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New Website and Blog for Daring Daughters

There’s a fun new missions focus at Harvest Ministry.

Ann is leading a new vision to mentor teenage girls (and their mothers) for world missions and God’s purposes. Momentum and interest is growing and many women are participating.

Expanding Vision for Daring Daughters!

Exciting things are happening right now with Daring Daughters, an exciting outreach of Harvest Ministry, calling women of all ages to local and global missions. We have a new Daring Daughters website, a growing blog, online resources (including a FREE e-course to motivate mom and daughters), new CONNECT GROUPS, and special Daring Daughter events and […]

Encouraging Women with an Eternal Perspective

We excited to introduce a new book for Christian women about living with a heart of simplicity in homemaking . . . with an eternal perspective. Along with 12 other wonderful ladies, Ann had the honor of helping to write this new eBook, (she wrote the MISSIONS chapter). It’s an encouraging resource and a great […]

Daring Daughters: ARROWS aimed by God!

Missions & SUB-mission Today, we want to invite you over to another site called Visionary Womanhood. Two of Ann’s new articles are being featured there this week –about the relationship between “Missions and SUB-Mission.” Both articles were written especially for mothers, but they are also applicable for daring daughters of all ages! As Daring Daughters, […]

Rescuing One of God’s Girls . . . in Uganda!

Welcome to our new Daring Daughters blog! Over the years, we’ve featured numerous posts along this theme, but now we’re specifically going to focus some regular articles for teenage girls, to encourage interaction and a heart for missions. Today’s post features a Christi wrote several years ago, about the needs of one precious abused girl, […]

Daring Daughters

DARING DAUGHTERS is a vision to inspire teenage girls for missions & God’s purposes. Our heart is for teens & ‘tweens, ages 10 to 20 (plus moms & mentors!!!). Welcome to our Daring Daughters blog! Come join us! — To learn more, just click on each link below . . . DARING DAUGHTERS — like […]

Daring Daughters . . . and Dirty Feet

I’ve always had this “thing” for baby feet. I pull off darling shoes, and little newborn socks, and just want to kiss each of those tiny toes! I always ponder where a baby’s precious feet will go, and about God’s destiny and purpose for each new life. But speaking as a mother, what happens when […]

When I grow up . . .

A mission-minded child may want to become a missionary–or a teacher or a doctor or a newspaper reporter or a state governor or a pastor or a businessperson or an airplane pilot or an author or a florist or a mother–as long as its what God wants. Photo: For 12-year-old mission-minded Caela Dunagan’s first MISSION […]

Daring Daughters media: radio & video

Listen to a broadcast: To also learn more about Daring Daughters — including our new facebook page, twitter page, blog, and upcoming events, see our VISION page . . . Introducing Daring Daughters On BlogTalk Radio — with co-hosts Ann and Christi Dunagan Listen to DaringDaughters: show #1 — on BlogTalkRadio 30 minutes — During […]

Christi’s Mission Adventure in NIGER!
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Here’s a ministry update from our daughter, Christi, just back from her second summer mission, this time from NIGER, WEST AFRICA: Hey Friends and Family! Well, this summer has just been packed full of adventure and experiences. After five and a half weeks in Cambodia I had a 10 day break at home with my […]