Raising REAL MEN for God

Today’s world desperately needs REAL MEN; and as mission-minded parents, we need to do our part to raise our boys to make a difference for God’s kingdom.

Training Our Boys to be Men

Young men hunger for adventure, yet their desires will never to be met by watching high-action movies, or by becoming an expert in video games. And they don’t need us as women and as moms to tell them to just sit still in church and be good little boys.

We need to raise our boys for daring kingdom leadership.

“If I want my men to be dangerous for the kingdom of God, I need to be dangerous too. Over the years, God has shown me that I need to be WARRIOR in prayer and intercession, and not a WORRIER.”

Today, we’re over on another website called PASSIONATE HOMEMAKING — encouraging moms about raising strong sons for God. Today’s featured article (part 1 of a 2-part series) is about “Training Our Boys to be Men.” Feel free to add your thoughts or questions as a COMMENT on the Passionate Homemaking page. Any discussion really adds to an article’s impact!

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