Sharing the LOVE of Jesus . . . in Costa Rica!

Today, Josh & Anna Dunagan are flying to COSTA RICA on an exciting new mission adventure . . . to share the love of Jesus in Central America!

This past year, Josh & Anna started a children’s home in India, launched a remote Bible school, and began supporting four full-time national ministers. Now, they’re branching out into new countries and with increased vision to expand the Kingdom of God and to bring light into dark areas. And just recently (in January, 2012), these awesome young mission-minded newlyweds launched out from Harvest Ministry to establish a new mission called GOSPEL PROJECTS INTERNATIONAL.

Mission to Costa Rica – in Central America

On this mission in Costa Rica, Josh & Anna will minister to people on the streets and distribute Bibles door-to-door (working with our missionary friends Steve & Elizabeth Gilroy). As they were getting ready to go, Anna wrote:

As we prepare to leave for our trip to Costa Rica, we are so excited to see how the Lord will use us to minister to the lost and hurting and most of all, win souls for the Kingdom of God! Please keep us in your prayers, we will be meeting up with a missionary family in Costa Rica to: help with a Bible distribution program and minister to ladies who have been trapped in prostitution and human trafficking.

Please keep them in prayer!

You can read more about Josh & Anna’s mission to Costa Rica – – – > >
on their recent GPI news update.


2 Responses to “Sharing the LOVE of Jesus . . . in Costa Rica!”
  1. Already heard a great report from Josh & Anna! En route to Costa Rica, they got bumped to first class (kinda fun!!). They’ve already had a great time meeting up with our wonderful missionary friends, Steve & Elizabeth Gilroy and delivered our ((HUGS!!)) in person.

    Today, they’re praying with other believers at a large prostitution brothel in San Jose. PLEASE PRAY WITH US for a spiritual breakthrough in COSTA RICA . . . Although it is a beautiful country, many here are trapped in the enemy’s strongholds.

  2. Suku Ranjon says:

    Hello dear Gospel partner in Christ !!

    Greetings you on behalf of Bangladesh in the precious name of our Savior Jesus Christ . I am blessed to be your part in ministry to glorify God at the same in this poorest Muslim country Bangladesh.

    I am glad to connect with you through your ministry here. Thanks God for helping you to share our Lord Jesus Christ with needy .
    Please pray for my ministry and this Muslim country for Christ !!

    Though I don’t know about the situation in there but believe Lord is with you to keep your good work for Christ .

    Please pray for my ministry , I need you prayer support to run my role for Christ through Mighty300 Ministries Bangladesh . Please pray for every possibilities in ministry to glorify God .

    Please read my ministry above the Link of my ministry . I hope , you may get the details about myself and my ministry . I Need your prayer support in ministry . please come help to change evangelize Bangladesh through your partnership with Mighty300 Ministries if God has given you any opportunity to serve the Lord effectively . I wish your all success in ministry to glorify God !! Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    God bless you and your ministry
    Yours service in Christ
    Suku Ranjon
    M300 Ministries Bangladesh