AASHA Children’s Home: Loving Orphans in India

Josh & Anna’s adventures in INDIA . . .

Learn more about Aasha Children’s Home — led by newlyweds Josh & Anna Dunagan. It’s now a new mission called GOSPEL PROJECTS INTERNATIONAL!!! The focus of the ministry is remote village evangelism and orphan care. Come take a look . . . (and keep Josh & Anna in your prayer as they launch out in full-time ministry).


One Response to “AASHA Children’s Home: Loving Orphans in India”
  1. Ghanshyam Baghel says:

    Dear sir, Greetings in Jesus name,
    I am from chhattisgarh in state of India.I live in small village . I have dream to start orphan ministry in my place. I will be so grateful if you can support me. In my place people are very poor childerns are not getting proper education due to poverty . so i have been praying to God to fulfill my dream.

    Rev. ghanshyam baghel