What is a Mission-Minded Family?

In a mission-minded family, there’s a God-infused energy. There’s a focus on God’s worldwide purpose, and there’s a passion for the lost. There’s a spiritual depth and hunger that reaches beyond the maintenance mode of cultural Christianity.

A mission-minded family emphasizes leadership, calling, and destiny. There’s a prevailing attitude of self-sacrifice and an emphasis on total submission to God’s will. And there’s an unmistakable and contagious joy.

A mission-minded family . . .

  • loves to make God smile!
  • learns to be diligent, because there’s work to be done and many needs in this world
  • brings a stack of well-worn Bibles to church!
  • enjoys presents at Christmastime, but never forgets all the poor little children in Cambodia who have nothing.
  • is focused on eternity.
  • knows how to look up Afghanistan, Bolivia, Singapore, and Tibet, and imagines more than what they see on a map.
  • eats rice!
  • learns how to share the “gospel colors” and is excited about the miniature EvangeCube that can hook to a kid’s backpack.
  • dreams of traveling around the world and makes sure each person has an updated passport–just in case!
  • thinks about the Irish on St. Patrick’s Day–and all the people wearing green who don’t have a clue that Patrick was a missionary.
  • lives in SUB-mission!
  • shakes missionaries’ hands after church and invites their family over for dinner.
  • knows that when the Lord guides, He also provides.
  • keeps the lawn mowed, as a good Christian witness to the neighbors.
  • is strategically aimed for God’s purpose.
  • anticipates the excitement of the teenage years and looks forward to youth group mission trips.
  • keeps active and healthy in order to be physically able to do whatever God requires.
  • gives generously–even when it hurts!
  • enjoys carryon luggage with wheels, final boarding calls, and airline peanuts.
  • thinks beyond the box of what’s merely expected and hope to do something big (or something little) for God.
  • lives for Jesus!

t682047469_1919124_89151This article by Ann Dunagan, is an excerpt from her book, The Mission-Minded Family – Releasing Your Family to God’s Destiny (InterVarsity Press).


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