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Your Search: Speaking Info

Mission-Minded Families on “Revive Our Hearts”

Ann Dunagan encouraged MISSION-MINDED FAMILIES on Revive Our Hearts with Nancy Leigh DeMoss, a nationwide women’s radio broadcast. Here’s a glimpse of these programs:


Power Word: “Turn the World Upside Down!”

We live in a totally upside-down world, where “right” seems “wrong” and where “good” is called “evil.” God has called us as Christians to go and turn the world “upside-down” (which is actually “right-side-up”) for the Kingdom of God! In this short “Power Word,” Ann Dunagan will challenge you, with passion, to boldly share the […]

Mission-Minded Books & Family Resources:

David Livingstone said, “This generation can only reach this generation.” Are you teaching and training your kids to reach their generation for Christ? To begin our FREE 40-Day MISSION-MINDED FAMILY CHALLENGE, click here! IMPACT FAMILIES FOR WORLD MISSIONS Our Mission-Minded Books: Click on each book cover for more information. >> Click here for special bulk […]

Motivating for Missions at FamilyLife

It was an exciting opportunity for Ann to encourage families for God’s Great Commission and to speak about The Mission-Minded Family on FamilyLifeToday with Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine:

DAY #1 – FamilyLifeToday – “Living a Life of Surrender”
DAY #2 – FamilyLifeToday – “Leading Your Family in the Great Commission”
DAY #3 – FamilyLifeToday – “Preparing for Missions”

Audio #1 – VISION

To fulfill God’s purpose for our family, we need God’s perspective and His vision. God’s heavenly perspective is so much bigger than ours. God sees from the vantage point of the entire universe and all of eternity!


God’s compassion is nothing to fear; it’s compelling and exciting. If God “moves” your heart with compassion in regards to a specific need, rest assured that He will provide all that is needed (in finances, wisdom, and connections) to do all that He’s called you to do! Audio #2 – COMPASSION The second audio in […]

Audio #3 – MISSION

God has a specific “mission” – a plan and a “bulls-eye” destiny for your family. He has a purpose for each member individually and for your family as a unit. You’re called to be a part of God’s bigger eternal picture. Your family is called to expand God’s kingdom! Audio #3 – MISSION The third […]

Ann’s Speaking Information & Topics

No matter what the forum, as a motivational speaker and minister, Ann Dunagan is called to “BRING FORTH LIFE!” The following are sample speaking topics and frequently requested themes; however, if you have a different idea or need, just contact Harvest Ministry. For Missions Conventions: The Mission-Minded Child – Raising a New Generation for God’s […]

Ann’s Speaking Links & References

Ann is a “Qualified Speaker” through the Christian Women’s Speaker Directory. She is also represented as an author by Literary Agents, David & Renée Sanford. Ann’s Speaker Page at Christian Women’s Speakers Directory Ann’s Homeschool Speaker and Conference Listing Ann’s OCEANetwork Speaker Listing (Oregon Christian Home Education Association) Ann’s bio – expanded version Ann’s Mission-Minded […]

Ann’s Expanded Bio

Ann Dunagan lives with a passion for the Lord and the lost – as a longtime homeschooling mother of seven, author of The Mission-Minded Child and The Mission-Minded Family, and as an international minister to 29 nations, with Harvest Ministry (http://harvestministry.org), alongside her husband, Jon. Ann Dunagan – Expanded Bio Raised in a godly family, […]


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