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On St. Patrick’s Day, Let’s PRAY for Ireland!

Oh, we love Ireland (at any time of the year)!

Even so, the month of March is a great time to be inspired by the example of St. Patrick, the famous missionary to Ireland, and to PRAY for today’s spiritual needs of Ireland and Europe.

A glimpse of what God is doing in Ireland!

On our ministry outreach to Ireland, it was exciting to learn about the history of past works of God AND to see how God is moving today in very exciting ways. We saw the mountain where St. Patrick fasted for 40 days for Ireland, we preached in a church founded by John Wesley, and we […]

Pray for Ireland . . . as we GO!!!

Harvest Ministry’s Mission to Ireland . . . Jon & Ann Dunagan will be GOING on a mission outreach to Ireland, ministering to families and churches throughout the country, together with Josh & Anna Dunagan, in late April and May, 2012. Prayer Focus for Ireland: In previous generations, Ireland was a predominantly Christian nation, even […]

Upcoming Mission to IRELAND!!!

Ministering to Families . . . in Ireland! Coming up soon, Jon & Ann Dunagan, along with Josh & Anna Dunagan, are going to be ministering throughout the nation of Ireland, motivating families to be more effective for God’s kingdom and encouraging churches for world missions. The churches of Ireland need our prayer support. Less […]