LOVING ORPHANS: Building Renovations in Uganda

Praising God for His Provision

We’re so thankful to be able to share an AWESOME report of God’s provision for much needed renovations (building maintenance, painting, roof repairs) along with a retaining wall to keep flood waters away from the school buildings and living areas.

Thank you for caring for these precious children!






Good Friday Series — Cultural Traditions

Around the world, the Cross and Resurrection of Jesus Christ is celebrated and remembered in many different ways.

Holy Week in Latin America


In many Latin American countries, such as in Antigua, Guatemala, huge processions with statues of Jesus, Mary, and other religious relics are carried through the streets, yet in many places there is sometimes little or no mention of the resurrection.

Years ago, as our family was on a mission trip during Holy Week to Costa Rica and Guatemala, our family felt so burdened for the lost as we witnessed and shared the Gospel with people on the streets.

Although the cultural traditions were beautiful and religious, such as using flower pedals to decorate the streets from Palm Sunday through Good Friday, many people we met had no personal relationship with the Lord, or an understanding that JESUS is ALIVE today.

In other places (such as in the Philippines, in SE Asia) men allow themselves to actually be nailed to a cross – stopping just short of death – all done as “penance” (a religious self-effort to pay part of the punishment for their sins).

philippines crucifiction

Sharing the JESUS Film in Asia

We are so thankful for the Cross of Jesus Christ, and His perfect sinless blood, shed once and ONE TIME ONLY for the forgiveness of our sins.

(Photo: NETS ministry sharing the Gospel through the JESUS Film in remote areas in Nepal)

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Good Friday Series — Hallelujah, Jesus is ALIVE!

The central focus of Christianity is the cross and the empty tomb — the sacrificial death and glorious resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

During this month when springtime and Easter decorations can be seen in grocery aisles, department stores, and city parks, it’s not hard to draw attention to the true meaning of the season . . . and to let people know . . .

Christ the Lord is RISEN today!

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During Easter week, you will likely see Easter decorations in many different locations — at grocery stores and drug stores (selling Easter egg decorations and food coloring sets), in department stores (by little girl dresses and ladies dresses), in shoe stores (selling cute dress-up shoes for Easter).

Many families will decorate eggs, but they have no idea about the real meaning of the Cross and the Resurrection. Brainstorm a few specific ways that your family make an impact, this week, for Jesus. Perhaps you could go to a local Easter egg hunt and invite people to church. Maybe you could go to a grocery store and hang out by the egg dye to talk to a few people about Jesus. Maybe you could invite a few neighborhood kids over to decorate eggs and then talk about Jesus. Be prepared to share the Gospel this week — have Gospel tracts handy or simple invitations to church (even extra church bulletins or hand-made invitations).

If you decorate Easter eggs, include pictures of the cross and the empty tomb, and words such as “JESUS IS ALIVE!” or “I LOVE JESUS!” (You can write these words with a color crayon before you put the eggs in the dye.)

Have fun Easter-themed decorations and treats. Read aloud from a Christian children’s book which focus on the true meaning of the Cross and the Resurrection of Christ, such as any Bible storybook. Two of our family favorites are The Tale of the Three Trees, or The Little Rose of Sharon.

Invite little girls over for a fun dress-up tea party. Use the party time “games” to share the true meaning of Easter (perhaps with the EvangeCube, the Gospel colors, coloring pictures, a Bible story book, or a short children’s cartoon about Jesus). Share the Gospel and invite families to come to church.

Spread a heart for world missions — by giving away copies of THE SCARLET CORD: Nothing but the Blood of Jesus to friends at your church or to mission-minded families. The Scarlet Cord is a concise call to world missions, emphasizing God’s only way of salvation through the precious blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Have your kids make simple hand-drawn pictures about the cross of Jesus Christ and the resurrection, with an invitation to your church’s Sunday Easter Service; bring the drawings with you the next time you are in the vicinity of your home church, and have your kids look for someone specific they can invite to church. Maybe give these to relatives on Easter Sunday, or go to an elderly care facility and give the drawings to people to let them know about Jesus.

