Can “Tension” be Good in the Missions-Family Balance?

Just because we feel an inward “tension” between God’s heart for missions and His heart for our family does not mean the tension is bad.

In fact, this tension can be healthy . . . and even beautiful.

Balancing Missions & Family

As a mission-minded family, do you ever feel that trying to find God’s proper balance can seem like never-ending tug-of-war? There are so many “pulls” on our lives, and at times, various areas of tension. Can this on-going struggle for balance possibly be good?

Today, Ann is blogging over at The Heart of Simplicity, with a new article for Christian women, entitled “Fine-Tuning the Balance for Missions & Family.” It compares the process of finding God’s daily balance, and the “tension” that we can feel in the different areas of our lives, to the continual process of tuning the strings of a piano or a guitar.

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Where we’ve been (in red)

Since 1987, Harvest Ministry has shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ all across the globe: winning souls, loving orphans, equipping nationals, serving churches, and motivating mission-minded families! — Click here for more ABOUT our mission.

Next Generation Missionaries: to INDIA!

Mission to INDIA:

Recently, four of our newlywed young adults, Josh & Anna Dunagan (along with their baby-in-the-womb) and Trae & Christi Childs, ministered in SE India with Gospel Projects International.

Mission outreaches included visiting remote village churches, checking up on the “orphans-no-longer” at GPI’s Aasha Children’s Home, and ministering at the two Bible schools they pioneered.

We’re so proud of them. Be sure to head over to the GPI Website to see their mission video.

“My friend, will you go? Has God spoken to you? Have you heard His Call? Will you not answer, ‘Lord, here am I, send me’? And if you cannot go, will you not send a substitute? — Oswald J. Smith

Let’s stir up a heart for INDIA!

Lately, the nation of India has been in our thoughts and in our prayers, especially the need to support remote national ministers and evangelists.

There are many spiritual needs in this vast country, and so many people who need to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Here are some links to help you to focus your prayers:

Dr. Duff’s Appeal

An excerpt from A Challenge to Missions

By Oswald J. Smith

Dr. Alexander Duff, that great veteran missionary to India, returned to Scotland to die, and as he stood before the general assembly . . . he made his appeal, but there was no response.

In the midst of his appeal he fainted and was carried off the platform.

The doctor bent over him and examined his heart.

Presently he opened his eyes. “Where am I?” he cried. “Where am I?”

“Lie still,” said the doctor. “You have had a heart attack. Lie still.”

“But,” exclaimed Dr. Duff, “I haven’t finished my appeal. Take me back. Take me back. I must finish my appeal.”

“Lie still,” said the doctor again. “You will go back at the peril of you life.”

But, in spite of the protests of the physician, the old warrior struggled to his feet, and, with the doctor on one side and the moderator of the assembly of the other side, he again mounted the steps of the pulpit platform, and, as he did so, the entire assembly rose to do him honor. Then, when they were seated, he continued his appeal.

And this is what he said:

“When Queen Victoria calls for volunteers for India, hundreds of young men respond; but, when King Jesus calls, no one goes.”

Then he paused. There was silence.

Again he spoke: “Very well,” he concluded, “then, aged though I am, I’ll go back to India. I can lie down on the banks of the Ganges and I can die and thereby I can let the people of India know that there was one man in Scotland who loved them enough to give his life for them.”

In a moment, young men all over the assembly sprang to their feet, crying, “I’ll go! I’ll go!”

And after the old white-haired warrior had been laid to rest, these young men, having graduated, found their way to dark benighted India, there to labor as his substitutes for the Lord Jesus Christ.

My friend, will you go? Has God spoken to you? Have you heard His Call? Will you not answer, “Lord, here am I, send me”? And if you cannot go, will you not send a substitute?

It is for you to decide.

Why should anyone hear the Gospel twice before everyone has heard it once?