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The Mission-Minded Family

Often, parents and teachers ask their children, “What do YOU want to be when you grow up?” Even within the church, this present generation is fixated on obtaining fame, wealth, and pleasure. But shouldn’t we be encouraging our children’s willingness to surrender to God’s plans for their futures?


In The Mission-Minded Family, Ann Dunagan presents a plan to transform the “Me Generation” into passionate warriors
consumed with God’s glory.



Releasing Your Family to God’s Destiny
By Ann Dunagan (Published by InterVarsity Press)
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“I loved this book! In a time in our country where the tendency is to keep our money and time and children very safe, this book encourages – even pushes – us to get out in the world and make a real difference with the resources we’ve been given. Ann Dunagan is no arm-chair missionary…the pages of the book are filled with actual experiences that she and her husband and kids have done for many years. It totally inspired me to take some big risks and help my kids learn to love the world beyond our doorstep.”

– Bo Stern – Bend, Oregon




The Mission Minded Family is an excellent thought-provoking resource to assist Christian families in moving in this more sane and biblical drection. By establishing this balance between our personal lives and our outreach to others we can enjoy a productive mission while launching a new generation into the same missionary lifestyle. By honoring God’s wisdom, our families can effectively raise our own children for the Lord, and simultaneously reach our world with the good news of Jesus Christ . . .

As you read The Mission-Minded Family, you will be “walking with the wise.” Ann Dunagan will walk with you through a very important topic, one that could spare you and our children the heartache that many well-meaning missionaries families have had to endure because of shortsighted missionary traditions…”

– Gregg Harris (from the book’s forward)




“The Mission Minded Family” by Ann Dunagan is the coolest book! It has everything: hymns, stories of missions, mini biographies of missionaries, skits, a calendar of international holidays and suggestions for how to pray on those days, tools for teaching mission-mindedness, and even practical tips for missionary travel. This is an educational and informative book whether you’re planning to be a foreign missionary, a local missionary, or just to learn more about the field.”

– Stacey, Las Vegas, NV




“In our busy lives, very seldom, do we stop to ask God if we’re truly fulfilling His purposes in our lives. “The Mission Minded Family” opens that line of communication between you and God to have a discussion about His will for your life…Don’t be surprised if you hear God speaking to you in greater ways than you ever imagined. If you are a church leader, I can’t imagine a better resource to promote to your congregation and a better gift to give to your missionary families. Ann Dunagan walks you through her and her husband’s lives as a missionaries and sprinkles it with wisdom coming from her young children who have experienced the power of God in and through their lives. The book is not only a resource that provides you with countless “how-to’s,” but it is filled with the Dunagan family’s missionary experiences that will inspire you and draw you nearer to God.”

– Cheri Hill

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Mission-Minded Romance

“Three of our kids have each found the “love of their life”; and as parents, we’ve already seen how all of these relationships are “multiplying” (rather than dividing) God’s calling and purposes for all three couples”

Holiness, Romance, and JOY!!!

Today, Ann is featuring a new article for Christian mothers over on another site called Visionary Womanhood — sharing some romantic family highlights, with three sweet love stories from our children . . . and encouraging families to focus on God’s design for holiness, romance, and JOY!!!

Come see . . .

Photo: Our daughter Christi with her fiance’ Trae Childs (a third generation missionary from Niger, West Africa) — on their very happy engagement day.

Exciting International Adventures!!!

Throughout the years, our family’s international travels have led to amusing encounters, humorous misunderstandings, and hilarious adventures. When we have an opportunity to share about world missions (especially when we’re talking with kids and teenagers) we often enjoy sharing a few of our funny missions stories or exciting adventures.

Being mission-minded is not boring!

Machu Picchu, Peru – South America

Right now, our oldest son, Patrick (who just completed his commission in the USMC, as a commanding officer in Ground Intelligence), is now on a ’round-the-world adventure (not as for military or missions work, but simply for a personal experience).

This week, he’s in South America; he just completed a 4-day trek to visit Machu Picchu in PERU . . . and we’re all curious where he’s heading next . . .

Follow the adventure – – >

All across the globe . . .

