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QUESTION: Hi I am a children’s ministry director in South Africa and am busy teaching on God’s laws. I would love to use the Hand Commands too. Please could you email the basic outlines, as you did for Virginia in New Zealand? I would be so grateful.

Here you go!!! Included here are the hand motions from my book, HAND COMMANDS – The Ten Commandments for Little Ones (unfortunately, no longer in print), to assist you in helping your children to easily memorize all of God’s Ten Commandments, in order.
Blessings to you all! ~Ann Dunagan

Commandment 1:

I AM the LORD your God…

(Hold up one finger, like a big #1 and a giant Capital “I”)

You shall have no other gods before Me.

(Now shake your finger, as if saying “No, No, No!”)

Commandment 2:

You shall not make any idols to bow down to and worship.

(Hold up two fingers together, and make them “bow” up and down.)

Commandment 3:

You shall not take the Name of the LORD in vain.

(Hold three fingers up to your lips and say, “SHHH.” – Watch what you say – especially when you are speaking God’s HOLY and wonderful Name!)

Commandment 4:

Remember the Sabbath Day, to keep it holy.

(Hold up two fingers on each hand, joined together like a steeple. – “On God’s special day, where do we LOVE to go?” – God wants us to have quiet times with Him – to rest and to listen for His voice.)

Commandment 5:

Honor your father and mother.

(Have child give a “high five” by lifting up their hand and clapping someone else’s hand up high. You need to give you dad and mom a big “high five!”)

Commandment 6:

You shall not murder.

(Hold up six fingers, pointing one finger like a gun into the palm of the other five. – “bang-bang” – God doesn’t want us to hate other people, or to want to hurt them.)

Commandment 7:

You shall not commit adultery.

(Hold up seven fingers – 2 + 5 – and say, “It’s a family!” –  Here is the husband and wife…and over here, their handful of kids! – however many blessings, kids are a handful!!! God wants moms and dads to be married and to always love each other with thoughts and actions pure . . . and He wants ALL of us to keep our thoughts and actions pure.)

Commandment 8:

You shall not steal.

(These hand motions are a little “tricky”! Hold up eight fingers: 5 on the left, 3 on the right, then quickly ‘bump’ your hands together and switch to 4 fingers on each hand. “Did you see that? That right hand just ‘stole’ a finger from the left hand!”)

Commandment 9:

You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

(Hold up nine fingers. Then, say with a ‘sarcastic’ tone, “Nine is close enough to ten, don’t you think? Let’s just call it ten. What difference would it make? What’s wrong with just a ‘little lie?'” –  NO!!! God wants us to always tell the truth!)

Commandment 10:

You shall not covet.

(Hold up ten fingers and pretend to “grab” in front on you as if saying, “Gimmie-Gimmie! I want it!” – Don’t be selfish, or “want” things that belong to others.)

These HAND COMMAND motions are from Ann Dunagan’s book, Hand Commands – The Ten Commandments for Little Ones – published by Kregel Publications.

For assistance with these hand motions, please take a look at the 2nd week of the 40-Day Mission-Minded FAMILY CHALLENGE videos, Day 6 (Commands #1-2) – Day 7 (Commands #3-4) – Day 8 (Commands #5-6) – Day 9 (Commands #7-8), and Day 10 (Commands #9-10).

NOTE: Sadly, Hand Commands – The Ten Commandments for Little Ones is no longer in print, and is not currently available. However, since there has been significant interest, Harvest Ministry is considering publishing this book, perhaps, in the future.


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  1. How exciting that you’re wanting this book to be republished! We’re actually in the process of refreshing the images (making them even better) and republishing through Harvest Ministry – Mission-Minded Families. Stay tuned!!!

  2. LW says:

    Please reprint this book. I would love to get a few copies. Is there any way to be notified of updates on if/when it is published again. Thanks!

  3. Brooke says:

    I have been looking for the book Hand Commands: The Ten Commandments for Little Ones. I homeschool and it looks like my children would really like it. Please consider reprinting it. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for the encouragement. We would really like to reprint this book.

  5. Valerie Gilbert says:

    I hope you do consider a reprint of this book. A friend of mine has this book, it is an excellent teaching tool, and I would love to purchase one for by grandchildren. Any way you could add me to an email list to be notified if, hopefully when, you do reprint?

  6. Karen Hayes says:

    I would also be interested in purchasing this book. I have used it with great success, and others are interested in having it too. I think a reprint would be a great idea!

    Thank you and God bless you and you continue to serve.

  7. Kristin Thurston says:

    This is BRILLIANT!!! I cannot wait to teach my girls this easy way to remember and explain the ten commandments! I’m eager to share this with friends and church family, as well. Thank you for your free resources…looking forward to walking through doors the Lord opens through your site!

  8. Thanks for asking about HAND COMMANDS.

    Unfortunately, after totally selling-out, this little board book is no longer in print — and totally unavailable. Even as the author, I only have a couple copies for myself (saved for our own kids). We have been considering republishing this book, as an outreach of Harvest Ministry, but have not yet decided. Check back at the beginning of 2012, and perhaps we’ll have news for you.

    Until then, you can learn the motions here (on this page), and also on DAY 6-10 of the 40-Day Mission Minded Family Challenge videos.

    Blessings to you and your girls!

  9. Mcihelle says:

    Is there anywhere to purchase this book without having to pay over $40? I would love to get it for my girls but I can’t seem to find anywhere that sells it. Thanks.

  10. Ann Dunagan says:

    A recent comment, via facebook, from a pastor, homeschooling dad, and great mission-minded family friend.

    Here is the Southern Redneck version of the 10 Commandments.

    (1) Just one God
    (2) Put nothin’ before God
    (3) Watch yer mouth… Read More
    (4) Git yourself to Sunday meetin’
    (5) Honor yer Ma & Pa
    (6) No killin’
    (7) No foolin’ around with another fellow’s gal
    (8) Don’t take what ain’t yers
    (9) No tellin’ tales or gossipin’
    (10) Don’t be hankerin’ for yer buddy’s stuff

    Jimmy Chalmers
    Oxford, North Carolina.

    Thanks Jimmy! We appreciate your Southern perspective!
    These are great!
    .-= Ann Dunagan´s last blog ..A Vision for Souls – by Amy Carmichael =-.


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