Think about your neighbors and pray about who you could invite to church. Walk through your neighborhood, and pray for various families, as specifically as you can. Make a simple effort (perhaps with a phone call, a stop at their house with a plate of cookies, or a simple basket with Easter treats and a church bulletin or handwritten card) and INVITE them to come.

More people visit church on Easter Sunday than at any other time. Take advantage of the special holiday and invite families to come with you.

(Credit for the cute bunny photo is from a good article about how to focus on the true meaning of Easter in public schools from pastors.com)

Good Friday Series — Passion for HARVEST


Good Friday — FREE book

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Photo: In Nepal, NETS ministers share the Gospel in remote villages using the JESUS Film.


On the cross of Calvary, Jesus Christ displayed His deepest passion, and there He fulfilled His ultimate purpose on earth — to provide the ONLY way for us, and for all people, to be saved from our sins and reconciled to God.

In Hebrews 12:2, the Bible tells us to look unto Jesus, “the author and finisher of our faith, Who for the JOY that was set before Him endured the cross.”

How could there be any JOY in such a brutal cross?

How can we refer to that day as “GOOD” Friday?

It’s because we know how the story ends! 

Through Christ’s atoning cross (meaning, His death “atoned” or “paid for” the penalty of our sins) and His glorious resurrection, our Lord destroyed the power-hold of sin and death in our lives, and He opened the door for us to receive God’s salvation.

It’s because He died, that we can live!

As Christians, we need to be challenged and “moved” by the cross. We need to remember all that Jesus endured, and continually remind ourselves of the purpose for His willing obedience.

Your Passion for Harvest

A Song of Prayer

Your passion for harvest, O Lord Your love for the lost

For the JOY set before You, O Lord You took Your cross

Now Your love compels me, for You died to save me

May I live only for You, and . . .


Your passion for harvest, I need Your love for the lost

For the JOY set before me, O Lord, I’ll take my cross

For Your love compels me, for You died to save me

May I live only for You, for You.

Jesus Christ willingly surrendered everything, and took up His cross; but it wasn’t only for us. Our Lord’s precious blood was shed for the entire world. Yet even now, 2,000 years later, over 1.6 BILLION people have still never heard of Him. As Christians, we must be willing to surrender . . . everything . . . to take up our cross (God’s desire and will for our lives). We need to pray. We need to give. And we need to open our mouth and share our faith with others. We need God’s love and His passion for the harvest.

“I have been crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live, yet not I but Christ that lives in me, and the life that I now live in the flesh, I live by the faith of the son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me”
(Galations 2:20).

“For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.”
(I Corinthians 1:18).

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life”
(John 3:16 NKJV).

This year, as we remember our Lord Jesus’ death and resurrection, may we all be filled with more of His purpose and more of His tremendous love.

In His Harvest,
Jon & Ann

Good Friday Series — Our CALL to the CROSS

In Galatians 2:20, the Bible says, “I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me.”

Jesus Christ gave His life for us; He shed His blood for our salvation. Let’s remember His sacrifice, and live our lives for Him.

“The bedrock foundation for our call to world missions is the blood of Jesus Christ.” –Jon Dunagan

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God’s Only Way

It is Christ’s blood that sets Christianity apart from every other religion. In the world’s eye, Christ’s blood is despised and rejected; yet according to God’s Word, it is precious and powerful.

“For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing,
but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.”

–I Corinthians 1:18

Non-Offensive Evangelism?

Years ago, I (Jon) had an acquaintance with a pastor who was trying to add people to his church by making his services “user-friendly.” One time, when I was visiting his congregation, I listened as this pastor encouraged his members to invite others to church in non-offensive ways. Spontaneously, the pastor called for me to come up to the front (as a visiting evangelist) and to demonstrate to the congregation how to lead someone to Jesus without using offensive words such as “the blood” or “the cross.”

So I walked up to the front and just stood there . . . without saying a word.

