Seeking God . . . more than anything

EXCERPT from a new article on Visionary Womanhood:

“Oh, I want to be “single-hearted” for the Lord, with my entire soul (my mind, my will, and my emotions) staying steadfastly on God, and not going off on some “crazy-wild-goose-chase” of distraction from God’s peace and God’s best. I want to STAY single-hearted in that place of stillness with Him, where my spirit is clear and uncluttered . . . so I can know His perfect will . . . and I can know Him.” — Ann Dunagan

Come join Ann at VISIONARY WOMANHOOD as she’s encouraging women with a new article: “Blessed are the Single-hearted” about seeking God more than anything, even more than His fruit, His help, and His gifts (with powerful missionary quotes from Amy Carmichael and Hudson Taylor about prayer, seeking God, and abiding in Christ).

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