Official Launch of “Gospel Projects International”

This month, Josh & Anna Dunagan are launching out as a NEW MISSIONS outreach.

They’re only 23 years old, and they’ve only been married for one year.

But what a year it’s been!!!

Introducing . . . Gospel Projects International

Shortly after their wedding, Josh & Anna stepped out into missions by helping to meet spiritual and physical needs in S.E. India. They started a small children’s home (now caring for 23 orphan children, called “Aasha – HOPE – Children’s Home”), and began to partner with national ministers. They founded a new Bible school (now training over twenty national village pastors), and they’re working together in ministry with four full-time national evangelist/pastors. They’ve been having a great time ministering, both overseas and in the United States (in churches, on the streets, and leading local community outreaches).

Their heart for the Lord, and their love for others is awesome. As we’ve seen all that God has done through their obedience, it’s been an inspiration to us . . . and a blessing to many!

We’re so proud of them both, and we’re all giving God the GLORY for the wonderful reports of their first year of newlywed life . . . and of ministry!!!

Come take a look at their brand-new website: Gospel Projects International

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