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Good Friday Series — Passion for HARVEST

How can this day of Christ’s death be referred to as “Good Friday”? On the cross of Calvary, Jesus Christ displayed His deepest passion, and there He fulfilled His ultimate purpose on earth — to provide the ONLY way for us, and for all people, to be saved from our sins and reconciled to God.

Mission-Minded Christmas #5 — Presence

Mission-Minded Families in December #1 — During this busy season let’s remember to focus on our relationship with God. Jesus Christ is our Emmanuel. Our God with us. Let’s never forget how amazing He is and what an awesome JOY it is to spend time with Him. Have a Mission-Minded Christmas Follow the complete series […]

Mission-Minded Christmas #2 — Peace

Instead of being directed by the overwhelming needs of the moment, Jesus took time to pray and to seek the Heavenly Father’s perfect direction for each day, and did exactly (and only) what needed to be done . . . The will of God — nothing less, nothing more, nothing else.” — F. E. Marsh How to […]

Next Generation Missionaries: to INDIA!

Mission to INDIA: Recently, four of our newlywed young adults, Josh & Anna Dunagan (along with their baby-in-the-womb) and Trae & Christi Childs, ministered in SE India with Gospel Projects International. Mission outreaches included visiting remote village churches, checking up on the “orphans-no-longer” at GPI’s Aasha Children’s Home, and ministering at the two Bible schools […]

Loving the LOST

Give me a PASSION FOR SOULS dear Lord. A passion to save the lost. Oh that Thy love were by all adored, and welcomed at any cost . . . Over one hundred years ago, a man named Herbert G. Tovey earnestly poured out his heart to God, asking for more of His perspective and […]

Seeking God . . . more than anything

EXCERPT from a new article on Visionary Womanhood: “Oh, I want to be “single-hearted” for the Lord, with my entire soul (my mind, my will, and my emotions) staying steadfastly on God, and not going off on some “crazy-wild-goose-chase” of distraction from God’s peace and God’s best. I want to STAY single-hearted in that place […]

The Power of Praying Together as a Family

You can’t be fake when praying with your family; you have to rely on God’s forgiveness and His righteousness through the Cross of Jesus Christ. It’s actually that very gut-level honesty within a family and our knowledge of each others’ inadequacies, that makes praying together so powerful.

ORPHAN NEWS: God’s Provision for WATER!!!

An Urgent Need for Water . . . We are thrilled to share an exciting report of God’s provision! Recently, Harvest Ministry had an urgent need for a large water tank at Guma Na Yesu Children’s Center. The cost for this orphan need was nearly $3,000 (above and beyond Harvest Ministry’s monthly orphanage commitment). This […]

GUMA NA YESU Children “Keep with Jesus!”

The need and the vision . . . In Southern Uganda – our dear longtime friends, Naboth and Alice, have been helping over 700 needy orphan children. This African couple haven’t had much to work with, but they’ve been doing everything possible to extend the love of Jesus. Because of this need, and our long-time […]

The Challenge: DAY 38 – God’s MISSION! #3

His LOVE Welcome to DAY 38 of the 40-Day Mission-Minded FAMILY CHALLENGE! Our focus today is God’s personal LOVE for us. To live joyfully as a mission-minded believers, we should not focus on merely “doing” mission-minded things for God; rather, our focus should be “knowing” God and growing deeper in our personal relationship with Him. […]