Mission Update – Kotulu, Uganda

Winning Souls

A mission highlight was preaching the Good News of Jesus to about a thousand people in the village of Kotulu, in Western Uganda, together with NETS minister, Joseph Baluku, who is establishing a growing new church in this area.

Dear Friends & Family,

We are so thankful for each of you! The Bible says in I Corinthians 1:4, “I always thank God for you because of His grace given you in Christ Jesus.” We do thank God for giving YOU the grace to love us, to pray for us, and to send us. (We so appreciate your faithful prayers and missions support!)

Being a part of expanding God’s kingdom definitely takes a team effort . . . and what a a joy it is to serve together with you, and with the Lord.

We just returned from a productive ministry outreach to Uganda, East Africa. It was wonderful, busy, and fruitful time.

Outreach in the Village of Kotulu, Uganda

Two recent converts (who had both come to salvation within the past year) shared their testimonies. A man who had suffered for ten years from demonic possession and witchcraft shared how God had set him free, and a woman, who was previously lame, shared how the Lord had healed her, so she could now walk.

Many people in the village of Kotulu had known the previous situations of these two people, so their testimonies were powerful and impacting.

The word of their testimony . . .

We were reminded of the verse in Revelation 12:11,

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they loved not their lives unto the death.”

Thank you for praying for the lost . . .

As the Gospel message was preached, we rejoiced as hundreds of people prayed to surrender their lives to Jesus Christ!

We thank you for your prayers and heart for missions.

Click here for more . . . about the Uganda Mission with NETS minister, Joseph Boluku.)

In His Love and Harvest,
Jon & Ann

Where we’ve been (in red)

Since 1987, Harvest Ministry has shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ all across the globe: winning souls, loving orphans, equipping nationals, serving churches, and motivating mission-minded families! — Click here for more ABOUT our mission.

Loving the LOST

Give me a PASSION FOR SOULS dear Lord.

A passion to save the lost.

Oh that Thy love were by all adored,

and welcomed at any cost . . .

Over one hundred years ago, a man named Herbert G. Tovey earnestly poured out his heart to God, asking for more of His perspective and passion for the lost.

It’s really quite remarkable. Through the prayers of one man, way-back in 1888, a fervency for the lost can actually penetrate into our thoughts and prayers TODAY (right now in February, 2012). One man’s prayer can impact our focus. Do you know how this can happen?

It’s because God’s perspective is timeless; and His passion is eternal.

We need more of God’s eternal perspective about life and the lost . . . and more of His heart for people who need His salvation? We need God’s outlook to see beyond ourselves.

God loves people so much and He has already provided for their salvation through His ultimate love — His passion — on the cross. We care too . . . but we need to care more.

Hudson Taylor, a missionary to China once said, “I feel I cannot go on living unless I do something for China.” Taylor knew that his life-purpose on earth reached far beyond his own desires. He was focused on eternity . . . and God’s love for SOULS.

Photo: Jon Dunagan preaching the Gospel in East Africa


A missions poem and hymn – By Herbert G. Tovey, 1888

Give me a passion for souls, dear Lord,

A passion to save the lost;

O that Thy love were by all adored,

And welcomed at any cost.

Jesus I long, I long to be winning

Men who are lost, and constantly sinning;

O may this hour become of beginning

The story of pardon to tell . . .

How shall this passion for souls be mine?

Lord, make Thou the answer clear;

Help me to throw out the old life line

To those who are struggling near.

Learn more about loving the LOST . . .

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(equipping national ministers for remote missions and church planting)

Costa Rica: Exciting Mission Team Update!

Right now, Josh & Anna Dunagan, directors of Gospel Projects International, are leading a mission team to Costa Rica, Central America, from our family’s home church, Covenant Hood River, in Oregon. The team is meeting up with missionaries at a Youth With a Mission base and throughout the outreach, they will be ministering San Jose and Orosi.

Newest Update from the Team:

Mission Report from Costa Rica:
We are all doing great and we have been having some wonderful times of ministry.

