty years of experience as a missionary to Brazil and founder of an orphanage

“I used this curriculum [referring to Teaching With God’s Heart for the World by Ann Dunagan] with my kids a few years back and it was definitely life-changing! I have used many unit study curriculum over the 9 years I have been homeschooling, but I have to say this one was the absolute best!”

— ERICA BURGAN, Homeschooling Mother

“The Mission-Minded Family, by Ann Dunagan, is an excellent thought-provoking resource to assist Christian families . . . By establishing this balance between our personal lives and our outreach to others we can enjoy a productive mission while launching a new generation into the same missionary lifestyle. By honoring God’s wisdom, our families can effectively raise our own children for the Lord, and simultaneously, reach our world with the good news of Jesus Christ.”

— GREGG AND SONO HARRIS, Homeschooling pioneers and parents of seven children including Alex and Brett Harris (authors of Do Hard Things)

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