Mission Update – Kotulu, Uganda

Winning Souls

A mission highlight was preaching the Good News of Jesus to about a thousand people in the village of Kotulu, in Western Uganda, together with NETS minister, Joseph Baluku, who is establishing a growing new church in this area.

Dear Friends & Family,

We are so thankful for each of you! The Bible says in I Corinthians 1:4, “I always thank God for you because of His grace given you in Christ Jesus.” We do thank God for giving YOU the grace to love us, to pray for us, and to send us. (We so appreciate your faithful prayers and missions support!)

Being a part of expanding God’s kingdom definitely takes a team effort . . . and what a a joy it is to serve together with you, and with the Lord.

We just returned from a productive ministry outreach to Uganda, East Africa. It was wonderful, busy, and fruitful time.

Outreach in the Village of Kotulu, Uganda

Two recent converts (who had both come to salvation within the past year) shared their testimonies. A man who had suffered for ten years from demonic possession and witchcraft shared how God had set him free, and a woman, who was previously lame, shared how the Lord had healed her, so she could now walk.

Many people in the village of Kotulu had known the previous situations of these two people, so their testimonies were powerful and impacting.

The word of their testimony . . .

We were reminded of the verse in Revelation 12:11,

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they loved not their lives unto the death.”

Thank you for praying for the lost . . .

As the Gospel message was preached, we rejoiced as hundreds of people prayed to surrender their lives to Jesus Christ!

We thank you for your prayers and heart for missions.

Click here for more . . . about the Uganda Mission with NETS minister, Joseph Boluku.)

In His Love and Harvest,
Jon & Ann

Good Friday – PALM SUNDAY

Today, as we remember all that Jesus Christ did for us during His final days before going to the Cross, we think about Palm Sunday and His Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem.

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The Triumphal Entry

7 They brought the donkey and the colt, laid their clothes on them,
and set Him on them. 8 And a very great multitude spread their clothes on the road;
others cut down branches from the trees and spread them on the road.
9 Then the multitudes who went before and those who followed cried out, saying:

“Hosanna to the Son of David!
‘Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!’
Hosanna in the highest!”
10 And when He had come into Jerusalem,
all the city was moved, saying, “Who is this?”

11 So the multitudes said,
“This is Jesus, the prophet from Nazareth of Galilee.”

Matthew 21:7-11 (NKJV)

An excerpt from The Scarlet Cord

Completely following Jesus Christ will not always be easy, or comfortable.

The tough subjects addressed in this book–such as taking up your cross and going to the nations, or pondering the eternal condition of “lost souls”–are not popular themes.

Many Christians would rather focus on how to be happy.

Let’s be honest here. It’s typical and normal to want an easy life and pleasant things.

Most people would prefer a delicious feast, rather than an extended fast. Most people would prefer to stay at a fabulous hotel, rather than in a filthy mud hut.

And perhaps our Lord Jesus might have preferred reigning from His heavenly throne . . . more than His suffering on the cross.

This excerpt is from the Preface of Jon & Ann Dunagan’s brand-new book, THE SCARLET CORD: Nothing but the Blood of Jesus. It’s a concise call to world missions, emphasizing God’s only way of salvation through the precious blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Learn more . . .

Will we praise Him . . . without the multitudes?

It was easy for the crowds to praise and worship Jesus, when all the multitudes were joining in . . . yet less than a week later only a few of His followers remained faithful as our Lord was nailed to the Cross of Calvary.

And what about us?

Will we praise and worship Jesus even when times are tough?
Will we follow Him by taking up “our” cross and doing whatever He tells us to do?

Do you remember that old Sunday School song:

I have decided to follow Jesus.
I have decided to follow Jesus.
I have decided to follow Jesus.
No turning back, No turning back.

Though none go with me, still I will follow.
Though none go with me, still I will follow.
Though none go with me, still I will follow.
No turning back. No turning back.

Yet despite the failures of those disciples who turned away, God was merciful and forgiving. Other than Judas, they all came back . . . and followed Jesus to their death.