After several minutes of awkward silence, the pastor seemed nervous and embarrassed.

Finally, I answered loud and clear, “Pastor, it is impossible to lead someone to salvation without talking about the blood and the cross.”

A few people in the congregation clapped, as I sat back down (but needless to say, I was never invited to preach at that church again).

Nothing but the Blood of Jesus

Old hymn books are filled with choruses about Christ’s precious blood and His sacrifice on the cross; yet any contemporary churches avoid this theme.

In “broadminded” Christian churches, preaching about Christ’s blood is considered controversial and unnecessary. A sermon about “the blood” sounds violent and grotesque. Serious discussions about sin, or God’s salvation through Jesus Christ alone, are deemed insulting, or offensive. Some Christian churches even avoid any display of the cross.

In many public settings, ministers or leaders are criticized, or harassed, for praying in the name of Jesus Christ.

Yet Christ’s sacrifice, His cross, and His name are irreplaceable.
His blood is our only hope.

This post is an excerpt from Chapter 2, “God’s Only Way,” from
Jon & Ann Dunagan’s book, THE SCARLET CORD: Nothing but the Blood of Jesus. It’s a concise call to world missions, emphasizing God’s only way of salvation through the precious blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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NETS missions with Harvest Ministry: Sharing the JESUS Film in remote villages in Nepal

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Mark Dunagan — Mission with Asia Impact

Hey Friends & Family!

As many of you know, I’m currently studying at Christ for the Nations Institute, a Bible college in Dallas, Texas, majoring in New Testament Church Leadership and Global Missions.

A requirement to complete the three-year bachelor’s degree program is to participate on a CFNI missions outreach. This coming summer, I will be serving on CFNI’s – “Asia Impact” team, ministering in four Asian nations, especially sharing the Gospel to young people in churches and in schools.

200-mark(Photo: Mark Dunagan on a missions outreach in Costa Rica with Gospel Projects International.)

Right now, I’m feeling drawn towards the possibility of future missions and ministry in SE Asia and in the Himalayas, to work among children, youth and unreached people groups.

At CFNI, I’m preparing for whatever God has for me — through Bible training, serving on CFNI’s Student Counsel (a leadership team for the student body), enjoying street evangelism, awesome worship and prayer, church and children’s ministry, plus making steady progress on my Bible writing project (just crossing the half-way point, on schedule to finish in December of 2017).

CFNI is a great school for me and I’m blessed with a godly group of friends from all over the world. I would be honored if you would keep me and our upcoming Asia Impact mission team in your prayers (and let me know if there is anything I can be praying with you about).

Thanks for being a part of my life!
Mark Dunagan

mark - CFNI mission trip

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Good Friday Series – GOD’S PASSOVER LAMB

Jesus is the Lamb of God. It is only through His blood–His perfect sinless blood–that we can receive forgiveness for God for our sins.

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Do you know why every year Good Friday and Easter Sunday is always on a different calendar day (usually in March or April)? The date changes in order to coincide with the yearly Jewish feast of the Passover (which is on the Jewish calendar system).

Do you know (and do your children know) that Jesus Christ was taken to be crucified on the night of the Passover? And do you know why this is so significant?

The Old Testament feast of the Passover is filled with symbolism and prophecies — all pointing to Jesus Christ and His crucifixion on the Cross. He is our Passover Lamb!

Our Passover Lamb: JESUS!

This Jewish celebration is to remember how God delivered the Hebrews from slavery in Egypt and how the death angel “passed over” their homes.

A special dinner called “Seder” includes unleavened bread (Matzah), lamb, and bitter herbs.

Jesus celebrated the Passover every year, and through His death on the cross, He fulfilled it. God has provided freedom from the bitterness of sin and eternal death, for:

“. . . Christ, our Passover Lamb, has been sacrificed for us.”
(1 Corinthians 5:7 NLT).

An excerpt from The Scarlet Cord

After Jesus died on the cross, the Bible says that Jesus took His own blood and sprinkled it on the mercy seat of heaven. He did not have to repeat this daily, weekly, or yearly, as required in the Old Testament sacrifices.

