H.M.F.I. News: Serving Churches

An important outreach of Harvest Ministry is SERVING CHURCHES (primarily remote village churches), through a mission called “H.M.F.I. – Harvest Ministry Fellowship International.”

This past year, we have confirmed hundreds of national minister applications and we are excited about the potential of this vision.

Our second annual East Africa HMFI conference will be held in Mbarara, Uganda, with an expected attendance of approximately 1000 ministers (including HMFI delegates from Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Congo, and Kenya).

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HMFI pastors meeting in East Africa
(with HMFI delegates from Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Congo)

An encouraging note from East Africa:

Beloved Friends Jon and Ann,

Receive these words of encouragement.

Deep in my spirit, I feel for sure that this is the right time
of the new vision of H.M.I.F. I have believed and known that he is God who spoke to you. Through this vision, you are going to touch many lives and cause revival which will remain in history. Because the pastors in villages are lacking motivation and there is no one who has ever thought about them. People run to cities and neglect the villages and yet the pastors in villages work for God with one heart. Therefore, take heart and go on.

The God who spoke to you is caring, He will fulfill the vision and provide what is enough for it. Because God can not TAKE you where his GRACE can not keep you.

Yours in God’s service,

Evangelist Joseph Baluku and a remote village congregation
– Uganda, East Africa

H.M.F.I. Update from India:

Photos of some of our newest H.M.F.I. Members
–S.E. India

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