Your Search: Money, Missions, & Stewardship

George Müller: Trusting God for Daily Bread

During the 1800s, missionary George Müller cared for thousands of orphan children in Bristol, England. He also traveled over 200,000 miles (by ship) across the globe, sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and encouraging Christians for world missions . . . all while maintaining a joyful example of ministry and family balance.

Money & Missions

How we spend our money is a direct reflection of where our heart is focused. How your family views money and possessions is intrinsically connected with how you view God’s priorities in life. As Christians, we should have the perspective that everything belongs to God: all of our time, all of our talents, all of […]

Are you called to GO, or to GIVE?

You may have heard this common statement in regard to missions: “Some are called to go, but others are called to pray, or to give.” I believe this is true — and that all of us as Christians are equally called to do our unique part in helping to fulfill the Great Commission. As we […]

Kid Orphan Sponsor Featured on TV News

KELOLife Television in Aberdeen, South Dakota ran a feature about one of Harvest Ministry’s sponsors, an energetic 10-year-old, named Ethan, who’s been selling lemonade (for three years!!!) to support his orphan friend, Allan, in Uganda. Ethan really takes his sponsorship commitment seriously! It was a sweet news clip . . . and a blessing! Lemonade […]

Mission Giving: “Can’t you do just a little bit more?”

As Christian families, we need God’s perspective on finances, and a vision for how our resources can help to expand His kingdom – especially in tough times. In our family’s living room, a small handcrafted treasure chest displays simple coins from around the world. Most of the pieces are dull and worn, while some a […]

Closets, Clutter, & God’s Great Commission

Amid twisted hangers, bulging drawers, and way too many clothes, the kids and I began our major closet-cleaning attack. It took days–with sacks for the dumpster and sacks to give away… We’re Blessed to be a Blessing!   This is one of several devotionals by Ann Dunagan, published in A Cup of Comfort Devotional for […]

The Challenge: DAY 30 – Giving to God! #5

GENEROSITY Welcome to DAY 30 of the 40-Day Mission-Minded FAMILY CHALLENGE! Giving to world missions can be an exciting adventure of faith. When God calls you to give, don’t be moved by fear. Instead, be moved by faith . . . and give with generosity! C’mon . . . Take the Challenge! Recommended Mission Resources: […]

The Challenge: DAY 29 – Giving to God! #4

HOSPITALITY Welcome to DAY 29 of the 40-Day Mission-Minded FAMILY CHALLENGE! Today’s challenge focuses on supporting and caring for Christian missionaries, specifically through mission-minded family hospitality – honoring international ministers and missionaries, and inviting them into your home. This act of love and support will be a blessing – both to the missionaries, and to […]

The Challenge: DAY 28 – Giving to God! #3

CREATIVITY Welcome to DAY 28 of the 40-Day Mission-Minded FAMILY CHALLENGE! If your family has a desire to support world missions, God can give you creative ideas to raise extra money. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. Even something simple can make a huge impact! C’mon . . . Take the Challenge! Recommended Mission […]

The Challenge: DAY 27 – Giving to God! #2

SACRIFICE Welcome to DAY 27 of the 40-Day Mission-Minded FAMILY CHALLENGE! As we consider our commitment to mission-minded giving, we’re going to look at the sacrifices of full-time foreign missionaries and Christian martyrs. Are you really obeying and following the Lord? If your family is called to support the Great Commission through your GIVING, then […]