Your Search: Balancing Our Priorities

Mission-Minded Christmas #3 — Simplicity

As we prepare our homes and our hearts for Christmas, let’s remember the simplicity of Christ’s birthplace. God has never had budget-limitations, time-constraints, or geographical borders. Jesus could have been born anywhere and at any time. God could have chosen an elaborate palace or a richly decorated mansion. Yet Christ’s first home was incredibly simple and more eternally glorious than any human could have imagined. The GLORY of that first home was GOD Himself. Today, the true GLORY of our Christmas celebrations will not be in our glittery ribbons and fancy cuisine. The GLORY of Christmas is GOD Himself.

Can “Tension” be Good in the Missions-Family Balance?

Just because we feel an inward “tension” between God’s heart for missions and His heart for our family does not mean the tension is bad. In fact, this tension can be healthy . . . and even beautiful. Balancing Missions & Family As a mission-minded family, do you ever feel that trying to find God’s […]

Balancing Missions & Family

How can we balance our passion for missions with our hearts for our homes? Do we have to choose between “raising our kids” and “reaching the lost”—or is it possible to do both? As parents, we’re called to raise our kids; and as Christians, we’re called to reach the lost. We really can’t fulfill one […]

Encouraging Women with an Eternal Perspective

We excited to introduce a new book for Christian women about living with a heart of simplicity in homemaking . . . with an eternal perspective. Along with 12 other wonderful ladies, Ann had the honor of helping to write this new eBook, (she wrote the MISSIONS chapter). It’s an encouraging resource and a great […]

Balancing Missions & Motherhood

Finding God’s balance for motherhood and ministry is sometimes a difficult (and continually changing) tug-of-war; but I believe the struggle is healthy . . . (Photo: Ann Dunagan encouraged many women in ministry from Uganda, Rwanda, Congo, and Tanzania at the recent HMFI – Harvest Ministry Fellowship International leadership conference in Uganda, East Africa.) Most […]

Mission-Minded Life Planning & Prayer Guide

Do you want to set aside time to seek God’s will? Do you want your life and your family to become more effective for God’s Kingdom . . . and for ETERNITY? This year, don’t just make empty New Year’s resolutions that you’re likely to forget by February; instead, pray and seek God for His […]

FOCUS Video #1

Focus on 4 areas of your life — for the next 4 months: No matter what season, it’s always a good time for a fresh mission-minded FOCUS. In this video series (#1 in a 5-part FOCUS series), you will be encouraged to seek the Lord daily for His direction in EVERY area of your life: […]

A Mission-Minded Family Legacy
afternoon reading

Today, the Christian Post is featuring a fascinating article about the generational legacy of a wonderful mission-minded family hero. Hudson Taylor, the legendary missionary to China, is an outstanding example of how to effectively balance a passion for ministry and for family. Hudson Taylor was known as a man of consistent prayer and daily devotion […]

The Challenge: DAY 13 – Prayer #3

Parents who PRAY! Welcome to DAY 13 of the 40-Day Mission-Minded FAMILY CHALLENGE! Today’s challenge focuses on parents being an example to your kids, by PRAYING consistently. Feel free to leave comments and feedback. Let’s encourage one another to become more mission-minded. C’mon . . . Take the Challenge! Recommended Mission Resource: C.T. Studd – […]