In just a few days, Josh & Anna Dunagan (our son and daughter-in-law) will be heading to COSTA RICA, Central America — with Gospel Projects International — on a mission trip to distribute Bibles door-to-door with a missionary family, and to minister in street evangelism.

Our oldest daughter Christi (who is engaged to be married in June to Trae Childs — a third-generation missionary from NIGER — in West Africa) will be ministering with Ann at several DARING DAUGHTER events in March, to encourage teen girls for world missions.

and our college son Daniel (who is also engaged to be married in June to his sweetheart, Anna, and currently working in the ORU missions department) is excited about being a part a college mission outreach in June to GERMANY — in Europe.

Missions can be extremely fun!

Although international missions work often means adjusting to curious cuisine and challenging conditions, it can also be extremely fun. Our family has enjoyed Polynesian snorkeling, European museums, African safaris, Middle Eastern camel “excursions,” South American professional soccer games, and Australian boat rides. Take our word for it — or better yet, try it yourself — missions is definitely not boring!

More about our family’s international mission ADVENTURES

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Global Expeditions – TeenMania
Opportunities for teen mission trips

Gospel Projects International
A new mission directed by Josh & Anna Dunagan (Jon & Ann’s son & daughter-in-law)

International Faith Telegraph
World Christian News and Mission News

Mission Atlas Project
A fun resource for all ages to learn about world missions

The Four Spiritual Laws
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The JESUS Film – in many languages!
Learn about the JESUS Film project

The Joshua Project – Unreached People Groups
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YWAM – Youth With A Mission
Learn about Youth With A Mission — books, discipleship training, and family mission opportunities

Recommended Mission Books & Resources

A quick look at a few of our favorite mission-minded books . . .

Balancing Missions & Motherhood

Finding God’s balance for motherhood and ministry is sometimes a difficult (and continually changing) tug-of-war; but I believe the struggle is healthy . . .

(Photo: Ann Dunagan encouraged many women in ministry from Uganda, Rwanda, Congo, and Tanzania at the recent HMFI – Harvest Ministry Fellowship International leadership conference in Uganda, East Africa.)

Most of the time, just doing another load of laundry, or drilling the kids on grammar, or reading a bedtime story . . . doesn’t seem very important. But God sees the big picture. He highly esteems motherhood and He values a faithful mom who is willing to lay down her “big dreams” . . . to serve her family. And at the same time, He sees the lost and the reality of heaven and hell . . .

God cares about my kids and God cares about the lost. As a mission-minded mom, how can I keep these two “pulls “on my heart in balance — in a way that will truly please the heart of the Lord?

Screaming Babies & Praying Mommas . . .

Today, Ann is leading a discussion about balancing missions and motherhood over at Passionate Homemaking (a great site especially for young women and moms, focused on simple, natural, and intentional living).

The featured article is: Screaming Babies & Praying Mommas. Come see . . . > > >

Releasing Your Family to God’s Destiny

Often, parents and teachers ask their children, “What do YOU want to be when you grow up?” In a world that is increasingly self-seeking, self-centered, and self-absorbed, the answers are consistently more egocentric–”a movie star,” “a rock star,” “a dance star . . . ”



Releasing Your Family to God’s Destiny
By Ann Dunagan (Published by InterVarsity Press)


Seeking First the Kingdom in a Self-Absorbed Culture

A Press Release by B & B Media Group, Dallas, TX:

Often, parents and teachers ask their children, “What do YOU want to be when you grow up?” In a world that is increasingly self-seeking, self-centered, and self-absorbed, the answers are consistently more egocentric–”a movie star,” “a rock star,” “a dance star.”

Even within the church, this present generation is fixated on obtaining fame, wealth, and pleasure. But shouldn’t we be encouraging our children’s willingness to surrender to God’s plans for their futures? Shouldn’t our question instead be, “Oh, I wonder what awesome plans God has for your life! When you grow up, will you do whatever GOD wants you to do?”

In her book, The Mission-Minded Family: Releasing Your Family to God’s Destiny (InterVarsity Press), author, teacher, and missionary, Ann Dunagan shows parents how to combat the influence of the “Me Generation” by giving readers the tools to revolutionize their families into ones dedicated to fulfilling God’s will and potential, instead of their own. In the first chapter of her book, Dunagan quotes David Shibley as he clearly addresses the current crisis within the church.