Through the power of the Cross and Christ’s salvation, the Gospel has continued for over 2000 years, and the God’s salvation has spread throughout the world. All across the earth, multitudes are still PRAISING HIM today!

Many have yet to hear God’s Good News, yet we praise God for all He has done and for every person who has been saved by the precious blood of Jesus Christ.

(This video highlights a crowd at a Harvest Ministry outreach in East Africa, praising and Jesus Christ. He is worthy of all worship . . . at all times. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!)

Glory to God in the Highest!
Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord.

Good Friday Series — Fun Ideas for Families

Fun Ideas for Mission-Minded Families

Fun Ideas for Mission-Minded Families

Ideas for Families:

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resurrection craft ideas

How YOU can help orphan children . . .

Loving the Lord, the lost . . . and orphans.

It’s such a joy to love orphan children . . . for God’s kingdom and for His GLORY!

At Harvest Ministry, our primary calling is missions evangelism and soul-winning; but we have found that rescuing orphans is a spiritual battle-zone for the next generation. Currently, we are excited and honored to be caring for over 1000 orphan children — physically, educationally, emotionally, and spiritually — and we wanted to share how YOU can be a part.

From God’s Word, we definitely know that orphans are on God’s heart . . . and they’re also on our heart!

The Bible says, “Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world.” (James 1:27)

How YOU can help . . .

Before we share more details, we wanted to give you the “bottom-line” — with two specific ways that you could help some very special orphan children.

1. You can PRAY!
James 5:16 tells us, “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” Prayer takes time and it is a huge gift. We know that prayer makes a difference and we would greatly appreciate your prayers for this area of Harvest Ministry orphan outreach (especially for God’s wisdom and direction).

2. You can become an ORPHAN SPONSOR.
If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Harvest Ministry orphan sponsor (through a monthly orphan-child-sponsorship — of any amount — or through a one-time or special orphan gift), just CONTACT US with your name and mailing address. We would be happy to send you an info brochure and Harvest Ministry’s monthly mission update.

Each “number” is a real little child . . . with a heart and a soul and a potential to love Jesus!

Our call to the lost . . .

In world missions, Harvest Ministry’s focus is evangelism. Specifically, we’re called to preach the Gospel to a lost and hurting world, especially to “unreached” people who have never heard of Jesus Christ, and especially in areas that are currently “most-ripe” for harvest.

Over the years, we have often found that some of the world’s most spiritually-hungry areas are also physically-needy areas. Often Harvest Ministry is called to preach the Gospel in current war-zones, or in places that are facing tremendous political and economic challenges. And as we’ve been preaching the Gospel and winning souls for Jesus . . . the Lord has shown us His love for orphan children.

The need to help orphans is HUGE and it’s a strategic point of “battle” against the enemy.

The Bible tells us in Hebrews 1:9,

“You have loved righteousness and hated wickedness; therefore God, your God, has anointed you with the oil of gladness beyond your companions.”

We just hate the devil and his deplorable acts. Not only does he “kick” people when they’re down and condemn people when they’ve fallen into his sinful traps; but he has no qualms about taking the most innocent victims of his violence, diseases and sin — precious orphan children — and abusing them to further his evil agenda.

The statistics are horrific.

Worldwide, over 143,000,000 children are orphans. To survive, many of these children are forced to beg or to steal food . . . or worse. Many are sold or “tricked” into slavery. Little boys are forced to become child soldiers. Little girls are forced into the sex trade. Every 15 seconds, another African child becomes an AIDS orphan; in Africa alone, at the end of every year, over two million children will become orphans.

To us, these numbers are not just stats and heart-tugging-manipulators. To us, each number is a real child, with a heart and a soul and a potential to love Jesus.

