A Special Day with the Children

Jon just returned from a wonderful time with the kids at Harvest Ministry’s orphanage. We had a special “SPORTS DAY” to celebrate the end of the school term, with all kinds of races, cultural contests, singing, and dancing. This 4-minute video includes special praise reports about two special kids: Justine & Eliman. Justine is now excelling at KING’S COLLEGE; she ranks in the top academic percentile in the nation; and in this exclusive secondary school, she ranks #5 out of all of these top 77 students which is a huge “boost” to all of the children and to our school and teachers!. Eliman recently had surgery on his CLUB FOOT – He used to be called the little “lame boy” but now he can walk and RUN! Praise Jesus! God has a huge love for orphans, and so do we!

Thank you for loving these precious children! Please keep everyone in your prayers!


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  1. Claire says:

    Thank you so much, I am excited to see where God takes me too. I knew that there weren’t any North American’s living there for a reason and I want to stay true to the vision as well. My heart is there though, and I know others hearts are there also. If there is anything I can do to help with the kids or anything ever comes up please let me know. I would really appreciate it. God is stirring something up in my heart and I’m not quit sure what it is yet.

    Thank again so much,

  2. Dear Claire, as everyone in your church leadership at Dayspring has known, the unique founding vision for Osanidde Village has been to care for precious orphan children in a home-like setting with mommas and uncles & aunties, completely led on the local level by national Ugandan leaders, rather than by western “Muzugus” (like us)!!! Other than occasional visitors for short periods of time (like the wonderful mission team which you were blessed to participate in, which was SUCH a BLESSING!!!!), at this time, we don’t believe that any American/westerners are to “live” fulltime at Osanidde Village. God has given much favor and blessing for us to stay true to this vision.

    For you, may the Lord direct your future, your future education, and all that He is stirring in your heart for missions, to help proclaim the Good News of Jesus and to share His love among the nations. There are so many orphans in the world . . . it will be interesting to see where the Lord takes you as you submit to Him.

    Please continue to keep in touch!!!
    You’re a sweetheart!!!

  3. Claire Hall says:

    Yes the presence of God is there so much. It is truly amazing. I hope I can go back sometime soon, I would actually love to get more involved with Osannnide. I prayed a lot before I went that God would help me with knowing what to do with my future(I am 17 going on 18) and I really feel God leading my heart to teaching. It would be my dream to teach at their school, but if it is God’s will he will open doors. I am just going to keep praying!

    thank you for this page. I am looking forward to seeing what is going on in osannide!

    Mukama yebazibwe

  4. Oh, dear Claire!

    We are so grateful for all the LOVE and SUPPORT . . . and HEART . . . that comes from Dayspring for the precious children of Osanidde. It is SO good to hear a good report, and to know that even now, as you’re back, that your heart is still there! Thank you for going and giving!!! And yes, I know what you’re saying about ‘coming home and falling in love with the children.’ It’s the presence of God that’s there!

    Blessings to you, and thanks for sharing!

    P.S. I’m sure looking forward to when I’ll be back with them too!

  5. Claire Hall says:

    I just got back from Osannide a day ago. I go to Dayspring Christian center and our church helps support some of the kids there and we do a pastors conference every 8 months at Osannide. This video just made me bawl my eyes out!!! I love those kids so much and I am so thankful to God for you guys and your hearts and love for them! I was only there for two weeks but it was the most amazing two weeks of my life. I fell in love with Osannide! It was like coming home.

  6. We accidently deleted two comments – one from Diane Hartley – Yes, Diane, the children are all doing well – and 3 of the uncles are now married! God is so wonderful to answer prayer and to fulfill dreams.

    One other person, I believe named “Chris” sent a message and a photo link. Please continue to add your comments and feedback. Your note was erased on accident. Blessings to you!
    .-= Jon & Ann Dunagan´s last blog ..Lwakhakha HARVEST! – mission video =-.

  7. Tiffany Westby, your love and heart for these children (and for us) is such a blessings. Please tell Ethan how much we appreciate his example (which is continuing to BLESS and inspire many people).

    God bless you and Steve, and all of your wonderful Mission-Minded Family!

    Jon & Ann & all

  8. Tiffany Westby says:

    Wow! What a great video of what God is doing at the orphanage! It was just the boost I needed to get my day going!! May God continue to bless you as work for Him.