Yesterday we ministered at a home for underaged motherers and their children (some of the mothers were only 14 years old) and today we visited an orphanage for disabled and abandoned children. Also, at night the women have been downtown in San Jose ministering to the prostitutes.

All is well and our team is challenged by the needs we see. Tomorrow we will be going to the small village of Orosi to begin our Bible distribution project. Thanks for your prayers and support. We look forward to sharing a good report of what God is doing when we get home next week.

Left: “Here’s a photo of one of our outreaches. It was so great. We have been amazed with what GOD is doing the first two days. It seems like we have been here for a week already. We go tonight to bless the ladies [prostitutes] on the streets. How wonderful and peaceful this YWAM base is. We feel so priviledged that we were sent. Thank you to everyone.” –CAROL, first international mission trip

Here’s the Overall Vision:

We are taking a team of nine people from our church in Hood River, Oregon, to Costa Rica on July 26th. The main reason we are going on this outreach is to help with a large Bible distribution project that has a goal of distributing a Bible to every home in Costa Rica. Specifically, we will distribute Bibles in the small town of Orosi. We also plan to serve on street ministry teams (ministering to the prostitutes and homeless in the capital city of San Jose) and help with children’s outreach programs. This is exciting for us because it’s the first group mission trip that we are leading together.

Keep the team in your prayers . . .

Please remember to keep us (and the rest of the team) in your prayers while we are on this mission outreach. The nine team members are of all ages, and include Josh & Anna Dunagan, Shannon, Tia, Mallory, Mark Dunagan, Gabi, Carol, and Anna B.

Click here for more on COSTA RICA . . .

A glimpse of what God is doing in Ireland!

On our ministry outreach to Ireland, it was exciting to learn about the history of past works of God AND to see how God is moving today in very exciting ways. We saw the mountain where St. Patrick fasted for 40 days for Ireland, we preached in a church founded by John Wesley, and we ministered in a growing church (on the border of Northern Ireland) that was the “seed” of a nation-wide Irish revival almost exactly 100 years ago.

Ministering as a Family-Team . . .

We met up with Josh & Anna in Dublin, Ireland, as they were beginning their 3-country mission outreach (ministering and traveling throughout Ireland, India, and the UK). It was awesome to be able to minister together as a family team, with Josh & Anna ministering to the youth, leading in worship and special music, and sharing a next-generation perspective.

a beautiful country

ministering in churches across Ireland

(Note: The yellow line shows our journey throughout Ireland!)

Life Church in Port Laois

In Port Laois, we met up with two great ministry couples, James & Rachel (above, right), pastor of Life Church and former YWAM’ers, and their assistant pastor, Noel Cammack, who is engaged to our dear long-time friend, Heather Church from Alaska (who used to be our pastor’s daughter and babysitter in Bend, Oregon). We had a very special time with Noel & Heather (above, left), talking and praying together about their upcoming wedding and marriage. Our fellowship together felt significant and God-orchestrated. What great people!!!

We preached in two services at Life Church in Port Laois. The congregation was very international (with church members from Nigeria and Poland), and both services were even interpreted into Polish. The worship was contemporary and vibrant and the church seemed very healthy. The pastor and his family had even just returned from their own mission outreach to Poland and Norway! (During this time, we heard about the vast spiritual needs throughout Ireland and Europe. Did you know that in 10 European nations, less than 1% of the population is Evangelical Christian. What a HUGE NEED for prayer and action!!!)

Effective Families Seminar in Navan

In the quaint town of Navan, Ireland, we met-up with Pastor Johnny McEvoy (our ministry contact who we had met at Global Missions Conference in Wasilla, Alaska, and who had arranged all of our connections with the Elim churches throughout Ireland). It was good to see him and we thankful for his organizational work and effort. In Navan, we led a one-night Effective Families Seminar with representatives attending from three churches from this region, including pastor Richard from Meath Christian Centre.