In many areas where Harvest Ministry has led evangelistic outreaches and where new churches have been planted, local believers often face huge practical challenges. In many villages, national pastors are dealing with a crisis of SO MANY orphan children — due to AIDS, civil war, disease, or incoming refugees — that is way-beyond the capability of their poor congregations. Many church families are trying to help the orphans of their relatives and friends, but sometimes these small churches need help, even for temporary relief.

Since the launching of our orphan outreach in 2006 — by God’s grace and through the generosity and prayers of our wonderful partners — Harvest Ministry has helped to rescue over 1,200 orphan children.

Building projects have included schools, chapels, kitchens, and children’s homes. Special projects have included “underwear-drives” and truckloads-of-mattresses. Over the years, hundreds of children have been fed three meals a day. And most importantly, these children have come to love Jesus Christ. Orphans have saved by God’s grace, water baptized, filled with God’s Holy Spirit and trained in His Word. Many are now involved in worship and dance outreaches, mission evangelism in villages, and church ministry.

Some of these “little missionaries” had been sleeping under trees or wandering the streets. Some were starving or being abused by relatives. Some had nothing but old ripped-up garbage sacks for blankets.

To see these kids now happy and worshiping Jesus is such a JOY.

Prayer and Worship is a vital part of the ministry at Guma Na Yesu Children’s Center

“You have been the helper of the orphan.”

(Psalm 10:14)

Harvest Ministry is called to help children who are not being helped by others. We especially feel a burden to help the orphan needs in the village churches that Harvest Ministry helped to establish. Sometimes our current situations are not as “pretty” and “perfect” as other more established orphan homes; but the needs we have found are real; and the leaders are loving, godly, and genuine people of integrity.

Our calling is to help orphan children in great need . . . for the Glory of our GREAT GOD.

Our daughter Caela with a few children from the Village Family Zone Centers in SW Uganda

Josh & Anna Dunagan – with the children from Aasha (Hope) Children’s Home in SE India

Jon Dunagan – with precious children we helped to rescue – Bussi Island, Uganda

The need . . .

Currently Harvest Ministry is caring and supporting over 1000 orphan children in East Africa: including fully providing for 530 younger orphan children at Guma Na Yesu “Keep With Jesus” Children’s Center (in Mbarara, Uganda), fully providing for 170 older children (primarily orphans) at our Kingdom Vocational Secondary School, plus, overseeing and “checking-up” on an additional 300 orphan children who are living with their relatives and/or Christian families in remote areas and being helped by church-based Village Family Zone Centers (located throughout East Africa).

Also, our son and daughter-in-law Josh & Anna Dunagan are fully supporting 32 orphan children at Aasha (Hope) Children’s Home in S.E. India through a brand-new mission, Gospel Projects International, originally launched-out from Harvest Ministry. Also, together with Gospel Projects, Harvest Ministry is in the process of establishing a new children’s home in Nepal.

The on-going support for the 700 children at Guma Na Yesu ‘Keep With Jesus’ Children’s Center includes spiritual care and Bible training (with daily chapels, prayer time, fervent worship, and opportunities for ministry outreach); provision for a safe place to live; Christian education (including nationally required school subjects, plus music, cultural dance, and sports); three simple meals each day; clothing (including school uniforms and play clothes); and loving care from the Christian teachers, church leaders, and mommas.

The on-going support through the Village Family Zone Centers includes provision for supervising tutors who travel to the villages to check-up on 300 orphan children and to help encourage the children’s school work, and assistance through local churches for families who have adopted children.

Ann Dunagan – having fun with kids from Guma Na Yesu (Keep With Jesus) Children’s Center – Uganda

School buildings at Guma Na Yesu Children’s Center – Uganda

How YOU can help these children . . .

The need is great and any help (through prayer or support) is very appreciated, to help with spiritual, educational and emotional needs. The physical needs are great, especially for food and living conditions. The kids are happy, safe, and doing very well. They are receiving good education, clothing, and basic needs. We’re continually praising God for His provision and rejoice in His daily “manna.” The spiritual situation is strong and the on-sight atmosphere is full of God-glorifying life and JOY!!!

