H.M.F.I. – Harvest Ministry Fellowship International

H.M.F.I. is a missions outreach of Harvest Ministry, to SERVE remote village churches and ministers:

H.M.F.I. – Harvest Ministry Fellowship International

H.M.F.I. is an international fellowship of Christian ministers and churches. The vision of this non-denominational fellowship is to provide members with ministry accountability and identity, spiritual covering, fellowship with other ministers, and training for godly leadership. The purpose of H.M.F.I. is to unite ministers and churches to more effectively advance God’s Kingdom.

Harvest Ministry was founded in 1987 by Jon and Ann Dunagan, with the primary purposes of mission evangelism (or “reaping a harvest” of souls for our Lord Jesus Christ — Matthew 9:37-38), especially in remote places where the Gospel has not yet been publicly proclaimed. Since its founding, Harvest Ministry has preached the Gospel in over 70 nations and on all 7 continents. H.M.F.I. was established because of an increasing need to provide spiritual covering for many remote village churches and independent ministries.

Working Together . . . to Advance God’s Kingdom!

What H.M.F.I. Provides:
Membership certificate and H.M.F.I. ministry card
Spiritual covering and ministry accountability
Ministry fellowship and prayer support
Leadership conferences and ministry training

Requirements for H.M.F.I. Membership:
Complete and sign H.M.F.I. Application Form, with photo
Agree with H.M.F.I. Doctrinal Statement (on brochure)
Maintain a biblical standard of integrity (I Timothy 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-9)
Maintain fellowship/accountability with at least one other H.M.F.I. member
Complete H.M.F.I. update form on a yearly basis

Harvest Ministry Fellowship International is a spiritual covering for encouragement and accountability, with each local church or ministry retaining local leadership and individual church and/or ministry ownership of all church buildings, properties, and ministry equipment. Each congregation or ministry is encouraged to establish local church/ministry elders, and face-to-face accountability for spiritual cooperation, prayer, integrity, and ministry effectiveness.

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