Exciting International Adventures!!!

Throughout the years, our family’s international travels have led to amusing encounters, humorous misunderstandings, and hilarious adventures. When we have an opportunity to share about world missions (especially when we’re talking with kids and teenagers) we often enjoy sharing a few of our funny missions stories or exciting adventures.

Being mission-minded is not boring!

Machu Picchu, Peru – South America

Right now, our oldest son, Patrick (who just completed his commission in the USMC, as a commanding officer in Ground Intelligence), is now on a ’round-the-world adventure (not as for military or missions work, but simply for a personal experience).

This week, he’s in South America; he just completed a 4-day trek to visit Machu Picchu in PERU . . . and we’re all curious where he’s heading next . . .

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All across the globe . . .

In just a few days, Josh & Anna Dunagan (our son and daughter-in-law) will be heading to COSTA RICA, Central America — with Gospel Projects International — on a mission trip to distribute Bibles door-to-door with a missionary family, and to minister in street evangelism.

Our oldest daughter Christi (who is engaged to be married in June to Trae Childs — a third-generation missionary from NIGER — in West Africa) will be ministering with Ann at several DARING DAUGHTER events in March, to encourage teen girls for world missions.

and our college son Daniel (who is also engaged to be married in June to his sweetheart, Anna, and currently working in the ORU missions department) is excited about being a part a college mission outreach in June to GERMANY — in Europe.

Missions can be extremely fun!

Although international missions work often means adjusting to curious cuisine and challenging conditions, it can also be extremely fun. Our family has enjoyed Polynesian snorkeling, European museums, African safaris, Middle Eastern camel “excursions,” South American professional soccer games, and Australian boat rides. Take our word for it — or better yet, try it yourself — missions is definitely not boring!

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