“We whine, ‘I just want to know my purpose; I’ve got to reach my destiny.” We race all over the country to attend ‘destiny conferences,’ and we devour tapes and books on ‘reaching your full potential . . . ‘ Even cloaking our self-centeredness in Christian garb and jargon cannot cover the nakedness of this cult of self that has infested much of the church . . . How can we ever hope to discover our purpose in the earth with little or no interest in His purpose?”

Dunagan, who also wrote The Mission-Minded Child, brings the same perspective to what it means to be a mission-minded family. Her goal is to equip today’s godly parents to train our next generation to make a powerful impact for Jesus Christ by directing their focus outward. “Every day, approximately 150,000 people die; the majority of these people are not saved, and far too many have never even heard God’s Good News of salvation,” says Dunagan. “How can we sit back and hear the Gospel again and again, while many are still waiting to hear it for the first time? [adapted from a mission quote by Oswald J. Smith]. Today’s Christian families desperately need to remember that our purpose in this world involves so much more than what we can attain for ourselves. We’re here to reach the lost.”

The Mission-Minded Family includes suggested activities for families to participate in missions together, as well as resources to help families develop the desire to become more missions-focused. Dunagan discusses the need for families to balance and prioritize their everyday lives and delves into what a family’s finances would look like if they were focused on missions. Families who read and practice principles from this book will receive a rekindled closeness as they participate in ministry together.

“In a mission-minded family, there’s a God-infused energy,” Dunagan explains. “There’s a focus on God’s worldwide purpose and a passion for the lost.” There’s a spiritual depth and hunger that reaches beyond the maintenance mode of cultural Christianity.”

Packed with motivating missions stories, hymns, and quotes, The Mission-Minded Family is a quick resource tool with examples of missionary family heroes, ministry ideas, exciting prayer projects, and even practical tips for international travel. Filled with passionate inspiration, The Mission-Minded Family will be picked up again and again, read aloud, and used as a reference for years to come.

You can also find The Mission-Minded Family at, YWAM Publishing,, CBN’s, and STL – Authentic Books

Inspire your family, and others, for missions!

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A Godly Dad & Goals for 2012

“How we spend our days is how we spend our lives.”
(A quote from a plaque on our sister’s wall . . . )

As we’re looking ahead to a New Year, and seeking God for all He has for us in 2012, we need to seek God for His guidance, so that day-by-day, our lives will glorify Him.

Today, we would like to invite you to join us over on another site called “Visionary Womanhood” for an article Ann wrote about her godly dad. The post highlights the testimony of a daily example of prayer, the importance of God’s Word, family encouragement in yearly goal-setting, and the impact of a godly heritage (along with encouragement for YOU to seek God will for this New Year).

Come join us today at Visionary Womanhood:
Click here for the article > > Seeking God’s Vision for 2012

Mission-Minded Life Planning & Prayer Guide

Do you want to set aside time to seek God’s will? Do you want your life and your family to become more effective for God’s Kingdom . . . and for ETERNITY?

This year, don’t just make empty New Year’s resolutions that you’re likely to forget by February; instead, pray and seek God for His specific plans and purposes for your LIFE.

Get focused on God’s eternal mission and His long-term vision (including His Great Commandment — to love God and to love others, and His Great Commission — to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with people who don’t yet know Him).

And no matter what “job” you do for a living, may you and your family be a part of expanding God’s Kingdom, both in your own sphere of influence and across the world.

Introducing your FREE New Year’s Guide

Watch this 2 minute video for a quick explanation of this evaluation and prayer guide.
Our heart is to help you to plan a more effective and MISSION-MINDED New Year:

Click here — for your FREE New Year’s Guide!

(PRINT 1 copy of the entire document, pgs. 1-16, and 3 EXTRA COPIES of pgs. 10-11.
Also, here’s our favorite 1-year Bible Reading Plan from

Please share this with your friends, and help us by posting it on facebook, twitter, and your blogs. And let us know what you think. How is God directing you and your family to impact God’s Kingdom? We would appreciate your feedback and comments!!!

Have a Happy (& Mission-Minded) New Year!!!

In His Harvest,
Jon & Ann


Click here for more details about Ann’s books, The Mission-Minded Family and The Mission-Minded Child including a link for FREE sample chapters (and info about how you can get your own copies)!!!

