A Mission-Minded Family Legacy

afternoon readingToday, the Christian Post is featuring a fascinating article about the generational legacy of a wonderful mission-minded family hero.

Hudson Taylor, the legendary missionary to China, is an outstanding example of how to effectively balance a passion for ministry and for family. Hudson Taylor was known as a man of consistent prayer and daily devotion to God’s word. Along with his world-impacting ministry, he was consistent at home and believed in the spiritual training and discipleship of his own children.

And what a difference this balance made, not only during his own lifetime, but even today, three complete generations later. Hudson Taylor died in 1905, yet over 100 years later, his godly legacy is still making Christian news headlines. What a beautiful mission-minded family example!

Take a look at this: Great-Grandson of Legendary Missionary to China Dies.


2 Responses to “A Mission-Minded Family Legacy”
  1. Ann Dunagan says:

    Our home also has a complete set of YWAM’S Christian Heroes Then & Now Series. Just today, our 11-year-old Caela was recounting to me the stories of two lesser-known missionary heroes (John Williams and Ida Scudder, both who I had never heard of), from these very books, as we were taking a long walk. Over the years, we’ve had a few different mission biography series, but these are our favorites!

  2. Laurel says:

    Our Youth Pastor’s last name is Taylor, and he named his first son Hudson. Our big kids were the only ones of their peers that had even heard of Hudson Taylor. None of the other youth kids or workers had any idea of who Sean (youth pastor) had named his son after. Sad!

    Also … when the movie “The End of the Spear” came out … none of our kids’ friends had ever heard of Nate Saint or Jim Elliot either. Our kids couldn’t believe it, because these are household names at our house (compliments of the Christian Heroes Then & Now series of books).