Home Meeting in Roscrea

What a unique experience we had with a new church-plant in Roscrea, Ireland. We got to stay in an old mansion on a working horse farm (with a professional Irish bronze-sculptor-artist and her husband, a horse-trainer/100-mile-marathon runner). The pastor, Ken Baker (left), was so hospitable. We enjoyed the presence of the Lord during worship, and had a wonderful time of fellowship with wonderful new friends, such as Norman & Carianne (below).


Exciting Ministry & Vision in Monaghan

On the border of Northern Ireland, we were blessed by the vision and ministry of Stephen Matthews (below) and his family and congregation (Elim Church in Monaghan). Currently, the church is in a tiny building (left), but they are seeing revival! Many are coming to the Lord and the church is flourishing and growing.

It was thrilling and very informative to personally learn about the political and spiritual situation between the Republic of Ireland (the country we were visiting in the South, which is an independent country, historically Roman Catholic) and Northern Ireland (a part of the United Kingdom, which we briefly visited one afternoon, historically Protestant).

Over the years, there has been much fighting, division, and terrorism between the two sides, but God is bringing reconciliation and healing. Currently, less than 1% of the population of the Republic of Ireland is Evangelical (born-again or Bible-believing) Christian. But revival is stirring! We were fascinated by Ireland’s spiritual history and by what God did long ago through a fiery young evangelist named George Jeffreys nearly 100 years ago in this very spot (here’s more about the history), sparking spiritual revival all throughout Ireland.

We also learned about the current ministry news up near the border of Northern Ireland and we were able to see this church’s nearly completed (very large) building!

This Monaghan church is active in one-on-one witnessing, using tools as local personal testimonies on CD, and vibrant participation in the local city-wide St. Patrick’s Day parade (2 out of the past 3 years, this church has won the city prize for the best float-entry). But most of all, this church is a church that PRAYS and listens to the voice of the Lord. WHAT VISION!

And here was a “wee-bit” of fun: we were able to visit with an owner of race horses and he let Anna have an opportunity to ride (and even jump) one of his champion horses.


Westport, Ireland is a beautiful area known for tourism and recreation. A mountain just outside of the city is a world-renown pilgrimage destination, as this is where St. Patrick climbed to fast and pray for 40 days for the nation of Ireland.

Today, people come from all over the world to climb this Irish mountain, Mt. Croagh Patrick, sometimes even going barefoot over the rough rocks as a sign of penance for their sins.

The local church in Westport (led by Peter and Martha Finch of Amazing Grace church, who we met at a Missions Conference in Alaska) had a great idea to share the Gospel. On the yearly pilgrimage weekend, they washed people’s feet and shared the love of Jesus. The church worship was filled with life and we had a special time of ministry, sharing about The Scarlet Cord and God’s miracle working power!

(Everywhere we went, we gave away copies of our brand-new book, The Scarlet Cord: Nothing but the Blood of Jesus, a concise call to world missions. People were very thankful and appreciative and we were glad to have this “seed” to give.)


In Castlebar, Ireland, we had a wonderful time with the pastors and leaders.

Daniel Caldwell (right) was fascinating. He did his PhD in a study about the Pentecostal roots of Irish history and St. Patrick. He’s pioneered several churches, has preached at large mission gatherings all throughout Europe, but refused to be called either “Dr.” or “Pastor.” With a humble heart he insisted, “Just call me, ‘Daniel.'”

The church in Castlebar, Ireland, was founded by the famous minister, John Wesley, who laid the foundation stone for the building and often preached here during his visits to Ireland years ago. How fun to preach in the same church building where God moved long ago . . . and where He is still moving today!


Thanks for sending us. Please pray for Ireland!

Sharing the LOVE of Jesus . . . in Costa Rica!

Today, Josh & Anna Dunagan are flying to COSTA RICA on an exciting new mission adventure . . . to share the love of Jesus in Central America!

This past year, Josh & Anna started a children’s home in India, launched a remote Bible school, and began supporting four full-time national ministers. Now, they’re branching out into new countries and with increased vision to expand the Kingdom of God and to bring light into dark areas. And just recently (in January, 2012), these awesome young mission-minded newlyweds launched out from Harvest Ministry to establish a new mission called GOSPEL PROJECTS INTERNATIONAL.

