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Where in the World . . . is Peru & Bolivia?

What a fun way to learn about the world!

Right now, our oldest son is traveling all over the world on a global adventure. As a mission-minded homeschooling family, we love to learn about different nations and cultures, and we love to pray for people who need Jesus. Every few weeks, as we get news about this trip, we’re using it as a way for our kids to learn about WORLD MISSIONS (along with world geography and worldviews). There are so many exciting things to see and to do . . .

Mission-Minded Teaching Ideas:

Available here at Harvest Ministry, we have a complete one-year unit study homeschooling curriculum, all based on world missions and God’s Great Commission, called Teaching With God’s Heart for the World. If you follow the whole program (which can be used over one year, or two years, or even as individual week-long units) you and your children will take a whirl-wind tour of international geography and world history.

FREE Unit Study!

South America Unit Study – Week 12
in Teaching With God’s Heart for the World

(Just CLICK to download!!!)

In some places, the curriculum is a little outdated and some of the recommended resources are no longer available, but don’t worry about those little details! And don’t ever think that you have to do “everything”!!! Just glean from the teaching ideas and have fun. The lesson plans are now available for FREE and the craft projects, recipes, ancient history, and Bible lessons are just as applicable as ever. Come take a look!

See our whole one-year FREE Mission-Minded Curriculum:
Teaching With God’s Heart for the World Click here —>

Puno, Peru

Following the Adventure . . .

Peru . . .

A festival in Puno, Peru

Decorating the streets with flower petals

By the end of the day, the decorations were intense

Beautiful celebrations and dancing

Mission-Minded Teaching . . .

– – – > Learn about PERU on the World Map Project
– – – > Learn about Unreached People Groups in PERU
– – – > Pray for PERU with Operation World
– – – > Explore PERU on the World Atlas

Remote “Uru” People – on floating islands (Peru)

The whole island is made out of reeds which float on the lake

The Uru people – in their native dress (they sang for the group)

Another floating village (there are about 40 of these islands)

Bolivia . . .

Looking over the city of La Paz, Bolivia

“Gotta love that La Paz Power System!”

Mission-Minded Teaching . . .

– – – > Learn about BOLIVIA on the World Map Project
– – – > Learn about Unreached People Groups in BOLIVIA
– – – > Pray for BOLIVIA with Operation World
– – – > Explore BOLIVIA on the World Atlas

From a witch’s market: dried llama fetuses

HERE HE IS! (It’s Patrick . . . riding a horse in Bolivia, in the freezing rain!)

Chile . . .

Iquique, Chile

Learn more about South America:

FREE Unit Study!

South America Unit Study – Week 12
in Teaching With God’s Heart for the World

(Just CLICK to download!)

See our whole one-year FREE Mission-Minded Curriculum:
Teaching With God’s Heart for the World Click here —>

Try a FREE online quiz from lizardpoint.com:
Countries of SOUTH AMERICA

Fun Craft Idea: Make a Mission-Minded PASSPORT
and keep track of “where you’ve been” (in your learning and prayer)!

The travel map (so far!):

So . . . where will he go next?

Have fun, learn about world missions, and follow the adventure!!


3 Responses to “Where in the World . . . is Peru & Bolivia?”
  1. Fabio says:

    hey! i just saw these since Josh linked here from his blog looks like you had an AWESOME trip and ceuptrad some AWESOME images from it. i love your titles for this blog, too basically, Ian, you were BORN to be a traveler, photographing the world’ near and far. and you do it with style. i hope that you are so well. peace be with you

  2. Shay,

    Thank you so much for commenting on this post. May God bless you and your family as you minister in Bolivia. We are grateful for your service to the Lord.

  3. Shay says:

    Thanks for the free download! We live in Cochabamba, Bolivia as missionaries and are considering going back to home educating our kids after trying out the MK school here for a few months. This will come in handy if we decide the Lord is leading us to that.


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