NETS News: Reaping a Harvest

Mission News from the NETS (National Evangelism Team Support) outreach:

Evangelist and church-planter, Joseph Baluku (of Bwera, Uganda – East Africa) sends a great report about soulwinning and church planting, with pictures and mission highlights.

For an introduction to Harvest Ministry’s “N.E.T.S.” Ministry, click here.

Reaping a Harvest — in Needy Areas

Meet Joseph & Margret Baluku

Joseph BalukuNETS Ministers, Joseph & Margret Baluku

Joseph & Margret focus on remote evangelism throughout the southwestern area of Uganda, especially church planting in the Rwenzori mountain areas. Joseph ministers in different cities and villages throughout East Africa (in both Uganda and Kenya), leading evangelistic crusades, open air meetings, revival and prayer meetings, teaching seminars, school meetings, couple’s seminars with Margret, and baptism services.

We PRAISE GOD for both Joseph and Margret, their ministry, and their walk with the Lord. They also are area coordinators, supervising and leading over 20 HMFI – Harvest Ministry Fellowship International ministers and churches.

Joseph says, “Calvary greetings to you . . . I appreciate your prayers and support for this soulwinning mission. . . . Truly our God is good.”

(Left: one of the remote village churches Joseph oversees – Right: Joseph & Margret)

Prayer Request:
Please pray for Joseph and Margret and their eight children. The Baluku family have been active in village evangelism, church planting and overseeing, counseling, and Bible teaching. Harvest Ministry is so honored to partner with such precious people.

Joseph and Margret deeply love the Lord and have a passion for soulwinning and strong discipleship of believers. Please keep them in prayer.

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Equipping Your Family for Harvest (mp3)

How does your family choose to “handle” October 31st?

In this month’s mission-minded family audio, Ann Dunagan teaches from a personal, historical, and biblical perspective. Your family will be encouraged to focus on what matters, as you remember the Lord and the lost.

“This is the day that the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it!”

Harvest, Halloween, and Your Family

Equipping Your Family for Harvest (a mission-minded teaching)

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Missional Women

Expanding Vision for Daring Daughters!

Exciting things are happening right now with Daring Daughters, an exciting outreach of Harvest Ministry, calling women of all ages to local and global missions.

We have a new Daring Daughters website, a growing blog, online resources (including a FREE e-course to motivate mom and daughters), new CONNECT GROUPS, and special Daring Daughter events and conferences across the country.

Come take a look over at Daring Daughters < < <
. . . and please keep us in prayer.

Can You Guess What’s in Ernest’s BOX?

All of the kids and youth at Guma Na Yesu — ‘Keep with Jesus’ — Children’s Center have a special TRUNK-BOX for all of their personal belongings.

For a fun orphan ministry highlight, Ernest (our featured BOY this month) is going to show you what’s inside of his special box.

Thanks for caring for us . . .

Our two featured “Kids of the Month” from Harvest Ministry’s LOVING ORPHANS ministry are Nakline and Ernest, from Guma Na Yesu Children’s Center.

Seeing the joy of Jesus radiating from their faces, reminds us of the reason why we do what we do. These aren’t just “numbers” or “needs” we help, but real kids who love Jesus.

You have been the helper of the orphan.
(Psalm 10:14b, NASB)

Meet Ernest

“Thanks from all the BOYS!”

Meet Nakline

“Thanks from all the GIRLS!”

For in You the orphan finds mercy.
(Hosea 14:3c, NASB)

What’s in Ernest’s Box:

Every child has a metal trunk-box, with a lock and a key.

Play clothes, underclothes, Pajamas, School Uniform, Church Clothes

A Personal Towel

Socks, Shoes, and Shoe-Shine (some kids have flip-flops or sandals)

Personal school supplies: paper, pens

Toothbrush and Toothpaste (the kids also have soap and a washcloth)

And a Bible (full Bible or New Testament, in either English or a native language)

Thank you for LOVING ORPHANS with us!

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