Mission to Costa Rica – in Central America

On this mission in Costa Rica, Josh & Anna will minister to people on the streets and distribute Bibles door-to-door (working with our missionary friends Steve & Elizabeth Gilroy). As they were getting ready to go, Anna wrote:

As we prepare to leave for our trip to Costa Rica, we are so excited to see how the Lord will use us to minister to the lost and hurting and most of all, win souls for the Kingdom of God! Please keep us in your prayers, we will be meeting up with a missionary family in Costa Rica to: help with a Bible distribution program and minister to ladies who have been trapped in prostitution and human trafficking.

Please keep them in prayer!

You can read more about Josh & Anna’s mission to Costa Rica – – – > >
on their recent GPI news update.

Official Launch of “Gospel Projects International”

This month, Josh & Anna Dunagan are launching out as a NEW MISSIONS outreach.

They’re only 23 years old, and they’ve only been married for one year.

But what a year it’s been!!!

Introducing . . . Gospel Projects International

Shortly after their wedding, Josh & Anna stepped out into missions by helping to meet spiritual and physical needs in S.E. India. They started a small children’s home (now caring for 23 orphan children, called “Aasha – HOPE – Children’s Home”), and began to partner with national ministers. They founded a new Bible school (now training over twenty national village pastors), and they’re working together in ministry with four full-time national evangelist/pastors. They’ve been having a great time ministering, both overseas and in the United States (in churches, on the streets, and leading local community outreaches).

Their heart for the Lord, and their love for others is awesome. As we’ve seen all that God has done through their obedience, it’s been an inspiration to us . . . and a blessing to many!

We’re so proud of them both, and we’re all giving God the GLORY for the wonderful reports of their first year of newlywed life . . . and of ministry!!!

Come take a look at their brand-new website: Gospel Projects International

Exciting BUDUDA HARVEST Video!!!

Bududa, Uganda – Mission:

As thousands of people crowded in to the city-center to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ (approximately 3x the total remote village population each night), we wondered, “Where are all these people coming from?” This area had NEVER had a gathering of people this large!!!). Many walked long distances. Multitudes repented to God and turned from their witchcraft and/or Islamic practices. Harvest Ministry was also able to preach the Gospel in a secondary (high) school, and minister at a special training meeting for pastors and church leaders.

Over the entire outreach (in combined total attendance over all of the meetings), about 29,000 heard the Gospel message and about 5,000 to 6,000 precious people prayed to surrender their lives to the Lord Jesus Christ. Many were dramatically set free, as people turned from witchcraft and false religions. (One particular testimony involved a leading sorceress woman who publicly proclaimed Jesus Christ as Lord, surrendering to the Lord from the platform. Her example led to two other prominent business women coming for prayer, and surrendering their lives to Jesus the following day).

Here are a few highlights . . .

Audio Summary:

The local pastors were very encouraged, and are now working hard to follow-up on these new believers. We praise God for the opportunity to GO with God’s Good News to BUDUDA, and praise Him for all that He did among these people. Please continue to pray for the churches in this area.

“For God so LOVED the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life” (John 3:16).

Thank you for praying and for sending us!

Bududa, Uganda:

Background: Bududa, Uganda is a remote area in S.W. Uganda, in East Africa. Last year, many in this area died from a large mud slide, and Harvest Ministry was able to come in with a small semi truck, with greatly needed benevolence help. Other religions in the area: witchcraft/sorcery, tribal practices, and Islam. 55 local Christian pastors and church leaders were involved in this outreach, including 4 major churches helping with followup.

Mission to BUDUDA!!!


An upcoming city-wide outreach is planned in the mountainous area of BUDUDA, in S.E. UGANDA. Airline tickets have just been purchased, and Harvest Ministry plans, advertising, and preparations are currently underway.


Testimony of God’s POWER in KAGADI!

