Good Friday Series — Cultural Traditions

Around the world, the Cross and Resurrection of Jesus Christ is celebrated and remembered in many different ways.

Holy Week in Latin America


In many Latin American countries, such as in Antigua, Guatemala, huge processions with statues of Jesus, Mary, and other religious relics are carried through the streets, yet in many places there is sometimes little or no mention of the resurrection.

Years ago, as our family was on a mission trip during Holy Week to Costa Rica and Guatemala, our family felt so burdened for the lost as we witnessed and shared the Gospel with people on the streets.

Although the cultural traditions were beautiful and religious, such as using flower pedals to decorate the streets from Palm Sunday through Good Friday, many people we met had no personal relationship with the Lord, or an understanding that JESUS is ALIVE today.

In other places (such as in the Philippines, in SE Asia) men allow themselves to actually be nailed to a cross – stopping just short of death – all done as “penance” (a religious self-effort to pay part of the punishment for their sins).

philippines crucifiction

Sharing the JESUS Film in Asia

We are so thankful for the Cross of Jesus Christ, and His perfect sinless blood, shed once and ONE TIME ONLY for the forgiveness of our sins.

(Photo: NETS ministry sharing the Gospel through the JESUS Film in remote areas in Nepal)

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