Guma’s Secondary School

Good News from Guma . . .

At Guma Na Yesu (Keep With Jesus) Children’s Center, in Uganda, East Africa, the new Kingdom Vocational Secondary School is growing. Already, in just the first month, there are 170 registered students. Of these, 50 are “paying” students from the community, and the others are boarding students (including both needy children and orphans, receiving free education). Some of these are students who had left Guma Na Yesu, but who have now come back for further training. A few are in the vocational studies, but the majority of the students are in the secondary school (high school) section. It’s exciting!

New secondary school at Guma Na Yesu Children’s Center

The high school students meeting together for an all-school assembly

Praying for God’s blessing on the new school . . .

We now have 170 students!!!

Thank you for caring!

We are so thankful for what the Lord is doing in providing such an answer to prayer. This Christian vocational and secondary school will not only provide education, but also spiritual training, encouragement, and HOPE for these children and their futures.

Please keep praying . . .

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