Plus, stay tuned to learn more about our brand-new upcoming book:
THE SCARLET CORD – Nothing But the Blood of Jesus (A Concise Call to World Missions – by Jon & Ann Dunagan)

Mission-Minded 2 Book SPECIAL!!!

Do you know a family with a heart for God’s Great Commission? Do you know missionaries serving overseas with their children? Bless them by giving a gift to encourage God’s call on their lives!!! Here’s info on the books to learn more . . .

Right now, we’re offering our two-book Mission-Minded set (The Mission-Minded Child & The Mission-Minded Family) for $20 + FREE shipping.

1 set = $20

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May God bless you as you seek Him!

See our FREE Mission-Minded study guide
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Daring Daughters

DARING DAUGHTERS is a vision to inspire teenage girls for missions & God’s purposes. Our heart is for teens & ‘tweens, ages 10 to 20 (plus moms & mentors!!!).

Welcome to our Daring Daughters blog!

Come join us! — To learn more, just click on each link below . . .

DARING DAUGHTERS — like us on facebook
DARING DAUGHTERS — follow us on twitter
DARING DAUGHTERS — listen on blogtalk radio
DARING DAUGHTERS — comment on our BLOG

Inspiring young women . . . for world missions

DARING DAUGHTERS is co-directed by Ann and Christi Dunagan, mother and daughter.
It’s a vision to inspire girls for world missions, based on this verse from the Bible:

“And how shall they preach, except they be sent?
As it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them
that preach the gospel of peace,
and bring glad tidings of good things!”

–Romans 10:15

the real lasting beauty . . .

There’s more to being beautiful than outward appearance, and there’s more to being godly than simply looking good in church. It’s more than just saying “NO” to impurity and sin; God also wants us to get His heart for the world, and for us to say “YES” to His purposes, which might not always be easy . . . or admired.

Remarkable women have gone before us, godly and daring daughters like Amy Carmichael, Florence Nightingale, Lottie Moon, and Elisabeth Elliot.

These women made a difference. They embarked on adventures that took them around the world. They rescued orphans, they loved the lost, and they made tremendous sacrifices. Some married dangerous men, and stood by their side, even when things were tough. They dared to go — wherever God would lead. They dared to pray — and they let God’s compassion move their hearts. And they dared to love the world — with a passion that was self-sacrificing, and eternally beautiful.

motivating girls to get God’s heart . . .

Through this new vision of DARING DAUGHTERS, we have some exciting things ahead for the next few months (specifically before Christi gets married in June — to Trae Childs, an awesome 3rd generation missionary from Niger, West Africa!!!) to inspire teen girls to get God’s heart for the hurting people of this world — both nearby, or in faraway nations. We want to stir young women to care for those who are hurting, and to deepen their love for God. Our desire is to motivate girls to be willing to trust God, and to follow Him, no matter what.

God may or may not call you to live in a foreign country, but He has called to obey God’s Great Commission. As women of God, we’re called to love God, to love others, and to work with God to expand His kingdom.

We invite you to join us in the adventure.

Girls, let’s DARE to obey God.

In His Love,
Ann & Christi

Mission Reports & Articles about DARING DAUGHTERS
One DARING DAUGHTER: Amy Carmichael

Upcoming Events

Online radio —
Daring Daughters on blogtalk radio . . .
Introducing Daring Daughters
Daring Daughters Chat @ Romance
Daring Daughters Chat @ Darkness
Daring Daughters Chat @ Sin
Daring Daughters Chat @ Amy Carmichael

Daring Daughters Chat @ Leaving a Legacy

Brand-new book for teen girls —
Daring Daughters & Dirty Feet, by Ann & Christi Dunagan
Lord willing, scheduled for 2012

Simple devotionals for Daring Daughters —
by Ann & Christi Dunagan
Coming soon!!!

Homeschool event in South Carolina —
Daring Daughters & Mission-Minded Families will be featured
@ Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention
Spartanburg, South Carolina – March 17-19, 2012

Retreat in Oregon —
Daring Daughters – Mother-Daughter Retreat
@ Christian Renewal Center
Silverton, Oregon – March 23-25

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