N.E.T.S. News from Joseph & Margret

Joseph Baluku
NETS Ministers, Joseph & Margret Baluku focuse on remote evangelistic work throughout the southwestern area of Uganda, especially church planting in the Rwenzori mountain areas. Joseph is ministering in different cities and villages throughout East Africa (in both Uganda and Kenya), leading evangelistic crusades, open air meetings, revival and prayer meetings, teaching seminars, school meetings, couple’s seminars with Margret, and baptism services. We PRAISE GOD for both Joseph and Margret, their ministry, and their walk with the Lord!!!

Joseph says, “Calvary greetings to you . . . I appreciate your prayers and support for this soulwinning mission. . . . Truly our God is good.”

Prayer Request: Please pray for Joseph and Margret and their eight children. The Baluku family have been active in village evangelism, church planting and overseeing, counseling, and Bible teaching. Harvest Ministry is so honored to partner with such precious people. Joseph and Margret deeply love the Lord and have a passion for soulwinning and strong discipleship of believers.

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