As you can imagine, there are many ongoing needs — for food, water, clothing, shoes, school supplies, beds/bedding, primary health needs, and continued construction.

Because there are so many orphan children we need to help, Harvest Ministry is no longer doing one-on-one child sponsorship. Some of our orphan projects are short-term relief efforts, or in the process of becoming self-supporting; because of this, we need the flexibility to transfer Harvest Ministry’s orphan funds to the greatest areas of current orphan need. Also, coordinating individual communication between hundreds of children and many individual sponsors is too time-and-labor-demanding for our family-based mission. We realize it’s a “fun” family project to receive a child packet with an individualized picture and regularly updated information on “your” chosen child; however, as we’ve prayed and sought the Lord about how to move forward to help many more needy children — along with how to focus on all the other mission work and our own family balance — we believe we are not to go this route.

Primary school children at Guma Na Yesu (Keep With Jesus) Children’s Center in Uganda

We have been encouraged by testimony of George Müller (1805-1898) , a well-known missionary who believed God for the provision of thousands of orphans in Bristol, England without sharing his need with anyone (and we can safely assume, without any one-on-one sponsorships).

The logistical administration for this “fun” element of one-on-one sponsorship is extremely time-consuming (way-more than we realized). Harvest Ministry went this route for five years, when we first launched our orphan ministry, but the Lord has clearly shown us to make a change. Now, we are simply trusting God for all these children. We’re believing for His provision, even without the personal benefit of one-on-one communication. All of these kids need our help. Instead on one-on-one update packs and individual sponsor letters, Harvest Ministry will highlight individual children throughout the year, along with specific areas for prayer..

At Harvest Ministry, 100% of all mission gifts designated for ORPHAN needs are used for these needy orphan children. Nothing is taken out for any administrative/office needs.

Guma Na Yesu Children’s Center

Ugandan Guma Na Yesu Children’s Center Directors, Naboth & Alice Tumuhairwe

A few ideas . . .

As we live simply, God can help us to give generously . . . and a little bit can make a BIG difference.

If you are looking for a specific sponsorship amount, please know that any amount can make a huge difference to provide for food for a child or for education. orphan child — and to help care for each child in spirit, soul, and body. A suggested amount could be anywhere from $25/month to $100/month for orphan food or orphan education.


And please know that 100% of every mission gift designated for LOVING ORPHANS is used for needy orphan children.


We praise God for His continued provision and know that He will direct those who are called to join with us to help meet each need. In addition to monthly sponsorships (which primarily meet our daily food and educational needs), you might be interested in a special project for orphans . . . such as clothing or underwear or mattresses (each about $10/child), bunk beds ($25/child) or blankets ($5/child), or help with larger building projects.

The children all have pillows, blankets and a special TRUNK-BOX for personal belongings. Recently, we built a new new high school (secondary/vocational) school, along with dorms for both the boys and the girls. Through generous friends, God helped provide for a  BED-project, to get bunk-beds and mattresses for all of the kids. Other recent projects have included building a necessary water container, digging a well, bringing-in electricity, building apartment rooms for the teachers, and adding a large bathroom facility.

Several current needs include

How YOU can help . . .

Once again, here are two ways you can help Harvest Ministry’s orphan children:

1. You can PRAY!

2. You can become an ORPHAN SPONSOR.
If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Harvest Ministry orphan sponsor (through a monthly orphan-child-sponsorship — of any amount — or with a one-time or special orphan gift), just CONTACT US with your name and mailing address. We would be happy to send you an info brochure and Harvest Ministry’s monthly mission update.

Here’s a bit more here on our website . . .

More about how we’re LOVING ORPHANS . . .
More about Guma Na Yesu (Keep With Jesus) Children’s Center in Mbarara, Uganda . . .
More about Aasha (Hope) Children’s Home in S.E. India (directed by our son and daughter-in-law, Josh & Anna Dunagan, and assisted by another son and daughter-in-law, Daniel & Anna-Louise Dunagan).

God bless you!!!