Can “Tension” be Good in the Missions-Family Balance?

Just because we feel an inward “tension” between God’s heart for missions and His heart for our family does not mean the tension is bad.

In fact, this tension can be healthy . . . and even beautiful.

Balancing Missions & Family

As a mission-minded family, do you ever feel that trying to find God’s proper balance can seem like never-ending tug-of-war? There are so many “pulls” on our lives, and at times, various areas of tension. Can this on-going struggle for balance possibly be good?

Today, Ann is blogging over at The Heart of Simplicity, with a new article for Christian women, entitled “Fine-Tuning the Balance for Missions & Family.” It compares the process of finding God’s daily balance, and the “tension” that we can feel in the different areas of our lives, to the continual process of tuning the strings of a piano or a guitar.

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