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Loving the LOST

Give me a PASSION FOR SOULS dear Lord.

A passion to save the lost.

Oh that Thy love were by all adored,

and welcomed at any cost . . .

Over one hundred years ago, a man named Herbert G. Tovey earnestly poured out his heart to God, asking for more of His perspective and passion for the lost.

It’s really quite remarkable. Through the prayers of one man, way-back in 1888, a fervency for the lost can actually penetrate into our thoughts and prayers TODAY (right now in February, 2012). One man’s prayer can impact our focus. Do you know how this can happen?

It’s because God’s perspective is timeless; and His passion is eternal.

We need more of God’s eternal perspective about life and the lost . . . and more of His heart for people who need His salvation? We need God’s outlook to see beyond ourselves.

God loves people so much and He has already provided for their salvation through His ultimate love — His passion — on the cross. We care too . . . but we need to care more.

Hudson Taylor, a missionary to China once said, “I feel I cannot go on living unless I do something for China.” Taylor knew that his life-purpose on earth reached far beyond his own desires. He was focused on eternity . . . and God’s love for SOULS.

Photo: Jon Dunagan preaching the Gospel in East Africa


A missions poem and hymn – By Herbert G. Tovey, 1888

Give me a passion for souls, dear Lord,

A passion to save the lost;

O that Thy love were by all adored,

And welcomed at any cost.

Jesus I long, I long to be winning

Men who are lost, and constantly sinning;

O may this hour become of beginning

The story of pardon to tell . . .

How shall this passion for souls be mine?

Lord, make Thou the answer clear;

Help me to throw out the old life line

To those who are struggling near.

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