Kagadi, Uganda

God’s POWER definitely moved in a mighty way during Harvest Ministry’s recent city-wide outreach to KAGADI, UGANDA. All together about 14,000 people crowded in to hear the Gospel (in total combined attendance over all the meetings), and we praise God for each life that was changed and impacted by God’s WORD, and HIS LIFE-CHANGING POWER!

We rejoice that approximately 4,000 prayed to surrender their lives to JESUS CHRIST by repenting of their sins, surrendering their lives to the LORD, and receiving God’s salvation through faith in Christ’s death and resurrection. In an area steeped in witchcraft and horrible practices, many were healed, delivered from demonic strongholds, and set FREE by the power of God. What an exciting time!

Please keep this area, and these new believers in PRAYER, as we rejoice together in all that God is doing in this area. The following photos present a “sneak preview” of our exciting mission report from KAGADI, UGANDA.)

Thank you for sending us . . .

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P.S. Jon Dunagan arrived safely home in Oregon, USA, after a close-call emergency airplane landing — read about God’s protection – here. A few news sources reported the event (and here & here two even quoted Jon’s reaction (quoted from this Harvest Ministry website), although mistakenly claiming Jon’s ‘home country’ is NETHERLANDS).

Daily Prayer Updates

October 9, 2010 – FULL DAY!!!

JON: (early in the morning) We have a very full day today – We will meet with all pastors to encourage them. Then we will go deep into KENGA VILLAGE to encourage the newly planted church there (see comments below), then come back for tonight’s open-air evangelistic outreach in the city of KAGADI.

text 2 – This area has so much HIV/AIDS, it is crazy. At the evening meetings, people are really attentive. So far, there have been about 4,000 to 5,000 each night. Let’s see what God will do today!

text 3 – Kenga village has been notorious for cannibalism. A local pastor recently planted a church there. We spent 4 hours ministering to and encouraging the new believers.

text 4 – About 150 packed the small church. I preached from I Peter 1:18-19. About 12 people prayed to receive Christ. When we prayed for the sick, WOW, sooo many were set free from demons.

text 5 – The church, Kenga Village, really put on the ritz for us — fresh cow manure on floor and pulpit. And a huge feast for us (chicken and pork) – I made sure of the meat!

text 6 – The fresh manure keeps away certain noxious insects, (but it draws flies.)

text 7 – EVENING OUTREACH in KAGADI: Maybe 5,000 tonight. Many saved. So many demon possessed people. Preached Acts 8:9-13. One possessed was trying to chew on my leg!

text 8 – Please pray for a woman who claims that she has been pregnant for 12 months — to deliver. She snuck out of the hospital to be prayed for. She has been in much pain.

EXCITING MISSION REPORT!!! – All together during the KAGADI OUTREACH, through all the evening evangelistic Harvest crusades, church services, and pastor’s meetings, there was a combined total of 14,000 in attendance! At least 4,000 prayed to receive God’s salvation and to surrender their lives to Jesus Christ.

Tell everyone thanks so much for praying. We have a long drive tomorrow.

October 8, 2010 – LIGHTNING, RAINSTORM, & SOULS!!!

JON: I preached from Matthew 4:16. Many hundreds of people surrendering to Jesus. As demon-possessed people were carried onto the platform, a tremendous lightning and rainstorm hit. WOW. Everyone soaked!

Some demon possessed people were being set free only 100 yards from the platform. Preached hard about Jesus and His sinless blood. He alone can save.

later that night: Well, it’s 10pm and we’re still waiting for dinner. We hear it’s roasted goat on a stick. Everything is so dirty and muddy.


October 7, 2010 – LIVE MISSION UPDATE from Kagadi!!!

Local Kagadi believers leading in praise and worship to the Lord!

A glimpse of the gathering crowd – Pray for these people!

Already, many are surrendering to Jesus!!!

TEXTS received this morning:

JON: “Live from the crusade platform: about 3,000 decisions for Jesus Christ. Many demon possessed people set free. Pray for more souls!”