Once, and one time only, Jesus offered His blood.

Jesus’ blood is more powerful than all the sacrificial blood combined throughout history. Hebrews chapter 9 declares that Christ came as our High Priest, with a greater and more perfect sacrifice, not with the blood of bulls and goals and calves, but with His own precious blood. Jesus’ offering on the cross was once and for all.

As we see in Hebrews chapter 10, the blood of Jesus Christ was the final sacrifice for sins:

“By that will we have been sanctified
through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once for all.”
–Hebrews 10:10

“But this Man, after He had offered one sacrifice for sins forever,
sat down at the right hand of God.”

“For by one offering He has perfected forever
those who are being sanctified.”
–Hebrews 10:12, 14

Before the cross, the children of Israel celebrated the Passover every year to remember how the death angel “passed-over” every believing home that was covered by the blood of the Passover lamb.

After the cross, we as Christians celebrate Christ’s final sacrifice by taking Communion, as we remember how Jesus Christ fully paid the final penalty price for our sins. All previous sacrifices, including the Passover sacrifice each year, pointed forward to the cross. Today, we look back to the cross of Calvary and thank God that no further sacrifice is necessary.

Jesus Christ’s blood was not the same as the blood of animals, which had to be offered up continually–over-and-over–as periodic coverings for sin.

It is by faith we believe and understand that Jesus’ blood was pure enough, life-giving enough, and strong enough. He only had to offer it up one time.

This excerpt is from Chapter 2, “God’s Only Way,” from
Jon & Ann Dunagan’s book, THE SCARLET CORD: Nothing but the Blood of Jesus. It’s a concise call to world missions, emphasizing God’s only way of salvation through the precious blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Passover Prayer Focus:

Pray for God’s blessing and peace for the people of Israel, and for Jewish people from all over the world. Pray for Jewish families, especially as they are celebrating the Passover, that they would recognize Jesus Christ (Y’shua) as their promised Messiah.

Jesus Christ was (and is) the
“Lamb slain from the foundation of the world”

(Revelation 13:8).

Even before God created our world, He knew there would be sin, and the need for the Cross. Yet out of His incredible love, He chose to create us anyway . . . and to die for us.

Thank God for the blood of Jesus Christ, our Lamb of God.

5 ideas – to remember JESUS as our Lamb of God

#1 – Celebrate Communion.
Partaking of communion, either as a family or even all by yourself during a quiet time, is a powerful way to remember Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. This week, perhaps on Thursday (to remember the Last Supper) or on Good Friday (to remember the day of the crucifixion), this communion time can be especially significant. Sing together a simple song you know about the cross or the blood of Jesus.

Read aloud I Corinthians 11:23,
“For I have received of the Lord that which also I delivered unto you,
That the Lord Jesus the same night
in which he was betrayed took bread…”

#2 – Watch a movie about the Passover.
The classic movie, The Ten Commandments, starring Charlton Heston, can be a great Holy Week tradition, especially as you focus on the scene of the Passover and the blood of the Lamb. Also, children’s cartoon videos about Moses and the Passover can help teach a child about the spiritual significance of this special day of the year.

#3 – Watch a film about the Cross and the Resurrection.
The JESUS Film by Campus Crusade for Christ (from the Gospel of Luke, translated into about 1000 languages and is utilized in missions and evangelism throughout the world). Also recommended is the Matthew Video, The Gospel of John, and (for adults and older children) The Passion.

#4 – Pet Baby Lambs.
Visit a nearby farm or petting zoo (or look online for a local 4H group). Think about how Jesus came as the perfect innocent Lamb of God.

#5 – Watch a Live Passion Play.
Search your local area to see if any church or Christian ministry is performing a live Passion Play to attend with your family (and invite a friend or a family to join you!).

Mission-Minded Passports

Are you considering international travel, or taking a family mission trip?

Click here for an article I wrote for The End in Mind: Passports for Missions:

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