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ON THE LIGHT SIDE: Grasshoppers for Thanksgiving?

By Joshua Dunagan, at age thirteen “So, what did you eat for Thanksgiving?” During the week of Thanksgiving, my dad and I were across the world in Uganda, East Africa, holding evangelistic outreaches in remote cities out in the middle of nowhere. It was my second Thanksgiving holiday outside of America. But this time was […]

A Filipino Cure for Fleas

On the Light Side . . . One of our Dunagan family mission memories Our family was in a remote Filipino village on one of our first missionary trips, and the national pastor hosting us was very nervous. “I’ve never hosted foreigners and don’t know what to feed you,” he said. “Oh, we’re easy to […]

LIGHT SIDE: Rats & Pits!!!
Mission Maker Magazine

“The Pit” is unlike anything you have likely experienced. It is totally different than a camp porta-potty and has absolutely no resemblance to a typical American bathroom . . . Mission Maker Magazine Ann’s article, “The Lighter Side of Missions,” published in Mission Maker Magazine, featured funny mission stories about rats, pit toilets, and eating […]

April Outreach to APAC, UGANDA

April 13th to 21st, 2009 – Harvest Ministry just returned from an exciting time of mission evangelism in Northern Uganda, East Africa, in an area called “APAC” (which sounds like “a-patch”). Approximately 13,000 people heard the GOOD NEWS of JESUS, and over a thousand people surrendered their lives to the Lord. Background . . . […]