ANN: “Awesome. Praising God with you. Thx for giving us a glimpse of the JOY and the harvest. Let us know specific ways to focus our prayers and strongholds to come against.”

JON: “Biggest problem here is a cult that has many followers. The leader claims to be Jesus/god come back to earth. He even produces a few supernatural signs. But it’s all about power, money, and women. Please pray for eyes to be opened to the real JESUS!!!”
Also, “We’ve been told to never eat meat unless you know for sure what it is. Hmmmm. I think I will go vegan for a while!”


October 6, 2010

After flying across the world, Jon Dunagan arrived safely at the Entebbe airport, now ready for a full-day drive NW (toward the border of DR Congo) to the remote and isolated city of Kagadi. They say, “We must fish the deep waters!”

>> Pray for safety as the remaining team is traveling on dangerous African roads, for the Holy Spirit to PREPARE the hearts of the people to come to the outreach to heart and to receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and for wisdom and anointing for the advance team (led by NETS minister, Paul Kintu, and worship leader, Geoffry) who have been in Kagadi.

Luke 5:4,10b When He had stopped speaking, He [Jesus] said to Simon, “Launch out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.”. . . And Jesus said to Simon, “Do not be afraid. From now on you will catch men.”

October 5, 2010

For the past few months, Harvest Ministry’s team has been preparing the way (in prayer and advance work) for this week’s city-wide Gospel Outreach in Kagadi, Uganda. Currently, Jon Dunagan is traveling to Africa, and will soon meet up with our co-workers and NETS ministers, along with all of our national ministry team members, including our music leader, Harvest Ministry’s hard-working technicians, along with many freshly-trained local ushers and ministry workers.

>>This week, we’re praying specifically for SOULS in Kagadi to be saved, and for a spiritual breakthrough in this needy area.

A specific verse we’re praying over this area of Kagali is Isaiah 9:2: “The people who walked in darkness Have seen a great light; Those who dwelt in the land of the shadow of death, Upon them a light has shined.”

Previous Kagadi posts . . .

We appreciate everyone who has joined with us in prayer and support for the upcoming KAGADI, UGANDA outreach. In a recent newsletter (sent in the mail to our mission partners), we mentioned our need for “POWER”: both spiritually — for prayer support, and physically — for a new generator (to replace our old one which finally “bit the dust” after years of rugged mission service). We’re delighted to report that God has provided for this GENERATOR, which is now purchased and ready to GO for mission evangelism!

Outreach mission preparations are continuing throughout the area of Kagadi (led by worship leader, Geoffry, and NETS minister, Paul Kintu), as thousands of flyers are being distributed and local Christians are being mobilized. Please pray for God’s Holy Spirit to draw people to hear the Gospel and for spiritual strongholds (especially of witchcraft and cannibalism) to be broken. Pray for God’s POWER to be released as people learn what Jesus did for them on the cross. Pray for open hearts and for multitudes to repent of their sins and to surrender to the Lord.

As you pray with us for Kagali, ask the Lord to give YOU more of His passion for souls. Missionary Hudson Taylor had such a heart for the lost, he said, “I feel I cannot go on living unless I do something for China.” Taylor grew to realize that his purpose reached beyond his own temporal desires, to making an impact for God’s kingdom, and for eternity.

As a family note, we’re having a great visit with our son Patrick, who will deploy with the USMC to Afghanistan in a few weeks. Wedding plans are also underway, for our son Josh and his lovely bride-to-be, Anna, and for Ann’s sister Sue (to Dr. Bradley Stuart, an international minister from South Africa). It’s an eventful time, and we appreciate your continued love for us . . . and for the lost. Enclosed is a copy of our recent prayer card, with both ministry and family highlights. We appreciate your prayers!


In His Love & Harvest,
Jon & Ann (& all)

P.S. If you would like a hard-copy of this mission postcard, to put up on your refrigerator or in your Bible (as a reminder to continue to be praying for this upcoming outreach), please contact us, and let us know if you’d like to receive our monthly mission newsletters!

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