Daring Daughters: ARROWS aimed by God!

Missions & SUB-mission

Today, we want to invite you over to another site called Visionary Womanhood.

Two of Ann’s new articles are being featured there this week –about the relationship between “Missions and SUB-Mission.” Both articles were written especially for mothers, but they are also applicable for daring daughters of all ages!

As Daring Daughters, we need to realize that we are special arrows for God,
and we need to submit to His alignment and direction in our lives.

We need to allow the Lord to “aim” us and to focus us toward His goals and His purposes,
which begins with our daily relationship with Him . . .

read the articles . . .

Missions & SUB-mission 1 — click here for PART 1 —>
Part 1 is a short teaching and encouragement for women about how SUB-mission to God is like an ARROW yielding to the archer, a SUBMARINE advancing silently underwater, and a FRUIT TREE being pruned in winter.

Missions & SUB-mission 2 — click here for PART 2 —>
Part 2 is Ann’s personal story of SUB-mission and how she learned the importance of obedience to God (as a adventurous newlywed, while smuggling Bibles into China).


One Response to “Daring Daughters: ARROWS aimed by God!”
  1. Marcia Levy says:

    I love the theme Daring Daughters-arrows aimed by God. Also the articles encouraging our daughters to be bold and daring for our Lord. To go out and reach out for our Lord Jesus Christ. I recently started my blog to for one generation to encourage another. God richly bless you!